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CARGOLA Posts: 20
10/17/10 12:22 P

Well I did find a reason for the hunger- PMS. I am going through menopause so my periods are much less regular than they used to be. I've always had an increased appetite before my period- but I always used to know about when it was going to start, and now I have no idea if or when its going to happen. So if I have a spike in appetite again, I guess that's a symptom!

SKEPHART827 Posts: 556
9/22/10 12:41 P

"Diet" food makes things even worse. Stay away from artificial sweetners or most things with even a little sugar. I try to just eat whole foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are best. Some days I go over my calories but do not gain weight a long as I exercise and stay away from pre-packaged foods.

9/22/10 12:35 P

Today I'm making a fat free/sugar free pistachio/cheese-cake pudding/pie using the ready-made graham crust. For an 8th slice it will be approx. 160 calories. I will have that for desert/snack between dinner & bed tonight!
And I love apple/peanut butter as night-time snack too!
Someone should write a night-time healthy snack book! They would make millions! LOL! emoticon

GREYPARK Posts: 1,673
9/22/10 12:28 A

celery & peanut butter works great i think its all the chewing that makes me happy.
sometimes when i want sweets i fix a sweet potato with 1/2 cup fiber one, a little butter,& cinnamon,sometimes i add a packet of splenda. mix it all up & devour... sometimes i need to add a little milk. its great & i'm happy & full.

9/21/10 11:16 P

I get hungry when I eat empty calories, even things like 100 calorie packs of something you don't need, or skinny cow fudge bars. I was hungry 3 days this week and have decided to cut them out.

Better to spend the calories on some solid nutrition, like protein or a complex carb.

Also, when I am tired, I can't get sated (I can't feel full). A nap does me a world of good.

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CARGOLA Posts: 20
9/21/10 10:40 P

The thing is... I've been doing ok since the end of May and this just started. There seems to be a reason for cake at work 2 or 3 out of 5 days a week. I can live without it. But today I had two servings of carrot cake and I really didn't need that.

APIRLRAIN888 Posts: 3,209
9/21/10 10:14 P

as i mentioned before I did:
Jenny Craig: pre-prepared food (didn't learn much except for portion control, what right portions looks like.)
Curve: Followed their menu guideline (helped a lot! it even have shopping list for the week. and started to experiment with MY own asian food, not succesfully, still more to learn)

TODAY: I don't limit myself to anything. I take everything i learnt. I ate fudge, have process food, cheesecake. BUT I STICK TO ONE SERVING!
Portion control. I have a lot to learn, i am not taking my protien and water and etc.
but I am still learning.

In the early stages, you can get result just by eating. I always lose 10lbs easy just by eating. after that i have to excercise.

Don't beat yourself up when you have eaten your sweets. are they laying around? are they being offered? maybe you can bring your own lunch, snack for a week! putting it out there that you are trying to be "healthy", may help ppl stop tempting you ;p

if you follow a plan for 2 wks (i like to call it detox) you will find everything commercial too sweet, too greasy and too salty. you might even feel icky after eating it. Then you know you are feeding your body the right stuff.

hang in there.

CARGOLA Posts: 20
9/21/10 9:43 P

Another bad day, today I ate sweets that I shouldn't have. I do log everything every day. Although I don't follow a particular diet plan, I do have a plan I've made for the day. The problem is I'm eating things out of temptation at work, where I am extremely stressed out.

JWELL2011 Posts: 1,207
9/21/10 8:23 A

Thirst mimics hunger sometimes...have yourself a big glass of lemon water at night!

9/20/10 10:24 P

Do you log your food for the day as you eat it or pre-plan? Pre-planning helped me allocate calories for the end of the day. I used to just have an oops moment of realizing I'd topped out my calories but was still hungry.

APIRLRAIN888 Posts: 3,209
9/20/10 10:17 P

when i was at jenny craig and curves, I was told that hunger feeling is normal. normal ppl feel that hunger pang through out the day. that is why it's important to do small meals frequently 5-6x a day.

If you just starting it is a good sign, your body's metabolism is kicking in, it's been sleeping all this time.
It's very important to not starve yourself or you will go to starvation mode.


your body was used to all that large junk calories. your stomach is stretched.

YOU must feed your self good food that have long lasting energy. harder for your body to process digest. you will feel full faster. instead of eating white bread switch to wheat, grain. instead of chip go for celery, carrots, nuts.

If you eat your proper protion of veggie and meat and fruits, you should not feel hungry. but you will get hungry at the meal/snack times.

This is what I have been told!

and so far so good.
the hunger pang are there the first few weeks of the start. your stomach will shrink! and things get better.

If you are hungry snack of raw veggies, it helps ;p

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CARGOLA Posts: 20
9/20/10 10:05 P

Yesterday and today I ate more than I wanted to. I'm trying to stay between 1300 and 1400 calories and I ended up eating 300 more than that. It wasn't junk food, and it wasn't emotional or binge eating. But it is at the end of the day, after dinner. I just don't feel like going to bed hungry. How can I stop myself?! I don't want to put back all the weight I've lost!

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