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10/30/13 6:24 P

Wow, what an eye opener! Thank you all, again. I looked into all of this, and saw that the site hasn't automatically updated my daily calories after I lost 30 pounds. It was still set on my weight being higher. I still don't completely understand the math of all this, but at least now I know why I was being told to eat so much and why I stopped losing!


10/30/13 5:21 P

Thanks, everyone. Lots of food for thought, as it were. ;-)

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10/30/13 7:25 A

Shapeshifter, you may have drastically different diet types set between the two. Mine are usually pretty equal so that may have something to do with it. For awhile I had that problem and until I had a good idea how Sparkpeople interpreted the data from fitbit, I put up with it. At the end of the week I looked at the "calories burned" totals from my fitbit entry and changed my SP meal plan to match it. Solved the problem for the most part.

One thing is that fitbit changes your dietary goal for the day depending on if you're more or less active than usual, so there will probably always be some disparity.

I hope that helps.

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10/30/13 7:14 A

did you use spark's ranges before the fitbit? and if you did, did you remember to set your calories burned to zero if you are getting all that info from the fitbit? because if you left your calories burned set to whatever it was and then started syncing the fitbit on top of that then it thinks you are burning the calories burned number and the fitbit, which would account for the higher number.
this spells out how sparkpeople calculates your ranges.

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10/30/13 3:07 A

It would sound like you had your SP configured incorrectly (put in that you do too much exercise) or something in the fitbit is off.
Check that your height, weight goals are entered correctly into both and check if that helps.

How SP calculates the BMR (it then adds a multiplier for the everyday things people don't track like driving, shopping, etc);

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10/29/13 10:34 P

I've recently attached a Fitbit to my account (which I love, btw) but now I have to relearn to use this site, since it's including all of the calories that I'm burning. But SparkPeople has a formula that I don't understand.

Today, so far, I have burned 1500 calories, and the site is telling me to eat between 1644 and 1994 calories. The Fitbit site says I can eat 1098.

The question isn't so much the disparity between the two sites, it's the fact that SP is telling me to eat more calories than I'm burning.

Can anyone help me to understand this?

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