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Thanks for the reply, M@L. I think pretty much all the exercises were ones that I've either not done, or haven't done in a long time, so that would explain it.

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Soreness is usually an indicator that you are doing something unfamilar.

If something is new to you, it doesn't have to be all that intense to turn up with DOMS afterwards.


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I've got some serious DOMS going on in my glutes, inner thighs and upper hamstrings, and I can't work out what caused it. On Monday I did a Pilates routine that had a small bit of glute/hamstring work, but was mostly focussed on the upper body and core, followed by fifteen minutes of cardio. Yesterday they were sore when I woke up, but didn't seem terribly bad, so I did twenty minutes of cardio. Today they're still sore, which is rare for me.

The cardio in question was a smattering of those videos where you do 30-60 seconds of one exercise, then move onto another exercise. So there was some leg work (squats, wide squats, lunges, etc.), but never even enough that I felt a burn in my muscles when I was doing them.

What I can't work out is where the soreness came from. It's the kind of intensity I'd expect when I've done a full-on leg workout, not a little bit of leg work and some cardio.

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