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TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
10/28/11 3:29 P

yes, I totally agreee with you. I find it very flattering to be honked at or whistled at. I just think it's bad when you actually stop. Then I'm thinking, "hey, do I look like a slut or something" You get the picture!

BEASTIE72 SparkPoints: (38,589)
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Posts: 960
10/28/11 3:08 P

I quick honk is a compliment, just letting you know you looked good enough to grab our attention. Circling around, pulling over without being prompted, that's just crazy.

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
10/28/11 11:00 A

I do it so i don't hit them or run them over! emoticon

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
9/7/11 2:38 P

yeah Eric, like what happened to me in my earlier post. For that reason, I don't walk alone anymore.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
9/5/11 1:33 P

It's one thing to honk and quite another to make a woman feel so uncomfortable that she ffels the need to carry a weapon to defend herself.

Man, that is awful.

9/5/11 1:29 P

CHUKWYCK Posts: 28
9/5/11 1:09 P

I must not get out enough, because I've never even heard of such a thing... but it sounds like the old chestnut of construction workers wolf-whistling... not sure there's a more Hollywood-driven stereotype that's ever been created.

9/3/11 5:33 P

I have this happen every time I go jogging. They'll come around the block for a second look, and some have even come for a fourth. Yeah, it's annoying and creepy, and yes, I'd prefer honking to repeat appearances.

As for the horn honking, I've asked a few guy friends about this and they basically said that the guy either: 1. Likes the way you look from behind but wants to see your face and therefore honks to get your attention, 2. Is doing it as a greeting, or 3. Is saying "Hey baby, I like what I see!". For the most part, I think it's meant to be complimentary, and when a guy honks at me I just laugh to myself and smile at him...sometimes I wave.

From your profile photo, I'd say you're a very lovely lady, so those men are probably acknowledging the fact.

Yeah...the ones who stop are hoping for more than a look. I've had a few guys stop and I, like you, took evasive methods. I now carry at least one weapon on me when I go jogging or when I go anywhere alone.

Anyway, I hope this helps!


JELLE777 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 103
8/25/11 9:25 A

Does anyone really do that? What do they hope to accomplish by doing that. Do they think that by honking the horn at a woman they've paid her the ultimate compliment. So much so to the point that the woman will feel so moved by this gesture she'll chase your vehicle down and...

I honked the horn at a woman once in college when I had a car load full of guys and we were heading out for lunch. But the woman was my girlfriend and we all laughed about it. She had a really pissed off look on her face when she heard the horn but when she turned around and realized it was me she laughed.

DWROBERGE Posts: 362,528
8/25/11 5:05 A

Not here in Northwestern Florida

SARAHO228 SparkPoints: (21,029)
Fitness Minutes: (14,080)
Posts: 564
8/24/11 8:39 P

NOTBLUSHING I don't get honked at when I walk. emoticon

Wow! What do you wear when you work out so I can get honked at too. Lol. j/k

I would ingore it unless they actually stop. I could see why constantly getting honked at could be annoying. Put some headphones on, turn on the music and up the volume that way you can't hear them.

73SUPER Posts: 320
8/5/11 11:19 A

Guys honk because their idiots. Something we did in HS when we didn't know any better. Hopefully as age and wisdom grows the honking stops. You can appreciate something without making a fool of yourself.. and that's what it is.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/4/11 9:48 P

actually, about 3 years ago, I was walking down the street when a truck passed by and honked at me. I felt a little uneasy for some reason, so I walked into a nearby subdivision. I be danged if the truck didn't turn around and come after me. It was two guys and they had a Jason Hockey mask hanging on the rear view mirror. I high tailed it behind someones house and they left. Boy, was that scary. I haven't walked alone anywhere since.

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8/4/11 8:29 P

Can't help but chime in on this one.

I just recently moved, but for the past year I was living in downtown Baltimore, and had to cross a busy road to get to a small park/track to walk my dog. Standing on the side of the road while my dog did his business, I would get honked at CONSTANTLY. It's something that has always bothered me, but it was only an occasional thing until I moved there.

