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Try this for a quick meal:

2 Simply Balanced Italian Chicken Sausages (5 points for 2; 2 points for 1)
1/2 to 1 bag of frozen green beans and/or broccoli (adding garlic and onion is great with this, but not needed)
1 medium to small potato (3-4 points)
1-2 wedges laughing cow light cheese- at room temperature (1 point depending on the exact type and number of wedges)

Cook the veggies in a pan with a bit of oil spray (or a teaspoon of olive oil). Meanwhile, chop up the sausages into little bite-sized pieces. When the veggies are almost done, add the chopped sausage to the pan and cook through. (The sausage will also add a nice flavor).

Meanwhile, pierce your potato with a fork and microwave for about 5-6 minutes (I use the baked potato setting on my microwave). When cooked through, cut in half (but don't cut all the way through the bottom skin. Then, divide your cheese between the two potato halves, and mash into the skin with a fork.

If you have the points (and we both know you probably will), you can top your potato with a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese (a point's worth would do), some crumbled pork or turkey bacon, salsa and/or some low-fat sour cream. If you opt for the extra toppings, microwave again after mashing/sprinkling with cheese- and then add the salsa/sour cream. Alternatively, you can also bake at 350 or stick under the broiler for a about 5 minutes until the cheese is nice and melted.

Even with all the additions, you're looking at a relatively quick and easy meal (veggies with sausage and a loaded baked potato) for around 12-13 points. If you pack it into a container for lunch, put the sour cream and salsa into its own little cup, and don't bother melting the sprinkle of cheddar cheese. Just sprinkle it on, and it'll melt when you reheat). Come lunchtime, just microwave your entire meal until heated through, top the potato with the salsa/sour cream, and eat.

(You can also half-cook a bag of steamed veggies, pour into a container, and add the cut sausage to the mix. Then, when you heat up your lunch, it'll cook the sausage, and finish cooking the veggies. I love it with Green Giant Tuscan Broccoli, but it's a bit pointy).

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I've been looking at comments on here as well as what I know about you and your dietary plans, and I agree that you really need to eat more for breakfast. I'm a female, 5 inches shorter, and weigh less than you, and I eat a larger breakfast than you do on some days.

I understand that you have a time crunch, so I'd suggest breaking breakfast into two portions. Even having a glass of lowfat milk (I wouldn't go for skim- the fat will be more satisfying) or a cheese stick on your way to work would be better than nothing. I'd even look into a basic smoothie.

In your Nutribullet, place some greens (spinach/kale), 1 container of PLAIN yogurt (if you us Chobani, it'll be 2 points for fat-free which is fine if you use low-fat milk. Just don't do all fat-free). Then, use the container to measure out low-fat milk. You can also add a banana or something, but I wouldn't. Instead, throw a lid on the container, and stick it in the fridge. Then, in a baggie, add banana slices (a little overripe are ok) and fruit (pre-frozen berries are ok). You can even pre-make fruit packs for a week or more. In the morning, add the frozen fruit, and blend.

I know smoothies aren't the most filling, but as a pre-breakfast, they've been ok for me. (Of course, full-fat dairy makes them extremely filling, but also super high in points).

Your eggs are fine, but you could even make little egg muffins to bring to work. Just scramble a dozen eggs into a bowl. Sautee some veggies in little bite-sized pieces (peppers, broccoli, green beans, spinach, etc). Add the veggies into greased muffin tins, and pour the egg mixture into muffin tins. You can also add some beans, diced ham, chicken, or anything else. I'd even try adding different meat to each egg cup (count points accordingly). Then, add some cheese. Feta is a great choice because it adds a decent amount of flavor, but if you add black beans and salsa, I'd go with pepper jack for a Mexican twist.

If you go with a basic feta, veggie, egg version (1/2 an ounce of feta per muffin or 6 oz total), you're looking at 5 points for 2 egg muffins (using the eggs you like.. 6 points for most other eggs) Of course, exact numbers will vary.

There are also egg-sandwich makers available which might be a good idea. 2 points for an egg, 3 for an English muffin, 2 for a regular slice of cheese, and 1 for a slice of Canadian bacon. 9 points total. YOU CAN AFFORD A 9 POINT BREAKFAST. You can either eat on the way to work, or opt for the cheese stick/glass of milk first thing in the AM, and reheat your sandwich on your break.

