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5/17/13 11:31 P

Actually no, Sparkpeople does not adjust your ranges automatically when you weigh in. In order for that to happen, you would need to go in and save your goals. You don't necessarily have to change them, but you do need to save them. that can sometimes be enough to trigger a change if you've lost a substantial amount of weight.

Sparkpeople does recommend that you go in and update your goals (even if they haven't changed) every 10-15 lbs for this reason. It's not an automated process.

HOOKCHICK Posts: 143
5/17/13 6:27 P

Thanks for the replies! I understand now. The goal I set is actually a short-term goal; I'll be setting a new goal after my daughter's graduation June 8th. And my calorie range will probably change again.

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5/15/13 12:35 P

Also if you haven't changed your goal date, and it still furthur out but you don't have much less to lose (which it looks like you don't, yay!), it'll adjust to slow down your weight loss to hit the goal date.

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5/15/13 12:29 P

Yeah, it'll adjust every time you enter a new weight. I reset my goal after every weigh-in.

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5/15/13 12:22 P

I'd vouch for what MEGADANCIN said -- every time I lose about 2 or 3 pounds, my ticker will jump from my normal calorie range to a higher one, probably to account for maintenance. I have to manually adjust it each time. The calorie range you were given isn't that big a jump, so it might be worth upping your calories if you feel you can still lose weight on it.

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5/15/13 12:13 P

Also, if you're working out more than you have allotted in your tracker, it may have increased for that. The more you work out, the more fuel your body is going to need to compensate!

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/15/13 12:10 P

When you lose faster than your goal, Spark may adjust to slow you down a bit. Also, if your ticker is anything to go on, you're REALLY close to your goal! So you may be slowly moving to maintenance. Congratulations on all your hard work!

HOOKCHICK Posts: 143
5/15/13 11:56 A

After I entered my weekly weigh-in today, I noticed my recommended calorie range went UP, from 1200-1550 to 1270-1620. Why would that be? I didn't make any changes to my goals, and my weight loss has been slow and steady. I know it's a small change; I'm not freaked out, just curious.

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