Here's the thing: I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I know that some guys think they're paying you a compliment by honking. I get that. BUT, if those guys would take even a *second* to think about, perhaps they'd consider a few things:

1) That's not what your horn is for. It's designed to warn/startle, so why on earth are you directing at me? To warn me that a total jerk is about to drive past? Thanks for the heads up.
2) DUDE. Keep your eyes on the road! People like you are the reason auto insurance is so expensive.
3) I didn't come out here to be ogled, nor bombarded with noise pollution - I walked over here because I'm a responsible pet owner.
4) Speaking of which, my dog REALLY doesn't appreciate it, especially when he's middle of marking that poor tree for the 273rd time and has a leg up in the air.
5) And whatever I'm wearing, I'm not wearing it for you. Whether its sweatpants or a mini-skirt, no one 'deserves' to be harassed, which is essentially what you're doing.

/rant :-)

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HAIL_10_ Posts: 387
7/26/11 12:18 P

LMAO @JUMU1969! I get those too, and they make me laugh... I have a tendancy to lose control of the pressure my foot exerts on the gas pedal when I see a real cutie (When I first started seeing my husband-we met at work, I once missed third and slipped into first. Em-barrrasssinnngggg)...So because of what I do, I take the revs as a compliment. Vroom vroommmmmmmmmmmmm.

Edited by: HAIL_10_ at: 7/26/2011 (12:21)
JUMU1969 Posts: 203
7/26/11 10:01 A

It doesn't bother me that much when someone honks and waves when I am on a walk. I have always assumed they know me, or think they know me, since it's a small town. What does bother me, is when someone is driving a big 4 wheel drive pickup truck and they make an extra "revving" sound before they pass me, what is the deal? And the driver is always male of course, lol!

DWROBERGE Posts: 362,528
7/22/11 6:45 P

It is a sign of approval!

BRANDON504 SparkPoints: (101,733)
Fitness Minutes: (87,659)
Posts: 3,215
7/21/11 4:15 P

We do that to give women the attention that they want soo much

HAIL_10_ Posts: 387
7/20/11 7:48 A

Lol! That poor, poor woman! :P

JOSHUA57 Posts: 27
7/19/11 5:12 P

@Hail lol sounds about right. I often wonder what made my wife attracted to my smart mouth and loud sense of humor.

HAIL_10_ Posts: 387
7/19/11 8:56 A

@ Joshua: Bob and Sheri Say women (apparently) are generally attracted to "brooding males"... Strange eh?

I can see it though... Brooding/Strong silent... It's all the same right? No need for an executive office, just a closed mouth, and a furrowed forehead...

Moores says "80-something percent of all women are more attracted to a well dressed man than a rich man." (Lol?)... So I guess you better buy a suit to wear with your frown.

Getting older should be MUCH easier for men.

7/17/11 11:59 A

I think a lot of people honk for a couple of reasons! As women honk at me too and I NEVER run with my shirt off or have super tight clothes on either! I think part of them do it to support you! There are people who walk or in my case run too and want to show support! Then there are people who are jealous that you are out there and are in horrible shape and so they think they are making fun of you, instead they are the ones who look like JERKS! And last but not least there are people who their whole life is driven by physical thoughts, visions and feelings. They will never get deeper then the top of the water, per se! Thats just my thought I guess!

JOSHUA57 Posts: 27
7/16/11 10:01 A

Definitly inappropriate for circling the block. Honking and driving by is flattering. Not gonna go lurking your photos but I gotta agree. Men are naturally drawn to hourglass figured women, and young women. If you're both its double jeopardy. Its just natural biology driven by the need to procreate. Females are attracted to the alpha male which strangely enough is typically the older sometimes creepy CEO-type. So getting older as a dude should be great as long as I make it to the board room. lol. jk.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
7/12/11 9:49 A

Let's break this into parts: a honk of the horn to "call out" to a pretty female is one thing. No big deal- a bit rude, perhaps, but not a problem.

The OP's original post talked about guys circling around more than once and acting in what I would think is an harrassing manner, as if she were a prostitute. that is NOT acceptable, and I am sure that is something we can all agree on.

DWROBERGE Posts: 362,528
7/11/11 11:44 P

Why not?

DANIE1018 SparkPoints: (663)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 67
7/11/11 9:45 P

If this happens while you walking/standing/running on a road, not a sidewalk... It's probably a way of letting you know 'HEY I'M DRIVING BY YOU, DONT MAKE ANY SUDDEN TURNS'... so they don't kill you...

