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JUST_TRI_IT SparkPoints: (61,718)
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2/25/10 12:52 A

1. The process is fun.

2. The ingredients are pure and do not need a bunch of stuff to make it last for ages!

3. The calories are WAY lower!

JANE929 Posts: 113
2/24/10 8:50 P

never mind fast food, even most restaurant food! A filet mignon at a restaurant is more than double the calories than one I make at home. And that's not even "processed" food. Be conscious of what you eat!

GERAPTIKO Posts: 1,740
2/24/10 7:10 P

Thank you for the helpful responses!

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LHACKING13 Posts: 310
2/23/10 5:51 P

For one the portion sizes are more appropriate, less fat, less preservatives. Plus you burn calories taking the time to fix your own food instead of sitting in the car in a drive through.

CARILOUIE SparkPoints: (94,856)
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2/23/10 5:46 P

I like knowing exactly what is in my food. I like the feeling of kneading the bread and stirring the sauce. I love chopping the veggies - it's relaxing for me.
The drive-thru doesn't provide any of that sensory stimulation for me.

PHAT*GIRL Posts: 346
2/23/10 4:55 P

With home cooked meals, i control what eat.

MAYME123 Posts: 22
2/23/10 4:17 P

My husband and I have saved a couple hundred dollars a month just in eating healthier and at home. As well as having more energy and thinking clearer. Not to mention some minor health issues my husband had are mysteriously gone now that we don't eat out but once in a blue moon.
The other big factor in eating out is their shelf life for the food they serve is quite a bit longer than the shelf life of the same item that you buy from the store. Example-taco bell beef has to be cooked, bagged, and shipped to the store. Meat at your home is only good for a couple days if not frozen.

GETTO10 Posts: 927
2/23/10 12:07 P

for me say it with me choir SODIUM!!!! There are times when I eat something from the FF places and the next day my foot is all swollen. I can make that same dish at home say a burger or something and I'm fine.

PATHLIGHT Posts: 134
2/23/10 12:01 P

I agree with the above poster. Have you never found a random french fry in your car when you've cleaned it out? I looks exactly like the day you bought it! No mold, no degradation, nothing! How do they do that? And why would I want to ingest it! ha ha ha

AMBADINGE Posts: 255
2/23/10 11:41 A

"Fast food" is full of chemicals and not necessarily food. When I rented "Supersize Me" I also watched the "extras" that come on the DVD. One was about strawberry shakes (can't remember if it was McD's or someplace else) that had over 70 ingredients! I mean really, 65 were not enough!? Related to that, I heard (from a food allergy board I used to visit) that Dairy Queen uses no dairy in their "ice cream." Makes you wonder what is in it. Verify that before you quote me, though.

One of the other extras from the "Supersize Me" DVD showed an experiment with several food items, including fast food fries, fries from a "homemade" restaurant, and one or two other food items. The other food items, including the "homemade" restaurant fries degraded over time, became moldy, etc., but the fast food fries looked EXACTLY the same after several months. I don't know what they make those things out of, but it's not food! No, thank you.

JENBYS Posts: 39
2/23/10 11:22 A

It's so much better for you and cheaper! My husband and I used to get take out a few times a week for lunch at our jobs or for dinner at home. We thought it wasn't really making that much of a difference since we bought less groceries. So we did a month long No Fast Food/No Take Out Challenge. We still went out to dinner 3 times that month for date nights, but we cut out any place with a drive thru, Chinese places, pizza and sub shops. We saved $330 on food that month! It's really drove it home for me how counterproductive we were being by not taking lunch to work everyday.

2/23/10 7:00 A

Home made food is a beautiful luxury and a pleasure .. fast food, well it's just not. FF is kind of an empty experience all-round ... on so many levels.


MLONDON87 Posts: 1,300
2/23/10 6:02 A

When you cook at home, you know exactly what is going into your food. I've worked at a fast food place and I promise you that it is rare for all the food items to be prepared by the 'recipe', which makes the nutrition info you get online questionable.

KEEPONMOVIN2 Posts: 3,213
2/23/10 5:22 A


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2/22/10 11:12 A


MAGPIE17 Posts: 3,284
2/22/10 10:12 A

I've heard that the amount of money you spend on fast food is pretty much equivalent to the amount you'd spend on a home-cooked meal, so it's not cheaper. Also, the amount of time spent driving to the restaurant, sitting in the drive-thru, and driving home is equivalent to preparing a number of home-cooked meals, so it's not more convenient. It might be a little easier, but that depends on how challenging the dinner you're making is.

In addition, most take-out comes with sauces, condiments, etc, some sort of side like fries, and soda or other extremely sweetened drinks - so you're getting a lot of extra calories and things you shouldn't be eating. You can control what you're eating much more effectively if you make it yourself. So I would say that home-made food is much better than fast food!

