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RACHELKYLE SparkPoints: (11,971)
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11/15/10 11:15 A

Just make sure you are taking in ample water during the day and maybe a quick trip to ask your doctor...but if you don't have any other side effects you are probably fine.

11/15/10 12:56 A

Are you on any medications? My medication causes me to hardly sweat at all, and I have to be more careful not to get overheated because of it. It's a fairly common side effect I guess.

SPOLANI Posts: 446
11/14/10 8:18 P

When I first started working out, I didn't sweat much. However, now I really break out a sweat. I wouldn't worry too much if your heart rate intensity shows your working out hard.

YUMESTEFER SparkPoints: (0)
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11/14/10 11:45 A

When I was born, the doctor was out for a jog (I'm not kidding) and my father caught me-- I was not wrapped up immediately, therefore my body temperature dropped significantly for almost ten minutes. I was then put in one of those lovely NICU bubble things--but as a result from this, and steroid usage for my lungs, my sweat glands did not develop properly. I can sweat, but I generally don't. If I start sweating, I'm close to the point of passing out. Now, there are exceptions-- I sweat on my nose more than anywhere else on my body.

You could have underdeveloped sweat glands from steroids or temperature changes when you were born, or you could be under-hydrated.

11/14/10 10:54 A

I wish I had this problem! emoticon

LOMDOG Posts: 12
8/28/10 10:40 P

I really don't sweat that much when I work out either. I get "moist" if I'm working really hard. I do, however, drip sweat when I have a hot flash! Lol!

BPANNU_1988 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/29/10 3:49 P

I'm totally the same way. I"ve been trying to loose weight, (I've lost 10 so far :D ), but i don't sweat to much...well basically nothing at all. Even with drinking the right amount of recomended when I can.
There was one day, though, where I drank like 16 glasses of water emoticon and that day I was really sweating. So like the other posts say it could be hydration.

KLEEXAZN Posts: 88
4/29/10 5:56 P

If you don't sweat at all, that may be a problem to have checked with your doctor...but if you're able to produce even a little bit of sweat, you should be ok.
I'm that way. I'll sweat a tiny bit when I'm working hard...but not enough to have it soaking through my shirt or dripping off my face.

4/29/10 5:08 P

I actually had to use my towel today in Zumba class! I told my instructor "I'm actually sweating" to which she replied "you haven't been sweating? you're not working hard enough!" I assured her all the things I already posted here, heart rate is up, drinking enough, etc. She had no clue why I haven't been either. We'll see if it's a trend.

KAYLA200 Posts: 956
4/28/10 1:59 P

I wish I didn't sweat as much, gets all over the floor even.

LAUREN129 Posts: 648
4/28/10 1:34 P

I think a lot of it is just your body - I have a friend who is normal weight and works out and sweats like a pig. I am also normal weight and when I work out, I hardly sweat. I think it just depends on your body.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
4/28/10 12:32 P

I don't sweat that much either unless I'm outside in the humid summer (in the south) and maybe sitting in the sun. Still I don't sweat like some people do.

4/28/10 11:45 A

Found this through a search. I am having problems with this too. I used to sweat buckets but now I am having trouble breaking a sweat. I even wore extra layers with my hood up last night to try to sweat and I didn't. I'm drinking enough and not getting overheated. When I go to my Zumba class everyone there is dripping but me and I'm working just as hard as they are. It's odd.

PURPLELVR7 Posts: 9,522
2/5/10 8:13 A

Just ran into this message and thought I would add my comments.
I do not sweat, hardly ever do. I do have to be VERY careful not get over heated because I do not sweat.
I am used to this fact (since I am 59) and have learned to live with it.
there is an advantage, I can work out at lunch and do not have to worry about offending orders.

MEADSBAY SparkPoints: (394,512)
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2/7/09 11:16 P

OK, just stumbled on this post but..
(isn't that one of the cool things about SP?)
I am not a sweat-er, either.
I drink PLENTY of water,
I am not mal-nourished (far from it),
I get my heart rate up to 120-160 for 60 minutes most days
(I do interval training on a treadmill or the elliptical)
I asked my doc why I don't sweat and he said it's really about how many sweat glands you have per square inch of skin.
I do sweat, but barely.
I can wear the same clothes to the gym like 3 days in a row (except for my bra- oh, sorry- TMI??)

