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9/3/10 4:52 A

Why does it matter if you give or get advice from a man or a woman? We are all here for the same reasons!
It might even lead men to understand women better, you never know!!

CHIPS6246 Posts: 697
3/4/10 9:00 A

At first it bothered me that there didn't appear to be very many men on this site, but the longer I used the Spark program and began to understand how it worked, I decided that it didn't really matter. I just got in touch with my feminine side and started making friends with all the girls!!

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2/15/10 12:36 A

In my anecdotal experience American men aren't as quick to seek out a support network as women. It's not just in terms of weight loss, it's someone to talk to in regards to all sorts of issues. It's unfortunate, really, and I hope we can change that together, guys.

KEVINR112 Posts: 223
2/14/10 12:04 P

I remember hearing this: "Women worry wen they can't fit in their swimsuit; Men worry when they can't fit in their car".

PSYCHABOO Posts: 176
2/12/10 12:07 P

Men never want help. Kinda like not stopping to ask for directions...we'll figure it out on our own.

The spark has me getting in touch with my feminine side. I've been using a lot of smiley faces...what dudes do that? I think I need to go pump some weights! :) see what I mean?

2/9/10 8:52 A

women are more willing to discuss feelings.

GBO323 SparkPoints: (31,201)
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2/9/10 1:26 A

Women like to cluster, men like the freedom of being individuals....

DELRIO1 Posts: 6,511
2/8/10 10:32 P

Women are more willing to do things such as Spark diet.

LWLYWRM67 Posts: 359
2/7/10 10:00 A

Also about not asking for help.
More women than men here is a good thing emoticon

LRB605 Posts: 311
2/7/10 8:46 A

I agree with is al about how we look in the public eye.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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1/20/10 4:58 P

They are. Too bad all of that estrogen clouds the delivery of such intelligence and wisdom.

emoticon emoticon

KSHAGGY Posts: 1,682
1/20/10 4:04 P

Women are smarter :)

BELFASTBIKER SparkPoints: (23,541)
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1/16/10 8:37 A

If Lucy's answer is closest to the truth, then sign me up and call me Sheila!

RUNNER12COM Posts: 5,441
1/15/10 10:37 A

Ding. Ding. Ding. And we have a winner.

Good answer, Lucy. I think you nailed it.

(Edited to add: Sorry, I realize now that I replied to LucyGail but my post didn't include her original post. Still learning my way around SP.)

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ARIELB42 Posts: 42
1/14/10 5:14 P

Is it because most men aren't overweight? Absolutely not. And I think most men want those 6 pack abs...that requires a very low bodyfat %.
Here's the problem: men don't shop for food or cook; their wives do. So they aren't going to be interested in shopping lists or involved recipes otherwise they will simply eat what the Mrs makes or takeout/freezer. Things should be kept simple: throw a fish fillet or chicken cutlet under the broiler, add perhaps a splash of this or that and that's it.

TRENT003 Posts: 100
1/12/10 2:20 P

I think there are more woman than men here because women are more willing to spend time here than men. It's like shopping...I don't mind it if I can get in get what I want and get out again as quickly as possible. No looking around. No window shopping. Women like to browse and try things on. For men it may be easier to be motivated to exercise and eat healthy than it is to keep track of it.

GARETHW86 Posts: 53
1/11/10 12:24 P

i think that i just need to get on with it now

1/10/10 1:34 A


What an outstanding poem; and an excellent delivery too... Is that you in that VIDEO???

There's a lot of TRUTH in those words... Up until now, I never gave Dieting & Exercising, the importance that I do... Only when it started to interfer with my health & threaten my longevity, did I give losing weight the attention that it so rightly deserved..

Being a SENIOR now, I can appreciate the increase in mobility, and I'm virtually pain-free... All of a sudden, I am no longer told that I have ARTHRITIS & need to take ADVILS & ASPIRINS all day, everyday, for life...(cause that's what old people is supposed to do)

I can't tell u how proud I am to stand in the GYM among mostly younger & fitter men & women, as we all are tackling these fitness machines & lifting weights...

Lots of the LADIES go a bit further with all this aerobics, pilates & yoga... I don't even atttempt to follow them there, cause... well.. U know... that's a LADIES thing.. (lol)... And it's really a tough go as well, so i leave it to them...

But finally, I can look down & see my feet again.. (lol) Thanks for the laugh, the video, & this forum... They were all right on time...

But do look around u, and u will find that there are plenty OBESE MEN in town... Yeah... U are not alone....

DAHOKX SparkPoints: (0)
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1/10/10 12:31 A

Really? Until I saw this post... that hadn't really struck me. And no, I'm NOT being sarcastic. I guess men are more likely to be in denial about needing to lose weight.

