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11/18/13 9:54 A

I will go and see my doctor and figure this out.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
11/18/13 9:40 A

There are so many variables here and it would honestly be best to talk with your doctor or a medical professional who can actually see/evaluate you and have access to your medical records so they can give you a diagnosis of what is actually going on, especially since you've had trouble with your back/herniated discs.

Coach Denise

JUSTIMEEM Posts: 137
11/18/13 5:00 A

Just to make some quick clarifications:
- the 2 days I take are rest days
- the classes I take last 50 minutes (some are intense, others are not - like Pilates)
- I used to train longer (about 120 min/day) but I cut it down to max 70 minutes/day
- the problem also occurs before a class (when I'm rested) and it didn't occur when I used to train longer
- I workout for 2 years now and I've trained before for 2 years and I'm quite active/sportive by nature

I did a little research and I found that it may be a problem with the Gluteus Minimus&Gluteus Medius muscles. But it's not ok for me to put a diagnosis on myself.
Here is what I meant:
I will definitely go and see a specialist (I guess I'll have to see more than one to figure out what the problem is).
Maybe this discussion will help someone else who is facing this problem.

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to answer my question!

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11/17/13 6:26 P

[Also not a professional, but... ] Are you positive you are extremely well-hydrated before you begin and are taking in adequate water? (8 oz every 20 mins you're working out is what my gym recommends). Dehydration makes me feel tired and my legs heavy. And you're way dehydrated if you are feeling thirsty. But I agree you could just be pushing too hard!

One other thought is give a shot to using a foam roller before and afterwards. Just kind roll your body along it, with it on the floor perpendicular to your leg, up over your quad and around wherever feels good with however much pressure feels good. Supposedly this can help with endurance.

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11/17/13 4:57 P


I am not a doctor, so please take anything I say with a grain of salt. Because we don't know anything about you or your medical history, anyone who replies is just taking an educated guess.

Perhaps the reason your legs feel so heavy on the treadmill is because you're tired from the aerobics/strength classes you take before you even get on the treadmill. You're probably fatigued after the 60 minute class and now you're asking your body to do another 20 minutes on the treadmill. Depending on how intense the class was, that could be just too much for your body to handle.

Why do you need to workout 90 minutes five days a week ? It's one thing if you're training for a marathon or some sort of event, but if you're just trying to be a bit more healthy, that's a lot. And if you've been sedentary for a long time, you may just be doing too much too soon.

What to do ? I would consider cutting back on the running. At least, make a choice. You either run on the treadmill for your workout or you take a class, don't do both. pick one or the other. Also, are you taking those two days off as actual rest/recovery days or are you doing something on those days ?

To me it sounds like you're exhausted and pushing your body to do something it isn't ready to do.

Once again, this is just an educated guess. Not to frighten you, but there could be a specific medical reason your legs feel heavy too. Which is why it's always best to err on the side of caution and seek a professional medical opinion.

JUSTIMEEM Posts: 137
11/17/13 4:05 P

Maybe a SP professional can help me on this one.
Or anyone who was faced with this problem.

I do 20 minutes on the treadmill everyday, 5 days a week.
I do it before or after an aerobics/strength class.

The problem: my legs become somewhat numb (or heavy) while I run on the treadmill.
It only happens while running, on any other training this problem doesn't occur.
The light numbness occurs in the legs, I feel them heavy, the muscles tightening and I cannot continue running.
This problem doesn't occur regularly but it became a bit frequent.
I have to state that I have some lower back problems (light herniated disc).
Is this normal or not?

Thank you!

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