Now, for lunch. I'm always going to be an advocate of lunch packing. Even pre-cooked grilled chicken strips with veggies, dressing, and a little cheese wrapped in a tortilla/wrap would make a pretty quick lunch. Or try spreading a wedge or two of laughing cow cheese on a tortilla (light swiss), add some lean ham and matchstick carrots. If you're looking at a salad, one with grilled chicken might be a good idea over the processed deli meats. Brown rice sushi (California rolls) are also a decent option. You can also have chicken sausages or Simply Balanced hotdogs with steamed/sauteed veggies. If you are opting for the frozen foods, try an Evol bowl or something with more whole grains.

Oh, and your lunches can ALSO work for dinners as well for days you don't eat out. You can even make a double batch of some things, and pack half into a container for lunch the next day. There are also some great containers that work for soups (because there are some out there with more fiber/veggies than the chicken and stars soup there).

Now, as far as snacks are concerned, try limiting the number of sweets you have a day. Choose the muffin top OR the salted caramel popcorn. Go for the M&Ms OR the cookies. Instead, try using those points on some healthier snacks. Carrot sticks with guacamole or hummus (100 calorie packs of guacamole would work great for this). Cheese sticks. 80 calorie nut or nut butter packs. Steamed edamame. These will all keep you more satisfied than all of the sweets/treats. I'd also limit the processed soy crisps, etc. You can even do a hybrid method. Instead of 6 points on caramel popcorn and 3 points on a vita-top- if you REALLY want both, cut the caramel popcorn serving in half. Then, have 3 points of a plain, lightly salted popcorn. You'll be able to get more food for your points.

The other thing I need to remind you is that you need to EAT YOUR POINTS. Weight Watchers assumes a certain level of activity (probably on the side of sedentary). You, however, aren't sedentary. With your work schedule, you KNOW you come close to reaching your 10,000 step goal without even trying just by working. If you were to put your steps into WW, you'd probably earn a point or two on most days without even trying. If you combine that with any purposeful exercise, and the 49 weeklies that you don't touch, you have enough of a cushion to account for variations in nutritional information, miscalculations, or such. As long as you aren't OVERSTUFFING yourself with fruit/veggies, I wouldn't stress about it. If you're hungry, eating an entire bag of green beans isn't your biggest problem. In fact, it might be the BEST thing you can do. You don't need to start counting extra points for things that don't have points because you feel like you ate too much, and you don't need to stay under as a cushion. Try to eat as close to your daily target as possible EVERY DAY, and the extra activity (and your weeklies) should help balance it out.

Think about it this way. If you follow the plan, eat all of your points, and don't overestimate everything/count 0 point foods, you might not lose as fast week to week, but the way you're doing it seems to lead to a lot of hunger and overeating cycles. So, when you lose, you might lose 3-4 pounds, but you're also more likely to have weeks where you gain a pound in between. Not to mention, you'll be discouraged, hungry, and less likely to stick to it overall.

(And you know that I'm perfectly willing to try some healthy cooking for dinner instead of going out... we can have some for dinner, and pack leftovers for lunch the next day.)

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1/24/14 11:04 A

Everyone naturally has different angles for how they combat this.
You say you're trying to eat fewer carbs. That's a good thing, because carbs will actually create cravings and hunger.
Healthy fats can alleviate some of that. I eat lots of hard-boiled eggs - easy to make a batch ahead of time and just grab a couple on the go. I also cook up bulk packs of bacon and refrigerate the cooked slices. Those make great quick picks, and have some fat which will curb a bit of your hunger.

Does your grocery have a salad bar? if so, you can make a decent salad with lots of meat (and bacon) toppings and maybe some olives or whatever else would increase your fats. Oil and vinegar dressings aren't just good because people cite them as "diet aids"... they also have oils, which are fats. Or use the "sub dressing" from the deli, which has some herbs in it and may taste better.

I snack on cracklins and jerky too. You should be able to get some of that where you work.