HOCKEYFAN_019 Posts: 441
1/9/10 10:58 P

I just think it has to do with society... If a guy's 40 pounds overweight, women may notice, but they don't generally make a big deal out of it, other men don't care, and they don't have any problems with work, etc. If a woman is 20 lbs overweight, other women will talk, men won't pay as much attention to her, it'd be harder for her to get a job, etc. People really are shallow pigs when it comes right down to it, and that's not just men either!

1/9/10 9:39 P

their butts are bigger? emoticon

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LEAHSDAD Posts: 461
1/8/10 4:30 P

I think this is an easy one. Most things in the media in regards to weight loss is geared towards women. Sure if you look around you can find magazines that are meant for only men, but how many more magazines are geared towards women?
I don't know if I am alone in this thought or not, but I have always figured men are suppose to have a few more pounds then women.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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Posts: 4,114
1/8/10 12:55 P

Actually those comments were all in a positive light. They were just creative and funny.

1/8/10 12:43 P

I had one disgruntled woman who use to always talk to me but now doesn't say out loud during lunch, "Humph, I think middle-aged men who start lifting weights are compensating for their 'short' commings"

WTF!? She had lost weight then gained it all back and more right around the time I was losing mine and KEEPING IT OFF!!!!

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
1/8/10 10:38 A

Same thing for me Joe. Although oddly enough I had to lose more than 30 lbs before anyone really started to notice. That surprised me. Talk about hiding your weight well.

My favorite compliments include:

"Do you have AIDS?"
"Are you getting ready for a divorce?"
"I hate you"

1/8/10 9:52 A

When I started to lose weight I never talked about it, I never wanted to give mtself a reputation to try to live up to; I just started to lose weight cause I had rock bottom.

By the time my colleagues really started to notice my weightloss i was 20 pounds lighter and THEY all made a big deal of it.

That motivated me a bit.

I still don't talk about it unless someone asks me for advice or support.

MRLEEP23 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/8/10 9:17 A

Same reason there are 99% women in fitness classes...for support.

Being a trainer and fitness instructor for years, I've finally realized that women need AND want that support to help them get over their humps...which is the right way to go in life!

We men are sometimes too "stubborn" and too "know-it-all" to seek out help. My 2c

SUSHILOVER56 Posts: 34
1/7/10 9:32 P

The content & design on this site are targeted a lot more explicitly towards women. It only makes sense there would be more of them here. Somebody up thread also noted that no man has ever asked "Does this make my butt look big?" I've noticed several postings from women who give every appearance of being anorexic/bulimic. Just not a lot of guys fit that profile. I love this site and just try and overlook the fact that it's not really designed for those with a Y chromosome.

GARETHW86 Posts: 53
1/7/10 5:06 P

i think initially i didn't want to do admit it because, i was a lazy a-hole and it would mean i had to do something about it. but when i met my now wife i was about 350lb's and she was about 125lb's so that huge difference gave me the motivation.

STOCKY! SparkPoints: (0)
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1/7/10 4:50 P

I think for me it was a combo.

#1-Like lucy said, I didn't want people to know I was trying. I didn't want to look like a loser if I didn't do well.

#2- I didn't want to admit I had a problem because "dieting" is "chick stuff".

GARETHW86 Posts: 53
1/7/10 4:02 P

that's classic avoidance and defusion of responsibility. hahahaha. the best thig, if you're going to say anything, would be to say i'm gonna try to give up, not i am going to give up then if you dont it's not quite so bad lol.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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Posts: 4,114
1/7/10 11:47 A

Not bad, he passed the buck a bit. He grinned and said "maybe start this weekend, he'll have to check with his wife".

THEBUCKET Posts: 119
1/7/10 11:19 A

How did your a-hole question asking go Bill?

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
1/7/10 11:12 A

And here we go ... a couple at work made a big deal at the Christmas party that they were quitting smoking at the beginning of the year. Guess who's outside smoking? hehehehe.

I guess technically it's stil the beginning of the year, but guess who's about to ask the a-hole question? :)

GARETHW86 Posts: 53
1/5/10 6:48 P

Yeah lucy
you're right, every one hates feeling and looking like a failure, and there is such a huge onus on health ie giving up smoking and loosing weight, that people dont try, they are worried that they will be seen as a failure, not just by their family and friends but by society as a whole. i've battled with my weight for a long time. i started to do something about it when i met my now wife and she supported me through it. i started at 350lb's i'm now down to 261lb's. i initially started by doing the atkins diet but have changed to SP because it is a healthier way to do it. but before i met my wife the reason that i didn't try was because i was scared of failing and looking like an idiot.

LUCYGAIL56 Posts: 8
1/5/10 6:42 P

Oh, hey, I get it! We want accountability but how annoying is it when someone says "is that a hot wing your eating?!! I thought you were on a diet?!"... so hard to get them to buy into it being a LOW CAL hot wing...

