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3/23/13 2:20 A

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3/22/13 11:25 P

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3/22/13 6:54 P

So, so thrilled for you!
Been there for sure.

I bet you were just about doing the tears-of-joy happy dance!!!
Congrats and keep up all the great work - you are DOING it so well.
We're all so PROUD of you and happy for you!

Go rock those cute jeans this weekend!
Isn't it fun to try on stuff and it fits??? Talk about a motivator!
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CILER11 Posts: 265
3/22/13 3:39 P

Congrats!! That is awesome and keep up the GREAT work!

CHELLEG10FIT2DA Posts: 439
3/22/13 11:05 A

Thanks for all the kind words. I am so hopeful for the future because my goals seem to be not so far away. My mindset has changed so much in the last year. I always wanted to reach my goals but in the back of my mind I had doubt. Now I can visualize reaching my goals and I know I will reach them. Life is good!

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3/22/13 4:20 A

I am so happy for you. Congratulations. I know I will be there soon also.

ASTERIX1951 Posts: 37
3/21/13 10:13 P

So my black pants fit almost baggy today. I haven't worn them in over six months. Woohoo!

CATHWREN SparkPoints: (55,913)
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3/21/13 7:43 P

Well done! You are well on your way to your goal and are already reaping the benefits of your hard work. How exciting! emoticon

3/21/13 6:44 P

You're just getting started.

3/20/13 1:09 P

CONGRATULATIONS! You should feel very proud of yourself. Keep up the good work!

ASHAIXIM Posts: 2,616
3/20/13 12:43 P

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CHELLEG10FIT2DA Posts: 439
3/20/13 12:16 P

I had to share my excitement with spark friends! I shared my excitement with my husband and mom. They were happy for me but neither one of them can quite understand because they have never struggled with their weight like I have.

So I've been wearing plus sizes since 1992. I started out in 14w and at my highest in 2010 22w were tight. About 3 weeks ago I went shopping at jcpenney and went to the plus size section. I brought a few tops in the dressing room and they were too big. So I reluctantly went to the misses section and grabbed several tops in xl and headed off to the fitting room. They fit!!! I was so excited!!! I bought a few and didn't even attempt to try on pants. I didn't want to spoil the moment. I was curious about pants though. So about 2 weeks ago I decided to try pants in the misses sizes. I tried on 10 pair or so. A few fit in 16m and 18m but none were comfortable enough to buy them. I'm pretty curvy and misses sizes don't have quite the same cut. There just isn't as much room in the hips. So I bought a pair of 16w jeans. They are super cute and flattering. Even though they are plus size I'm ecstatic to be in a 16w because it's been decades since I've been in that size. For about a week I've been thinking about venturing out to shop and see how dresses fit me. Yesterday I had some time so I went to jcpenney and grabbed a bunch of dresses in different styles in 16 misses. I tried on at least 20 dresses and all but 2 fit! I wanted a few of them so bad!!!! I walked out empty handed but on cloud 9!!!!!!!! That was a surreal moment. For 21 years I have been limited to plus sizes and yesterday I wasn't!!!!! There is so much more selection in the misses sizes!!!! I can't wait to shop again!

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