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6/26/09 4:32 P

SERGEANT is so right. I naturally over-pronate and have been working on correcting this problem. I bought stability shoes to help give some support and I started running on a treadmill in front of a mirror to watch my form. I was surprised to see I wasn't running all that well! Some days I was so tired that I was all over the place. Watching myself taught me to be careful with my running form and how my foot strikes. Now I can tell when I am being sloppy even without the mirror. My new shoes also made a big difference! I think all of this together really helped.

Yes, if you are new to running, it can very well be shin splints. I've had them before quite often in the past. One time I started getting pains in the same area, only they felt duller and it was happening as I became more experienced with running. Turned out to be mild stress fractures. They felt different than my shin splints, yet many people kept suggesting I had shin splints. I just did lower impact exercise for a while and eventually healed. Now I just try to maintain good form and make sure my shoes are good to prevent this from happening again.

6/26/09 4:24 P

As an aside cross trainers are shoes designed for cross training meaing multiple training modes one of which is running. They are designed to add lateral support which a dedicated running shoe lacks.

Considering the artifical biomechanic involved with working out on a treadmill I actually fecommend cross trainers for that activity over running shoes for the average individual.

The same faulty mechanics which cause shin splints can also cause stress fractures. The problem with diagnosing stress fractures is that they seldom show up on a plain film X-ray until well into the healing process.

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6/26/09 12:52 P

I get shin splints too and hate it!

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6/26/09 12:31 P

Having suffered from tenderness in the same location, I finally saw an ortho doctor. I had stress fractures. Shins splints can be as simple as inflammation or tightness. But if it continues, see your doctor.

BTW: Cross-trainers are great for any activity that includes side motions. That is why you feel great when you do other activities. As another poster mentioned, you need running shoes for running.

6/26/09 10:47 A

Shin splints are an inflammation of the anterior tibialis muscle which runs along the outer margin of the tibia on top of the fibula. While it can be an overuse injury that is not the most common cause.
In my long experience with runners shin splints are caused by poor running mechanics, most commonly allowing the foot to strike the ground in front of the knee. Your foot strike should be under your centre of mass with the knee flexed to absorb the shock.

While good shoes have some bearing on the issue there is no reason to assume your cross trainers are the problem. Check your running mechanics to ensure that your foot strike is with the forefoot and under your centre of mass. I have an explanation of proper running mechanics on my team sites.

SAMORG Posts: 8
6/26/09 9:31 A

Yep...go to a running store and have your gait analyzed. I was running in the wrong shoes (but they were cute!), had shin splints - took some time off and then got new shoes. Turns out I'm an overpronator - I needed shoes for that. I'm back to running and it feels soooo much better!

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6/26/09 7:22 A

I agree, it sounds like shin splints. I always get them when I start exercising after an injury or a pregnancy. Get good running shoes, take it easy for a few days, and then start back a little slower. My dr. told me I didn't have to stop exercising when I had them, I just shouldn't run until they had stopped hurting. Check with your doctor and see what they say.

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6/26/09 3:26 A

It is a soreness in the shin that can lead to stress fractures. With proper warm up and LOTS of stretching, you can minimize the pain.

You can read more here:

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6/26/09 3:05 A

What exactly is a shin split? is it like a medical condition?

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6/25/09 11:44 P

If you're not used to running, it could be shin splints. I know that if I don't run for awhile, and then force my way into it, I get shin splints. One reason why I like the elliptical machine - it's a great workout like running, but with zero impact on my legs/knees.

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6/25/09 9:46 P

You need running shoes for running. They are made to absorb the extra shock of hitting the ground repeatedly. I would suggest getting a professional fitting at a running store. They can help you find the best shoes for your feet.

MAIRA130 Posts: 56
6/25/09 9:41 P

I have the most comfortable reebok cross trainer shoes. Im comfortable in them doing any kind of activity other than Running. I just cant seem to run without my Tibia(largets bone on lower leg) feeling like it compressing together.Its as if from my knee to my ankle there is just too much compression with each step running/jogging.
Ive been doing eliptical and bike because of it. But i have a dream to run a 5k will i do it with this condition?

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