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8/5/13 12:34 P

Hello PrincessSkate,

You have my empathy. It worked/works best for me to surrender to change and make this a quest for steady improvements. See the joy in nurturing yourself with healthier food and decide to develop tastes for whole unprocessed food. Know that you can experience all the taste, texture of whatever in one small bite. Making this a journey of mindful empowerment. Food is fuel and choose the highest quality fuel. emoticon

8/5/13 11:13 A

I think the hardest part for me is I have no clue how I gained 12 lbs in the last year. I've eaten the same as I always have. I know that I'm not a perfect eater but if I could pinpoint the problem then I could eliminate it. Since I don't know the exact issue I'm just working on eating better in general and it makes me depressed all the time. When I pass up having something unhealthy I think to myself "I could have had this last year with no problem." I used to see weight loss results much quicker, too, if I wanted to lose a few lbs. I feel like I'm pushing against an incoming tide and eventually my entire diet will have to consist of kale to maintain my weight.

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