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COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
9/18/13 8:33 P

KHAMMI21 - you are already at a healthy weight, so you aren't likely to lose much and if you do, it will take longer because you are already at a healthy weight. Your cousin is actually borderline underweight for her height, which isn't something you should aim for at all. I would recommend focusing less on the scale and focusing more on making sure you are following healthy habits (eating the proper nutrition - meeting your calorie and nutrient needs, doing both cardio and strength training, drinking water, etc). With doing that, your body will be healthy and take its proper shape. Just as I previously posted, your body is developing into a woman's body, which means you are going to have more curves and fat in some areas, which is a good thing. It is not realistic to expect to keep your child-like body as you grow and develop.

With you talking about depression, I strongly encourage you to speak to your parents and even a health professional about how you are feeling so they can properly help you with this.

I would also recommend reviewing this article:

Coach Denise

KHAMMI21 Posts: 1
9/13/13 5:46 P

I haven't been losing wieght either. I did Insanity in May and June and JUly and started doing it again but after the 4th week in the second time, I had a serious week of depression. It came out of nowhere. I didnt want to do anything but after a while I realized I needed to in order to lose fat. So i got ripped in 30 and I am in week 2 and no changes. I do it 6 times a week but on wednesday and thursday i was really tired from school so i did't. I just want to lose the fat but for some reason it won't work. I am 5 feet and I weigh 115 pounds ( I'm going to be 16 in one month) and my cousin who is 5'6 weighs one more pound than me. We even did a weigh in when I got a new scale but I didn't get on until she left my house and literally cried myself to sleep. What makes it worse is that everytime my dad sees me, he tells me i need to lose weight and this kid who was walking past me on the sidewalk called me a fatass. I was always the skinny and tiny girl growing up but now I just feel really fat and I think if i don't lose wight soon, i might do into depression.

COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
9/12/13 9:44 P

Have you been tracking your food? Are you meeting your calories and nutrients needs now? If you aren't meeting those, that can cause you to store fat, not lose it. Also, is it possible that you are at a healthy weight already? Also, keep in mind that your body is developing into a woman's body, which means you are going to have more curves and fat in some areas.

Coach Denise

SAMMYJAYNE15 Posts: 37
9/10/13 3:17 P

I exercise about 3 times a week at a gym doing hit training and weights ...I eat extremely healthy unless I have a bad craving day but I'm not losing fat....why??? I'm upset I put so much effort n and not getting any results

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