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9/11/12 2:40 P


You are probably pretty far ahead in your weight loss schedule. You now have until the end of the year to lose the last of those pounds, so your calorie range is much higher b/c it's assuming a much slower rate of weight loss. If you change your target date to be closer in the future, your range is likely to go down again.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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9/11/12 2:39 P

Your calorie ranges are based on your fitness minutes. If you're burning 1000 calories in fitness a day, you have to eat SOME of those calories. The more you work out the more you need to consume. They figure your calorie range based on your current weight and your activitiy level. While a calorie deficit is the key to losing weight TOO large of a deficit means you're not giving your body enough fuel to do the kind of workouts you're doing.

YNKECHICK06 Posts: 128
9/11/12 2:20 P

STDWYNWEN, on Feb 6 of this year I set a goal weight to lose 100lbs by Dec 31 this year. Since Feb 6, I'm down 73 pounds...which is about 10 pounds a month, and I think 10 pounds a month seems about right?

Today, I updated my fitness minutes because I've already gone past what it said I should be at..When I did that, everything changed. My calorie range went form 1200-1500 to 2270-2620.

I'm just totally confused about the calorie range and why its going so high. As far as working out, I'm doing circuit training/elliptical 3 or 4 days a week, an hour each day.

Thanks everyone :)

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9/11/12 12:51 P

How many calories are you burning daily, what's your weekly weight loss goal, and goal date?

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9/11/12 12:45 P


What did you enter as your Goal Date and Goal Weight?

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9/11/12 10:17 A

I'm with the others who say that you may be losing weight a little quickly. When the calorie range increases for me, I know it's time to re-input my weight loss goals so that my ranges are re-calibrated.

Good luck!

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9/11/12 10:09 A

i think with the more weight you lose,you should be eating a little more calories. it is probably adjusting according to your weight as of now.i thinks its meant to keep you from going into starvation mode.but i would be scared seeing over 2000 calories allowed for the day emoticon i suppose just continue with what u r doing if u feel great

9/11/12 10:05 A

You may be losing weight too quickly so the site has adjusted your calorie range to keep you losing about 1-2 pounds per week. That's my only guess.

YNKECHICK06 Posts: 128
9/11/12 10:00 A

I started with 1200-1500 a day, per the Spark People program settings...After I lost about 25lbs, it jumped my calorie range to 2000-2300. That made me scared, so I kept maintaining the 1200-1500 and eating about the same. Now, I've surpassed my "fitness minute" goal for the year, and have lost 73lbs...and my calorie range jumped to about 2400-2700. Can someone please explain this to me. I have no idea why these numbers keep changing. If I eat more, am I still going to keep the weight loss going, assuming I continue my workout routine and all else stays the same?

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