SNEAKERS468 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 11
7/9/11 7:15 P

We honk because we would never have the guts to say hi to women that are out of our league. Kind of a MADE U LOOK kinda thing. Sometimes we want to see your face so a normal reaction is to look at the honker then we get a better look. Just a male thing most women will never understand. The same reason most of us look at all women wherever we are. WE ARE PIGS ! There i said it. But most mean no harm.

Edited by: SNEAKERS468 at: 7/9/2011 (19:16)
7/8/11 7:27 P

So, I just "creeped" on your page to look at your photos. First of all, nice job on the weightloss. I bet you feel better and therefore want to buy better flattering clothes.

I would describe your body type as "Hourglass" and women with hourglass figures whether they be heavy or average just draw a quick eye from most males. Now, like all humans (meaning women included who also can behave badly) are attracted to potential mates and it has been my experience that men like your type. I know I DO!

That said some men cannot restrain themselves and allow the immaturity flow untethered. I just want to be fair and have witnessed women behaving just as badly and equally as I have been the target of cat calls and shoulder bumps at clubs by women checking me out.

I live in an urban environment and it is a summer ritual for the young men in my hood to slow drive down the street and yell stupid things like, "Hey Braby, do fries go wit dat shake!?"


If I saw you walking down the street would I "cat call" you? Nope, but I just might slow down for elongated peak. I know some women would KILL to have that happen to them.


CANRUNNER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,416)
Posts: 259
7/8/11 6:30 P

The honk so you turn and then they can see if the face matches the bod.

I think honking can be a funny compliment. If someone pulls over it's super creepy. Maybe you should add boxing to your workouts. LOL.

HAIL_10_ Posts: 387
7/4/11 2:02 P

Lol. Somedays it's a struggle for me to get through the day. I guess that day I misplaced my reading ability...

...Thanks! Editing.

JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
6/30/11 3:27 P

hail- i said "they want some of this" not the o.p. :)

HAIL_10_ Posts: 387
6/30/11 11:04 A

Lurking again:

Basically it means they think you're hot to trot. I'm pretty sure you knew that because I'm getting the feeling that's implied in your post...

So I'm pretty much confused as to why you've posed the question to these guys in the first place. Would you like them to tell you what to do when these hormone raging men engage you by honking their horn? If you're interested, I would suggest laying down various strips with nails embedded in them face up along your route so that the men actually follow through with their honk and engage in an actual conversation with you(while mending their mangled tires). :P

When I get a honk, I assume it's someone I know or assume they've mistaken me for someone else. I just smile and wave. If it's a solo male that I don't know, I smile a little wider (if he's a hunny) and wave. If it's a creeper, I still smile and wave 'cause it's the polite thing to do. 'Sides, I've got the pooch with me. If the creeper initiated creepy conversation, i could pretend my dog would bite him.

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ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
6/27/11 12:53 P

OK- well, I told you what it meant from my perspective: guys who are total losers you probably want nothing to do with are trying to get your attention using inappropriate at best tactics!

Sorry if I took your original post, where you wondered if they were equating you with a prostitute, etc., as a sign you were offended by the conduct.


NOTBLUSHING Posts: 19,516
6/27/11 12:31 P

The purpose of my post was to ask what it meant.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
6/27/11 12:27 P

I'm sure it isn't meant to be an insult, but it is wildly inappropriate in my opinion.

If you weren't bothered by it, why post about in the first place? It sounds like some people were repeatedly circling the block and harrassing you, too, which is REALLY inappropriate, and made you feel uncomfortable enough to ask on here.

In this day and age, with what is deemed socially acceptable and what is not, I venture to suggest that honking, or calling out to women in a leering manner, is never appropriate, and borders on harrassment or worse..

NOTBLUSHING Posts: 19,516
6/27/11 12:19 P

Is it clear that I feel offended? I said I don't know why they do it or what it means; I can't be very offended without knowing that.
SHOULD I be offended?
Several of you seem to be indicating that I SHOULD.
If this practice were meant to compliment me (nice T&A), fine, but it's a really ineffective way to do so since the sentiment is extremely ambiguous. If it is a form of drive-by insult, that's another matter.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
6/27/11 9:38 A

To the OP- it is clear to me that you feel offended by the behavior, and I think you have every reason to feel offended.

It is not a cool thing to do, and it borders on the neanderthal in my opinion (w/ all due respect to the enlightened "Geico caveman").

