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1/29/14 3:23 P

Neither, unless there was absolutely no whole foods available and my blood sugar was so low that I couldn't seek out or digest something whole.

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1/29/14 12:21 P

Yes, I've read it, and plenty others along the same lines, too. If you can find a copy, I strongly encourage you to read it.

A short synopsis is that grains of most any kind are unhealthy. You can barely hear the word "grain" without "healthy" attached to it... but (according to the author, and for reasons he explains) modern grains affect us in ways which are far removed from health. The worst part of the grain is the bran layer, as well... the part that most people think is the "best" part!

So, as to your topic, "whole grain" OR "wheat" are both not good. Some grains are somewhat less bad... but I try to avoid any of them, and it seems to be beneficial for me. The thing is, many people measure food's effects strictly on the basis of how they digest it. Unfortunately, many of the effects of grains are systemic, not just digestive.

Please read the book. Sometimes you can get a copy through a local library; but there seems to be waiting lists most of the time.

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1/29/14 11:55 A

there are a lot of posts about this particular topic. you can search the message boards by typing in Wheat Belly.

I stick with whole grain but also do a lot of sprouted as well.

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1/29/14 8:24 A

I have just heard about a book being out called 'Wheat Belly'...I was wondering if anyone has read it... or has any thoughts on wheat bread or whole grain bread?? I know some eliminate bread altogether. Thoughts please.... this has been a roadblock for me!!

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