2/6/09 10:53 A

Wow, my first post and I think I can give some info on this subject.

I just recently learned from my school for Medical Assistant that one possibility for sweating is that glycogen is stored in our muscles. When we exercise this glycogen is turned into energy. This energy is also heat. One could be using their glycogen and heating their body which is making them sweat to get rid of the extra sugars in their body.

I sweat like a stuck pig if I am exercising any length of time. I am also (according to my glucose numbers)a diabetic although I have never been diagnosed as such. So this makes so much more sense to me.. Like a light bulb moment when I heard this.

I do not have the medical problem of sweating too much like when just sitting still as some do.

CHERUBB2 Posts: 34
1/20/09 6:41 P

I have a question? My hubby and I will workout together at times and when I workout on the eliptical I go for 30 min. and burn 263 calories with my heartrate average 140 bpm (85%)...he will then workout and go faster than I go and and can't get his heartrate up no matter what he will only burn 70 calories..why is this? does anyone know?
He needs some tips for a better calorie burn. Thanks!

SANTHISN Posts: 192
11/5/08 12:06 P

some people don't

CMGEE29 Posts: 2,074
11/5/08 12:03 P

I dont seem to sweat during workouts, but after when i am cooled down i can feel it on my skin. I just dont drip with sweat.

PHROG1383 Posts: 1,860
11/5/08 11:57 A

Some people just don't sweat. It could also be a conflict in medications you are taking, I would suggest that you ask your doctor.

CALIFUN Posts: 31
11/5/08 11:17 A

About a year ago, I was severely underweight and struggling with overexercising and anorexia. Even though I exercised four times a day, 2 hours each, of high intensity cardio and strength training, I never sweated. I was told that it was due to low body fat composition and malnutrition...

Are you eating enough? Staying hydrated? Are you taking any medications that may be causing it? My little brother takes an anti-seizure medication that has a side effect of decreased sweating...

It could also just be that you just don't sweat...

KILLERBEE18 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/5/08 11:02 A

I sweat like a fountain, because I am drinking almost 80oz of water a day. It doesn't bother me to sweat, I kinda like it!

11/5/08 10:59 A

When I was heavier, I did not sweat. Mostly because I didn't drink NEAR enough water.

Now that I'm well-hydrated, I sweat a lot. In fact, I went to a 'hot yoga' class and hadn't drank enough before going and had to sit out most of the class from not being hydrated enough. I didn't sweat hardly at all.

Now I love going to classes and make sure I'm well-hydrated.

How much water are you drinking each day?

LIZZY63 Posts: 16,450
11/5/08 10:43 A

AS other posters have stated, sweat has nothing to do with how hard you are working out.

Some people sweat, some don't.

It could be a medical issue that you might want to get checked out to be sure.

Other than that just be sure you stay hydrated.

AUGUSTMAIER SparkPoints: (0)
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11/5/08 10:05 A

ya i do not sweat as much as i thought i would
i guess i'm not pushing myself enough to sweat
sometime with cardio i do, but with strength i do not
i'm loosing the weight so i'm ok with it good luck
doing something is better then doing nothing

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
11/5/08 10:01 A

My mother has really never sweat. Because of that, in the summertime she has to be careful to not get overheated. (Remember sweating is our bodies cooling system) Some people sweat and others do not. If it concerns you , it might be something to ask your doctor about.

MALEFICENT1964 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/5/08 9:32 A

have you ever sweat?

There are some medical conditions that prevent a person from sweating which can be quite serious - as sweat helps prevent your body from overheating...

Are you sure you're drinking enough fluids thru out the day?

On some days I can work uo a sweat crossing the street - so sweat really doesn't tell you if you're working hard or not... it's just your body cooling off.

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ASMOM51 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/5/08 9:27 A

Title pretty much says it all. I know I am working out hard because my heart rate is really high..but I dont really sweat that much.
Once, i had a free personal trainer session and she kept saying...boy im working you out this hard..and you havent even broken a sweat.
What does that mean?
Does it have an affect on weightloss?

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