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I am not worried about other girls
I guess a lot of people around me are on extreme diets, and I am not extreme at all, everything in moderation for me, and within my calorie range so if I can afford a piece of pizza once a week I'd have it type of thing, but for the most part healthy meals with semi healthy snacks. I guess the guilt is I feel I need to do more or go harder, lately I have been going so hard I am too exhausted to feel guilty which I guess works for me


2/8/12 12:00 A

So what's this guilt really about? If you figure that out, you can deal with it.
There is often something underneath the thing we feel guilty about and that something underneath is often the real problem.
You said that you feel guilty if you don't go to the gym when your boy friend goes.
Are you worried that he'll see someone more attractive? Have you internalized some weight-phobic ideas? Are you fudging on your workouts or nutrition and know that you could do better? Are you a perfectionist?

Only you can find the answer to this, but finding it is important. When you are feeling guilty, what does your internal dialog sound like? Sometimes what we say to ourselves in our head is a big clue as to what our issues really are. Ask yourself about your internal dialog. Does it sound like your boy friend? Your mom? Is it berating? What about? Do you really believe what it is saying? Should you?

Face this honestly and head on and chances are that you can get to the bottom of it.

Best wishes,

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2/7/12 2:32 P

Someone on here told me that guilt has no place in getting healthy-and it's so true. It sounds like you're doing wonderfully. I hardly ever go to the gym when my husband goes because I do my own thing at home-so don't fret! As long as you're working out with cardio, doing some strength training and eating well then you're on track.

2/7/12 2:26 P

I am having a really hard time with guilt, all the time.
So my problem is I get up in the am and do Turbo Fire, and so I don't want to go to the gym everynight, and nights I don't go I would probably go for a walk or so Zumba on Wii so not completely inactive. So why do I feel so guilty about not going when my boyfriend goes?
I need to rid myself of this feeling!

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