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8/3/12 2:29 P

IMO your "super-healthy" breakfast misses the mark - I suggest trying something along the lines of a fruit-plate w/ 1/2 cup cottage cheese and have water to drink. I also agree with everyone who wrote that an orange is preferrable to OJ.

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8/3/12 12:08 P

I soooooooo prefer to eat an orange!!

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8/3/12 11:23 A

I love juice, so i have a glass of carrot juce with breakfast. 1 serving of veggies, a ton of vitamin a, and refreshing in the morning. 70 calories.

For fruit juce, i have a homemade protein smoothie sweetened with fresh fruit, instead of juice.

8/3/12 9:44 A

Personally, I like orange juice, but I would never drink 8 oz of it, and certainly not more than 8 oz. If I want juice with breakfast, I'll have a small glass (juice glass) -- like 4 oz or so. Sometimes I mix it with cold seltzer water.

Orange juice is not the devil, it's fine in moderation if you like it, just like everything else. It even has lots of vitamin C. But just because it's reasonably good for you doesn't mean you can drink infinite amounts of it without paying the price caloriewise.

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8/3/12 9:34 A

while orange juice isn't the worst thing on the planet that you could drink, have you ever looked at those balanced breakfasts that orange juice is a part of? if you take out the orange juice, it's still a balanced breakfast. just like cereal. in fact, most of the time when something is advertised as a part of a balanced breakfast, you can take the item being advertised out of the equation and the nutritional content of the breakfast doesn't really take a hit.
fruit is always better than fruit juice. you get the fiber and, unless you're a pretty serious label reader, you're going to skip the added sugar from most commercially available juices.
and how quickly the calories add up is one reason why you should be limiting fruit juices of any kind to 8oz a day.

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8/3/12 9:28 A

I really like the water it down or cut it with unsweetened iced tea. For me the carbs ARE bad. I have a stomach that can't digest them properly so have to really keep those restricted otherwise my stomach is in pain for days (dr diagnosed) and sugar I just try to avoid

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8/3/12 9:03 A

Yeah, eat an orange instead, or water it down so it's half water, half oj. Or make a pitcher of iced tea and orange juice, or iced tea unsweetened or lightly sweetened. That will have a lot less calories. Or have some ice water with a piece of orange squeezed in.

I think we all crave cold drinks in the summer when it's hot. Just make sure to opt for lower calorie ones. Coconut water is also refreshing and has about a third of the calories that oj does.

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8/3/12 8:59 A

Eat an orange instead. I love orange juice. I absolutely love it. But, I hate drinking my calories, so I don't drink it. You may be able to look into a reduced sugar variety, I don't know if they make those or not. Sugar and carbs are not necessarily "bad" for you, either. That's a mindset that can be difficult to break, but it's true. I try to think more in terms of is the food "worth it" or "not worth it" than bad or good. Orange juice does have benefits as it's high in vitamin C and other things, and you can get varieties that are enriched with vitamin D and calcium. But, again, I'd personally leave out the juice and add an orage (around 70-80 calories) to my breakfast instead, if I really wanted the flavor.

SOON2BSMALL1313 Posts: 857
8/3/12 8:55 A

I thought I would be super healthy this morning and have 2 egg whitess 1 serving of bacon 1 peice of toast 1/2 slice swiss cheese which would've been awesome if I didn't add orage juice to it. I haven't had any fruit in a while as I am allergic to pit fruits. The 8 oz of orange juice left me wanting more so i drank 2 servings of orange juice. 240 EMPTY CALORIES!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck???!!!!!!!!!!! totally blew my morning calories but will leave me in range for the day just kinda blew my mind that orange juice is supposed to be good for you. Yet its high in sugar, high in carbs, and insanely high in calories. Any way to reduce any of these?

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