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3/2/10 6:18 P

Lots of core exercises and yoga
helped me with my lower back.

3/2/10 6:17 P

Lots of core exercises and yoga
helped me with my lower back.

1500LUNGES Posts: 1,384
3/2/10 6:11 P

Do the plank next to a mirror and check your form. When I first started doing the plank and push ups I would feel it in my back. Now I realise its becuase my form was so bad. If your back huts then STOP! You're not going to do yourself any favors by pushing through the pain.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
3/2/10 2:12 P

Back extensions with elbows on the floor and raising lower body on a exercise ball helped me strengthen my lower back.

FIT2B40S Posts: 10
3/2/10 12:15 P

Thanks girls. I can touch my toes :-) So I think I do need to work on my lower back. You should always work the abs and back but I think I've probably neglected them lately. I do rowing, bird dogs, push ups, but haven't did a lot of the superman's lately.
Thanks again for your input.

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3/2/10 11:39 A

I agree. the problem is that your back muscles are weaker than your abdominal muscles. Plank is a great core exercise. Other exercises you can do to target your back muscles would be bent over row, dead lifts, single arm rows, push ups and pull ups.

Another possible problem could be your hamstrings. Most people don't realize that your hamstrings effect your lower back. Can you touch your toes when you bend over ? If not, your hamstrings are tight and need to be stretched.

3/2/10 11:34 A

I think you likely have a muscle imbalance in your back, because of your strong abs.

It's common to (unintentionally) train the front part of the body and let the back part slip a little.

Your abs stabilize your back and vice versa (most people pull out their back because they have weak abs/no support), so you might want to work on those concentration exercises (supermans, pullups/chinups, back extensions) - anything that does not engage your abs as well - and see if that helps.

Also, be sure you're not arching your back up OR down while you're in the plank position.

Good luck!

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FIT2B40S Posts: 10
3/2/10 11:26 A

I can do a plank (on toes and forearms)for about 2 minutes but my back screams more than my abs.
I have really strong abs so could it be my hip flexors are engaging too much?
I also have problems doing supermans or spending anytime on my stomach.
Thanks for the input!

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