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7/20/13 7:41 A

Just wanted to point out that it's also possible you're already at a healthy weight for your height (you didn't say what height/weight you are, so it's hard to tell). Sometimes, when we set weight loss goals, we can set goals that are unrealistic for our build/age/stature/etc. Setting a goal of weighing 110 lbs if you're 5'10" wouldn't be realistic (that's not to say there aren't some rare people who are healthy at that height/weight, but the average person wouldn't be).

If you are weighing and measuring your food (so you know for sure how much you're eating), are eating enough and not too much, and are active, it could be that you need to reexamine your goal weight, to make sure it's reasonable and healthy for your height.

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7/20/13 6:02 A

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day won't help you to lose weight, except when it replaces higher calorie drinks like soda/juice.

There are many things that could be happening.

It could be eating too much for your needs, or it COULD be a health issue. I would suggest that you weigh all of your food and enter it all into the Nutrition tracker and see where you go with that. It is a fantastic tool if used correctly, and for that you really need to LOOK at it - analyze what and how much you are eating, and check that you are eating all your meals, not skipping some which can cause going overboard later.

If, after having tried this for a month, as well as getting in some exercise, you still aren't losing, then it would be advisable to make an appointment with our Dr to see if there is something medical going on. Sometimes a simple blood test can reveal the culprit - things like Hypothyroidism!

If there isn't something medical, then perhaps your Dr can refer you to a Registered Dietitian. Take alone some random print-outs from your Nutrition Tracker. I can assure you from personal experience that it really saves tons of time and provides very accurate info. It took my Dietitian less than 5 minutes to figure out the problem. I haven't look back since. I lost 50lb in 16 months, sat there for a year before deciding to move on down again, and have since reached my goal. I've been maintaining for nearly 3 years. I STILL weigh all of my food and enter it all into the tracker to ensure that I STAY there!


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7/20/13 5:12 A

PP is right. We don't have enough information to give you an opinion. Maybe you are eating more calories than you are burning. Maybe there is something in your diet that has more calories than you think. Maybe your exercise sessions aren't demanding enough. Maybe you aren't getting enough sleep. Maybe you have thyroid issues. There are lots of variables.

7/19/13 11:52 P

Well, there could be several things going on. Without seeing your food tracker on your page, I can't really say that it's the food you eat...and it probably isn't.

However, it could be that you eat too little. I see that a lot around here. People eating 1200-1500 calories a day...and then working out and burning 500 calories. It SEEMS like that should lead to faster weight loss, but it doesn't. It freaks your body out. It thinks you're starving to death. So, it keeps you from losing any save your life.

Another thing it could be is that you are already at a healthy weight. What's your BMI? How many pounds to you need to lose? Are they "vanity" pounds, as people around here sometimes call them?

Once your body hits its healthy weight, it will fight you. You might think you need to weight 115 pounds, but your body is quite happy (and healthier) running at 125. Those ten pounds will be VERY difficult to get rid of.

So, that's my two cents.

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7/19/13 10:49 P

I have been an inactive sparkpeople member for years. I eat the proper amount of calories needed for my lifestyle. I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and I workout at least 5x a week. I feel as if I have tried every single diet out there, and I try to eat as healthily as possible. Why am I not losing ANY weight? I have been working for years, and I still just keep gaining. Is there something wrong with me? Does anyone else have this issue? What am I doing wrong?

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