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
1/5/10 4:53 P

Lucy, brilliant observation. It may be fear of public failure you may absolutely have that right, but in my little head, I've justified as not wanting to cry wolf. So many people I know make a big todo about life changes. And lets face it, we usually fail more often than not when we decide to make BIG changes without a plan or goals. I honestly get tired of hearing about the "big announcement" only because I don't want to be the "jerk" that asks "what happened? Thought you quit smoking?"

So ya, I didn't want to be another one of *those*. Or maybe I just had a fear of public failure. Now you've got me thinking about it. hahaha!

THEBUCKET Posts: 119
1/5/10 4:35 P

Lucy, I think you nailed that one down. Brilliant insight.

I joined SP years ago because I was trying to lose weight, but never managed to succeed at it. It was only a couple of months ago when I finally managed to make significant progress that I started posting on the boards and telling my friends about SP.

So there you go!

LUCYGAIL56 Posts: 8
1/5/10 4:30 P

I think men are just as conscious of their looks and just as many are over weight, but having had this discussion with my daughter's more than 100 pound over weight boyfriend, IMO, its about fear of "public" failure. A guy will diet and if he is successful at it - shout to the world how he did it, but he isn't as likely to announce he is going to "try" to lose weight in case he fails. Same with quitting smoking, I think woman tell everyone their plans for self improvement, men keep it to themselves until they have proof they were successful. Just My Humble Opinion.

GARETHW86 Posts: 53
1/5/10 2:07 P

Hi Brewmaster,
i think you're right in some respects but i do think that some men are consious about their size and appearance etc, i know i am and that's why i decided to do something about it. i think that it's great that there is a place that the guys that do care about it can just chat about it and get on with it.
and track other people's progress which in turn helps keep them motivated, i know it has me and i've only been a member 4 days

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
1/5/10 1:44 P

Hey Gareth, welcome aboard mate!

I think the combo between women being a bit more obsessed with appearance, needing to talk it out with others and men being less into their appearance and more recluse are definitely the reasons. I don't think the site caters to women, necessarily.

To this day I haven't told anyone about SP (shame on me, right?) but I told myself, I would absolutely sing its high praises if ever asked. To date, no one has asked. I even bought the SP book and still no one has asked what its all about. And I'm just not one to preach or tell people what I think they should do unprovoked.

GARETHW86 Posts: 53
1/5/10 1:09 P

Hi fellow SP People!
i was recomended to this site by someone that i work with, i was i little sceptical at first but now i'm following it i'm glad that i signed up!
it makes traking your calorie intake really easy! and it gives you decent goals that are completely obtainable if you keep to it!
i have never found that counting calories worked for me and after loosing 6 stone on the atkins diet decided to give a healthier diet a go.
i will keep you all posted on how it goes,
i'm glad that other guys are on here too!

1/5/10 10:48 A

Something about being a Spark guy, just dose not sound that masculine and I hesitate to tell other guys about it. emoticon

THEBUCKET Posts: 119
1/5/10 9:09 A

I don't know if SP is really designed with women in mind as opposed to men - I think it's pretty balanced.

I think it has more to do with psychology.

I don't agree that women have "more trouble with their weight" than men. I do think that our society and our fashion allows men to get away with being a bit bigger, whereas the same is not as true for women.

Anyway, there are two answers: one, that women are much more likely to seek out support, and two, that fewer men believe they need to lose weight.

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
1/5/10 7:32 A

It's the target market.

Basically women are much more likely than men to seek support for most issues. If you check forums on depression, divorce, weight or most health issues, you're going to find more women than men. Guys are less likely to say "Hey, I need some support here." (Think of the whole asking for directions cliche). It's the same reason that men don't generally use personal trainers.

That being said, no marketing plan is totally monolithic and you're always going to get some folks outside your intended demographic.

Edited by: HAMNKING at: 1/5/2010 (07:34)
1/5/10 6:02 A


Here, here! Well said.....

(nudges Stocky! and whispers: psst, dude, you better start applauding....)


1/4/10 9:32 P

Oh, how interesting!

Question: Why are so many more women on than men on Spark?

Answer: Women have more trouble with weight then men, so this site is FULL of females. We are emotional creatures and we like to share our stories and views with other people, to better get a view on our problems.


STOCKY! SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,605)
Posts: 376
1/4/10 4:20 P

Maybe it's because females are much more worried about the way they look and their health than we are?

I mean, we think we're studs no matter our weight and damn it, we're bullet proof too.

1/4/10 2:44 P

Were here, Buddy but you won't hear us ask if these pants makes our butts look bigger!

JIMDAB Posts: 4,647
1/4/10 1:24 P

I'm glad to have found this message board. As I perused the site I was beginning to think I was the only obese man in the world.

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