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5/23/09 8:31 P

i dont hate mondays, my work schedule is nights and usually my monday is actually a friday night. i dreaded this friday night cause i worked some rediculous shifts but i get off sunday and monday is my free day!

CHAIRUL Posts: 3,558
5/23/09 8:17 P

I don't either! emoticon

COLLEGED Posts: 678
5/23/09 8:16 P

I don't....

5/23/09 7:54 P

I'm okay with Mondays now.I used to dread them simply because it was another day that I promised my self that I would start on a diet and didn't. emoticon But thanks to sparkpeople, Monday's are not intimidating anymore. emoticon

CONNIEK1960 Posts: 288
5/23/09 7:47 P

too many days until the next weekend/fun is over, back to the grind.

BEV312 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,911)
Posts: 250
5/23/09 6:56 P

It means that the weekend is over! Most people unconsciously wear funeral colors on Monday ... black or blue. (Watch your co-workers on Monday!)

SOLONGE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (259,787)
Posts: 7,626
5/23/09 6:47 P

It means having to wake up at the crack of dawn to go sit 8 hrs in an office, but on the other hand it is good to get back to the gym after 2 days of not working out as hard as usual.

CD4046554 Posts: 4,472
5/23/09 6:46 P

I like Mondays To be honest Sundays I don't like I have no idea why

THEHULAMOON Posts: 1,337
5/23/09 1:37 P

I emoticon Mondays! emoticon

5/23/09 1:18 P

I like Mondays because I usually feel rested from the weekend and ready to start a new week. There's also little pressure for me to get things done that day since I have the rest of the week in front of me.

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
5/23/09 12:49 P


JULISABROCAR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (51,596)
Posts: 5,355
5/23/09 11:55 A

I actually don't hate Mondays. I like a regular schedule (as much as I like to be spontaneous) and both with school or work, Mondays signaled a more normal routine which works better for me. I still kick back and get the relaxing done in the evenings!

AAPANOS7 Posts: 349
5/23/09 11:52 A

Our society hates Mondays because we know that we have an entire week before we get to kick back and relax again. Also, people that had to wait over the weekend for a business to open during the work week are all trying to get in on Monday. I don't mind Mondays, but I can understand how people with 9-5 jobs must feel.

5/23/09 11:36 A

Because of Saturday nights.

MOESTAR1603 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 729
5/22/09 12:10 P

It's just a slow day....

5/20/09 10:41 A

I have staff meetings every Monday. I don't really like meetings, because I have work to do, and don't want to sit still in a meeting.

RANDYB Posts: 6,951
5/20/09 10:39 A

This is no reason to hate any day that allows you to get up and do the things that you want to do. Live life, don't complain.

NANCANGEL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (78,150)
Posts: 5,470
5/20/09 10:20 A

I love it... casue I go volunteer out on base... emoticon

CD4082898 Posts: 2,620
5/20/09 10:19 A

I love Sundays - that is my beginning of the week and my "try really hard" to rest day. Monday is really just the beginning of another suck the life out of us week - that's why it is so difficult for me.

CD4106991 Posts: 5,267
5/20/09 10:12 A

I hate mondays because that means my hubby has to go back to work and I am left with no human contact until he comes home. I can no longer work beacuse I am disabled from 15 back surgeries and waiting on another one. AT least I have lots of pets and now that the warm weather is here I can go spend time in the pool

JULES_07 Posts: 238
5/20/09 10:04 A

I have often wondered if the reason why i hate Mondays is, because i have done so much over the weekend that i'm exhausted...Going to worked on Monday, signifies a situation where the play was over and responsibility begins...Hurray for those few souls that have conquered the Monday blues.

FOXMOON Posts: 822
5/20/09 9:54 A

When I'm really busy or have to do a lot of traveling on Sundays, I won't really enjoy the Monday following it!

I'm kind of an anti-Tuesday or Thursday person, myself. They're just 'filler' days until Friday, haha!

COUNTRYGIRL1982 Posts: 71
5/20/09 9:52 A

I hate Mondays because it means it's the first day back to a 5 day work week. With minimal time to do the things that I want to do.

TRIBEKAH Posts: 511
5/20/09 9:24 A

I also like monday, I seem to get my lists done for the week, look at my goals for the week, plan my chores, its a good day for me to feel organized.

MTNMUDDD SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,913)
Posts: 82
5/19/09 10:14 P

I don't mind mondays. I think they're overrated. I hate Tuesdays myself.... I love hearing about what everyone did on the weekend, and catching up. But, I enjoy my job...

BONNIEMAC588 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,747)
Posts: 6,134
5/19/09 8:24 P

Mondays suck only because I am so freakin tired. it was not funny yesterday, I was practically falling asleep in class... same goes for like half of the other students. no one seemed to be fully awake lol.

other than that, I don't really mind Mondays. I like what some have said- it's fresh since it's the start of a new week. it's always nice to have a fresh start each week. I love it just as a new week starts and especially when it starts off well.

SWISSMISS8 Posts: 1,188
5/19/09 4:28 P

I like Monday mornings. Hubby goes to work, the kids are off to school and mommy goes for a nice jog emoticon

YFZNAT SparkPoints: (13,616)
Fitness Minutes: (32,346)
Posts: 1,007
5/19/09 4:19 P

Hate Mondays! Maybe because I'd rather be doing something fun than be at work.


CD1407200 Posts: 4,360
5/18/09 10:51 P

Message Removed

BRIDGETD318 SparkPoints: (56)
Fitness Minutes: (25,237)
Posts: 174
5/18/09 10:51 P

I think Mondays are hard for me because I never really get enough rest or anything completely done over the weekend! It does make the rest of the week even harder....

GRIZMINT Posts: 133
5/18/09 10:48 P

Monday is a tough day because it's the farthest day from the weekend. I tend to still be in weekend mode during those first few hours of Monday, so it's tough to adjust.

DEEDEE_BOO Posts: 678
5/18/09 10:39 P

I also love Mondays I get a lot done on Mondays after being refreshed from the weekend. Thursdays are my hard days I'm tired by then.

5/18/09 10:25 P

I am one of those that love Mondays. It's fresh, new and full of possibilities.

NURSEJ76 Posts: 53
5/18/09 10:06 P

Do you ever wonder why Modays are so hard? Tell me why you hate Mondays? Maybe some people love them

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