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2/6/14 6:26 A

Thanks Jaynee!

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2/5/14 8:57 P

Welcome! It sounds like you are on the road to success. Let me know if I can help!

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2/5/14 2:56 P

as posted on my blog today:)

I am not the Biggest Loser nor do I ever wish to be a contestant. I personally do not see Weight Loss Surgery as an option for myself, although I do respect that decision of others. My view is "I didn't need surgery (or pills) to gain the weight so I shouldn't need it to lose it".

With SparkPeople and Spark Coach I am learning to do things in moderation and focus on what's truly important to make small changes one at a time that will last a lifetime.

This in not my first trip down the scales, and I am hopeful it will be my last. I've learned a lot on previous journeys:

1998/1999 Lost 92 pounds following exchange program with TOPS, Then, went to Vegas in May 1999 to renew our vows for our 25 anniversary, started a new position with our company the following week, which led to eating out more, or eating more fast foods, stress eating, guilt over modest weight gain, led to eating away the guilt (DOH!) and of course more weight gain until it all came back and more.

2003/2006 Lost 167 pounds with Weight Watchers, reached goal and lifetime! I was on top of the world, until I got cocky. With WW lifetime members are only "required" to weigh in once a month, and I started skipping meetings, which led to eating more things than I should, and then practically starving myself the week before weigh in.....not the habits I had learned in the 18 months it took to lose it for sure! Within 5 months I was ten pounds over goal, mad at myself and determined to lose it. That was the toughest ten pounds in my life! Geez, the first ten came off in a week, right? I hovered ten to fifteen over goal for about a year, and then in September 2006, my boss "was allowed to retire", my best friend walked out over a petty argument (the argument was my fault), would NOT accept my apology and it was almost two years before we finally reconciled, October 2006 my husband's health reached a point he could no longer work.

I found my old "friends" Little Debbie and her evil twin Lofthouse! Before you knew it, 40 pounds were back on, then 50, and then to heck with it I gave up!

Fast forward to November 2013: I started again, and this time I was at an all time high of 338 pounds! My husband needs me to be alive and be his caregiver. He recently returned home after 18 months in a nursing home. He will always need help with walking, or wheelchair mobility. I need to be able to take care of myself too.

Lessons learned:

Sparkpeople is now my daily meeting---no skipping!

Skips lead to slips!

Slips lead to landslides, not just off the wagon, but under the wagon that is rolling over me crashing and burning!

It's OK to have a bad meal occasionally, it doesn't have to turn into a bad day, let alone a bad week, month, year, lifetime!

It's better to relose a pound than almost 200 of them!

LOVE myself, cure myself of perfectionism and focus on being like a Polar Bear....sometimes you just have to go with the flow!

Today I am 28 pounds lighter, actually look FORWARD to getting in my fitness minutes and am enjoying the moderation approach to getting to a healthier weight, whatever that end number becomes. I would like to say 160, but we'll see when I get there.

Thanks for reading this. I hope at least one person who is in the same shoes as mine is inspired or motivated to walk this journey with me.

Onward & Downward!

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