SHIMMYHIP SparkPoints: (16,790)
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Posts: 651
2/22/10 8:22 A

Homemade food is better b/c of control over portions and ingredients.

HIPPIEFREAK66 Posts: 968
2/22/10 8:02 A

personally, in the long run homemade is cheaper. and also i think homemade just tastes better

JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
2/22/10 5:55 A

not always cheaper! i can make a meal for my boyfriend and myself, for 5 or 6 dollars total

i can make my lunch for the week for a total of 6 dollars and usually have extra too

KITKABOO Posts: 3,261
2/22/10 3:18 A

It's not always cheaper, especially if you add up the monthly cost! If you prepare it you appreciate it more, you have time to make yourself ready to eat it- you can think about what you want to make rather than sitting in a drive thru mentally 'tasting' what you fancy from the menu

GERAPTIKO Posts: 1,740
2/22/10 12:53 A

Thank you for your great responses! I will be writing these down & putting them in the car. I hope this works!

RTLISA SparkPoints: (77,035)
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2/21/10 10:38 A

After a 10-11 hour day at work, I've been tempted by the convenience of fast food. However, after eating it, I don't feel as good as if I'd eaten one of my home-cooked meals. I feel more sluggish or bloated or mentally foggy - all of which I dislike now that I've made enough healthy changes to feel more energetic.

Usually on Sunday, I make a casserole with lots of veggies or a pot of chili or soup. Those last us 3-4 days, so we add a side or make something else every couple of days to vary the flavors.

This gives us portion control, calorie control, etc. along with convenience. And, it's probably a lot cheaper!

GEODAWG SparkPoints: (0)
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2/20/10 11:34 P

Home made food is better than fast food because I cook it!

2/20/10 11:31 P

As several people have mentioned the key is you control the portions, and you know exactly what is in your homemade food. With fast food (and even with prepackaged frozen meals), frequently the calorie counts can be off significantly.

ELISADEL Posts: 662
2/20/10 11:10 P

I usually like food made at home better because I don't have to be concerned about the quality of ingredients, and whether there are any weird and worrying chemicals in there.

That food isn't exactly cheap without reason.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,705
2/20/10 10:24 P

"The fast food meal is easier & cheaper & convenient."

Home made can be just as easy; it usually is cheaper; it can be more convenient.

Home made also can be healthier, with less calories, less sodium and better taste.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,186
2/20/10 10:22 P

you can still make very unhealthy food at home too. so its not just that fact that it is fast food that makes it bad.

in general though at home you have can make healthy choices about what food you prepare and how it is prepared.

2/20/10 10:00 P

I think fast food is sort of a metaphor (if that's the right word) for why we got fat in the first place. It was faster and more convenient than taking the time to be healthy.

For me, sure there are times when I like fast food (which now I usually limit to Subway) but I like to savor a good meal cooked at home. And I'm loving the process of cooking those meals even more than the instant gratification of a burger from McDonalds.

Just my .02!

AMICHT Posts: 175
2/20/10 9:55 P

I agree with the key thread between the replies you've received thus far - control. At home, I can control what ingredients I use, and the quality of the ingredients. The other key for me is that at fast food places, there are too many other temptations than there are at home.

Fast food places are slippery slopes that I find hard not to go down like an Olympic skeleton slider!

BAM0827 Posts: 3,023
2/20/10 9:36 P

Every calorie is not created equal - There's not a whole of lot of fast-food items that are jam packed with nutrients. So even being a few hundred calories more - you're not getting a lot of bang for your buck. Also the fat content is usually high.

Fast food also has a lot of sodium which retains water.

nothing wrong with fast food every once in awhile - but over all - I try to stay away from it (honestly, I couldn't tell you the last time I had anything besides Taco Bell)

Also, I guess I don't get the cheaper part of your statement. I made porkchops tonight - for 2 of them I spent $2.51. So even with some ingredients to make is more spruced up, a potato and broccoli, I can't imagine I spent $5 per meal

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8E8KEYS Posts: 34
2/20/10 9:35 P

When you make a recipe at home, you have all of the control - control over calories, fiber, portion size, and quality. These are all great things, but boy does it take effort to make it happen.

TURTLERAE55 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 8,771
2/20/10 9:30 P

Homemade food is better because you know what healthy ingredients to use and you can add what you like the most.

This is my answer.

Let's continue to eat healthy.

GERAPTIKO Posts: 1,740
2/20/10 9:24 P

I know the answer to this question already, but when I'm at the drive-thru, all logic leaves & I always wonder:
besides a few hundred calories, what is the difference between a fast food meal & a meal at home? The fast food meal is easier & cheaper & convenient.
Even though I know restaurants use unhealthy oils, etc, I want to read what you other Sparkers have to say about this.

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