So, unfortunately you will have to deal with jerks who behave with such boorish manners. Take it with a grain of salt, and laugh it off.

But in all seriousnee, if you feel that someone is repeatedly harrassing you, look for law enforcement help in needed.

PHILLYLAMA SparkPoints: (28,515)
Fitness Minutes: (49,813)
Posts: 69
6/26/11 10:34 P

1)louder than clapping
2)they can keep one hand on the wheel

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
6/26/11 10:16 A

I had a car full of girls honk and wave at me on Thursday during my run. I smiled and waved back. heh.

RAZOR2011 Posts: 109
6/25/11 11:59 P

for attention

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
6/22/11 10:05 P

I would not say I have never done it cause I did when I was 16. I drive through a college town every day, plenty of college girls and residents walking all the time. the speed limit is 25, and the traffic is heavy. I can not tell you the last time I heard someone blow a horn at a woman.

I would take it as flattery, smile on the inside for all your hard work and keep on going. But I agree if you are having the same car driving by several times that would be a concern to address.

Edited by: WILKERSONR at: 6/26/2011 (07:07)
SWAGER Posts: 314
6/22/11 9:59 P

Every once in a while I would do this (long ago), but then I grew up. Don't ever do it anymore!

Really, no practical reason for this.

TLCOVERT1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,275)
Posts: 1,169
6/22/11 12:36 P

It means you have nice T&A

JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
6/22/11 10:39 A

well when i use to go walking at a park early in the morning that had a road infront of it, guys from id say my age to a little old would honk and some would even be looking back at me as they drove past. this was early in ther morning like 8am to 11am. like on the way to work.

i just assume they want some of this cause it makes me feel better lol.

if someone ever stopped while YOU ARE walking , i would start bringing something with me like mace some people even carry walking sticks.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
6/22/11 10:15 A

Ignore them. But if they harrass you, and you notice repeat offnders, get the license plate and call the Cops.

This is not "normal male behavior". I have never once done something like this.

KMCGILL828 SparkPoints: (15,020)
Fitness Minutes: (23,302)
Posts: 70
6/22/11 9:37 A

That's just us blowing our nose - lol

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
6/22/11 8:59 A

Then I have no idea. It sounds like harassment to me. I wouldn't call this typical male behavior when they actually stop the car. Those that simply honk while driving by are just trying to razz you a bit. Like I said, they do it to me too. One car had a ridiculously loud horn and they blew it and I jumped sky high ... I could hear them all laughing.

I've never tried to pick a woman up on the street, so those that stop the car have me confounded for sure. I'd recommend carrying some mace or something. That's just creepy. I wouldn't care what they're trying to "tell you" ... protect yourself.

NOTBLUSHING Posts: 19,516
6/22/11 8:50 A

No, there are almost NEVER other people in the car.
And these are NOT kids, ever.

They are MEN, obviously over 25, most of the time look to be in the 30-55 range, which is a huge range, but definitely this is not a prank from a car full of kids.
Sometimes, dudes PULL OVER like a half block ahead of me, as if waiting for me to approach. When this happens (yesterday for example) I immediately cross the street, and then the guy always drives away. The ones who pull over are the worst because it makes me feel like they must think I am a hooker- why else would they pull over for a woman walking, then drive off when I take evasive maneuvers? But it's the 40-something year old guys who slow down and honk the horn that leave me stumped because I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY DO THAT. There MUST be some reason. What are they trying to tell me?

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
6/22/11 8:24 A

I don't know. Why do women (and guys YIKES!) honk at me when I'm running?

Honestly, I think they're just trying to mess with you. I've noticed that usually people that are honking have more than 1 person in their car, so it's just a source of entertainment is my guess. Also, it typically seems to be younger folks that do that. I can remember doing this in high school and it was strictly for entertainment purposes. We wanted a reaction out of you, positive or negative.

NOTBLUSHING Posts: 19,516
6/21/11 11:28 P

PLEASE guys, explain this to me.
I think I know a little bit about men, but WHAT do you guys mean when you honk the horn at women who are walking down the street?
Why do men circle around the block and cruise me? Do they think maybe I am for sale? I assure you, I don't look like a 'working girl' when I go outside to exercise; I wear normal workout clothes (sneakers, not stilettos).
I remember once seeing Jerry Seinfeld explain that when men honk at women, it's because they are out of ideas!
But I have always wanted to know the answer to this question!

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