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11/7/12 6:53 P

You are not stupid! You're human. And having the exact same problem as I am! I'm not a teacher but I am a cook at a school. And I also had the problem of gaining weight when summer came along. What got me motivated the first of this year was joining official spark challenge teams. And I'm thinking about doing them again. When I joined them and had that little tick box to check off...I felt like I was responsible for keeping up with that. So maybe that would help with you as well? Maybe even some user run challenges would also help?

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11/7/12 1:30 P

Like Stardust said, you're not stupid! It makes a lot of sense that a major lifestyle change, such as taking a break from work, can trigger old, unhealthy habits. THAT'S why you gained some of the weight back, not because you're stupid. It happens all the time. And you've only gained 20 lbs back--a lot of people wait until they've gained ALL of the weight back, so you're still one step ahead!

That being said, it may be helpful to look back on your old exercise and nutrition habits when you were doing well. Be careful when you do so, because you don't want to get caught up in comparisons. But it could help you see what strategies worked for you, and what didn't. If you got into the groove of eating oatmeal every morning, maybe that would work for you again. If you look back and see that you took a lot of Zumba classes, that's something worth looking into again, since it's something you enjoyed.

Above all, remember that you are still, at your core, the same person you were when you were doing well. It might not feel like it (I have to remind myself of this all the time!), but you have just as much discipline and strength in you as you ever have. You can do this!

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11/7/12 12:58 P

First of all, you are not stupid. These things happen. I was four pounds away from reaching "100 pounds lost", but then life got in the way and I gained back 30 pounds, and maintained that for a year. I could almost guarantee that this happens to 100% of people who try to change their lifestyles. A lifetime of habits isn't going to be undone in a short period of time. I've been on my journey for 3 years, and the only reason for it taking so long is because I've fallen so many times, and lost motivation, and gained weight's all part of this learning process.
more recently, I decided to get serious again. I think the hardest part is being in a downward spiral, knowing that damage has been done, but then realizing that the ONLY way it's going to fix itself is to stop the behavior right away. Even if you ate something unhealthy, take a 10 minute walk and drink a glass of water.

It's also possible that since you had lost so much weight in one "go" that you just got burnt out and needed to take some time to enjoy it. That's what kind of happened to me last year.

You can do this!!

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11/7/12 11:30 A

so sorry for your rough road.

I guess the best thing to do would be to plan, and begin again.
I, too started this healthy journey not terribly long ago (just after Christmas), and have made changes along the way, adding exercise (began by not really doing more than dog walking), and eliminating things that I saw as "trigger" foods, adding in healthier grains, veggies, fruits.

I wish you well on your healthy lifestyle journey

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11/7/12 9:26 A

In Aug. 2011, I began yet another attempt to get healthier. I decided to do it the "right" way, no crazy gimiks, fad diets, pills, etc. I started out by increasing my activity level & food tracking. For the first time I saw continued success. I was able to lose 42 lbs. (with 20 more to go). However, when school was out for summer (I'm a teacher) my routine went out the window.
Here it is November & have gained back 20 lbs, & I'm asking myself.."How could you be so stupid???" !!! I can't seem to get motivated. I have to do something before I gain back the rest of the weight I previously lost!
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Looking for a SPARK,

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