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BRAVE_NEW_ME Posts: 4,252
3/6/09 3:18 P

Oh, I still make the recipe. The problem isn't so much that I feel guilty eating the white wheat pasta, it's more that I've gotten so used to eating the whole wheat stuff that I think it tastes better. The white stuff is pretty much tasteless to me these days. =D

I kind of figured that they'd be hard to find, just since they're primarily used for Asian cooking, but thought it was worth at least TRYING to find the whole wheat ones, you know?

I'll have to keep an eye on those Tang's noodles and I may look into the KitchenAid mixer attachment...

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HEYLIZ Posts: 356
3/6/09 3:06 P

Making your own is definitely fun! I have a pasta roller attachment for my KitchenAid mixer and making pasta is pretty easy, but a little time consuming. I've never frozen sheets of pasta, just refrigerated them, but maybe I will try it...

AOGOAE Posts: 4,073
3/6/09 3:00 P

you could experiment with making your own and freezing them. it would be difficult but a culinary adventure :P

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3/6/09 2:54 P

Yeah, when I googled it, that company Tang's was pretty much all that came up, but it looks like they do wholesale only. There was a different company that sells Tang's products in mass quantities but you would probably have to be a retailer to get any. Interesting.

HEYLIZ Posts: 356
3/6/09 2:51 P

I would love to find these, too! A quick google search found this company that makes them, but it looks like the distribution is very limited-

Hopefully they will start distributing them on a wider scale soon! Maybe we should email them and let them know. :) I also would look in an international grocery, because you never know what you may find.

WAZZU.REN Posts: 3,331
3/6/09 2:41 P

I haven't ever seen them in Whole Foods or Traders. You can still make your recipe, not every single thing has to be changed over, especially if you can't find alternatives. If you feel guilty - make it a treat that you have every now and then.


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3/6/09 2:39 P

If there was such a thing, I'd totally buy them, except that Chinese people have pretty much never heard of a whole grain.

BRAVE_NEW_ME Posts: 4,252
3/6/09 2:19 P

Over the last year, I've switched almost all of my grains to whole. One of the things I HAVEN'T been able to switch is my pumpkin ravioli recipe. Rather than make/roll my own pasta dough, I've always just used the pre-cut "wonton wrappers". Since my grocery store carries them only in standard white flour based form, that's what I've been using. My question is... does anybody know if Whole Foods or Trader Joe's or anybody has a whole grain version?

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