When you do have regular meals - and you should be having good hearty meals! Try to avoid the processed "easy" stuff. I know it's convenient. But you'll get more nutrition and satiation from real food. Your hunger may not be simple volume; your body may truly be begging for nutrition!
Some things really aren't that difficult. Throw a steak on the grill. Don't have a grill? broiling is a great option, and no more difficult. Pan-frying steaks is awesome.
You can make a great big baking pan full of chicken (please don't fall for that boneless-skinless-white stuff) which will give you good protein-y leftovers for days.
For that matter, many groceries sell rotisserie chickens, and those are very tasty, will give you some leftovers, and are readily available where you work. Tear one up and eat it in your break room at your break time. I've been known to do that sort of thing... even though I'm not supposed to be eating carbs... but most delis have those little mini (4) packs of King's Hawaiian bread, and if you put that together with your rotisserie chicken and some of that salad, I can't imagine much more you could do to assuage your hunger!
Veggies are made in individual packs now, too. If you don't want to "cook", get some of those - they're ridiculously simple and quick in the microwave. You don't have to limit yourself to one. Put a couple different varieties in there. You no doubt have a microwave at work. You could do the same there. Slather 'em with real whole butter while you're at it.

As for breakfast -- try to break yourself of thinking of meals having to be certain types of foods. You know you're going to be hungry in a few hours. Why just eat light foods at breakfasttime? Grab some of your leftover meats. Your body wants fuel! Give it some! When you get home tired after work, what's to say you can't make a quick "breakfast" then? I love eggs for dinner.

It's going to take some reorientation in the way you think about food. But you can do it. Avoid the carbs, avoid sugars, avoid processed frankenfoods, give your body whole food, and free yourself of food schedules. Work it for a while, and see if things begin to change for you!

Let us know how it goes.

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I'm assuming from a comment in HoneyLissabee's thread that this log is you?:

Day 1

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Store made Chef Salad
1/2 package of pretzel M&Ms (chocolate craving)

Cheesecake Factory Warm Asparagus Salad
Cheesecake Factory Skinnyicious Pasta Ragu

2 cups 479 Degree Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn
1 Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin

Day 2:

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Healthy Choice Ravioli Florentine Marinara
Campbells Soup at Hand Chicken and Stars

Panera Chopped Chicken Cobb salad with Avocado

Ideal Protein Soy Crisps
1 Package Black and White Cookies from Starbucks
Venti Unsweetened Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbucks

Unfortunately I have no idea how many calories most of that is, so I'm going to have to take on faith that it's the right amount for your situation; and also that you are actually using your Weight Watchers "free" points for things like vegetables and fruit to the maximum that the program expects. Either one could easily be wrong (for example, say the program has you at 1800 calories daily when according to activity levels you should actually be at 2100; or say the program assumes about 400 calories daily in untracked fruits and vegetables when you are only eating 100 -- that could be a cause of excess hunger all by itself. Since you've lost 15 pounds in 2 months even after presumably not sticking to the plan a whole lot? That might be worth looking into, and you should.

But taking everything at face value for the purposes of the rest of this post:

I agree wholeheartedly with the person who said either in this thread or the other than your breakfast is too small. Nobody but nobody is going to be comfortable going from dinner all the way through to lunch on just two hardboiled eggs (with or without any of the snacks that might fall in the morning, see more on that later). It's just not enough. Eggs are purely fat and protein, a combination that while healthy enough is going to have trouble making you feel that immediate sense of "I've just eaten something; I'm full." Adding a hundred (or so) calories of bread (the really good kind, not grocery store fluff) and a cup of blueberries would do wonders.

Snacks: I've looking at pretty much nothing but pure processed sugary/starchy carbohydrates and some fat (and the one sugary drink). Those do nothing for hunger in any reasonable portion size, zero, zip, nada. Save for that they still add calories to your day, you might as well have eaten nothing. Almost anything you could put in your body would be better for your situation. But generally people do well by including protein in their snacks. You could try string cheese, low-sugar yogurt, hummus with fruit and/or pre-cut vegetables and/or a couple of better-quality crackers -- all easy convenient foods that unlike pretzels and the like, will actually have an impact on your stomach in the portions that you need.

I can't say that much about the meals, not being familiar with most of them, except to observe that -- in general -- restaurant and frozen foods are often higher in easily digested fats and higher in really "fluffy" carbohydrates and sugars than the equivalent foods made at home, while skimping on the protein and complex carbohydrates that are so helpful in getting you full and keeping you there for a while. Since on a calorie-restricted diet you can't make up for those deficits by simply eating a TON of this stuff ... well again it's not surprising you're hungry.

Long story short: Double check your plan itself, that calories are in fact appropriate and you are actually consuming as many calories in the "no points" stuff as the plan expects you to. And whether or not that's the case, you'd almost certainly feel a lot better if you modify what you are eating to include a larger breakfast, more protein and less sugar/refined starch in your snacks, and more frequent home cooking (with plenty of compex carbs -- vegetables, legumes if you like them, whole grains or at least less-refined grains) -- and protein.

Good luck!

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1/23/14 10:36 A

Are these unhealthy foods in your house, or are you stopping to grab fast food, candy, cookies, etc. while out?

If they are in your house, get rid of them, less tempting if they aren't there to begin with.

If you are grabbing stuff while out, try always having healthy yummy type snacks in the car or your knapsack - I sometimes use Kind bars for stuff like that. They usually have about 200 calories, but are packed full of nuts, some (my favorite) have dark chocolate. Even 2 of them are better than grabbing a whopper, shake, and fries

Anyway, a lot of the times when people are overeating due to's because they really are hungry! I make an afternoon snack a priority - if not, I'd be starving by dinner, then overeat. It's better to have a 200 calorie snack in the afternoon and a sensible low calorie dinner, as opposed to starving by dinner, and pigging out.

Hunger does not equal weight loss, smart eating does!

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Although you feel discouraged by not eating healthy everyday, think about how healthier you ARE eating now when compared to before you joined SP and were aware of calorie intake. I just started a couple weeks ago, and believe me I have not stuck to it 100%, but i'm eating healthier and become more aware of what I put on my plate.
Good luck!!! You can do it!!!!

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1/23/14 9:54 A

Online Now  • ))

You don't have your food diary posted, so I don't know what sorts of foods you've been eating or how much. Would you be willing to post your food diary for the SP community to look at ? We could offer suggestions which might help.

When someone tells me they can't stick to a healthy eating plan while on "restricted calories", that suggests to me that maybe this person isn't eating enough. Many people in an effort to lose weight fast will drastically cut their caloric intake. This is not healthy. When a person cuts their calorie intake too low too fast, that can lead to these sorts of binges.

And what happens after a person binges ? They needlessly beat themselves up for lacking will power or self control. Well, the fact is, they set themselves up for failure by cutting their calories too drastically.

Let's say you do eat fairly healthfully during the times you consider that you are eating well. I suspect that if you were to increasethe number of calories you ate of that healthy food, you would be less likely to binge later. Also, do you allow yourself to have a treat ? Another problem could be that you're depriving yourself of foods you'd really like to eat, but won't because you think they are bad or off limits.

Nothing should be off limits when a person is living a healthy lifestyle. the fact is, French fries, burgers, cupcakes, soda, brownies, etc. CAN all be a part of a healthy lifestyle as long as a person is mindful of their portion sizes. You really don't have to deprive yourself to be heatlhy and you don't have to be perfect either.

Think moderation, not deprivation.

In general, there is a lot we don't know. As I mentioned, being able to look at your food diary would be helpful. If you don't want to post your food diary, would you be willing to give us a rough idea of what sorts of foods you eat in what you'd consider a healthy eating day ?

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1/23/14 4:37 A

There are a lot of factors that could be involved:

* Did you make a lot of sudden changes?

* What calories are you consuming and what is your range?

* Are you using the Nutrition Tracker? If so, if you are able to make it public, you will get better feed-back.

* Are you meeting your minimum lean protein?

* Are you eating ALL your meals, including starting the day with a good, healthy and filling breakfast?

* When you get extra hungry, have you been doing more exercise than usual?


1/22/14 5:40 P


I will start by saying that I have been following a calorie restricted program for the past 2 months and I have seen some weight loss. However, I am struggling to stick to my plan and eat healthfully. I will have several good days where I am doing well and then I will get extra hungry or have added stress and will deviate. This deviation usually lasts for a few days before I finally get back on track. I think part of this may happen because I am generally hungry even when I try to make the best possible food choices (i.e. lower carb, higher protein ect). Regardless these deviations are really slowing down my weight loss progress and I would really like to stop this vicious cycle. Do you have any advice for me and what I can do to become consistent with eating healthy. Open to any and all of your opinions or other resources or books you may recommend.

Thank you!

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