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2/18/13 2:55 P

I've done Weight Watchers a few times on a few different programs (one even before points! haha). Weight Watchers works, but frankly I think Spark People is better.

Here's some reasons why:
1) It's FREE emoticon
2) You're training yourself to look at actual calories, fats, carbs, etc - the real thing and not just a point based on a formula using those numbers
3) Tracking each item separately forces you to eat a little more balanced diet, so it's a bit healthier
4) You can try plans outside of the SparkPeople nutrition plan and still be a part of SparkPeople - you'll find teams here dedicated to different diets if you're interested in talking to others on the same plan. Example, if you LOVE Weight Watchers, you have all the knowledge of the diet now, so you can still follow it if you wish.
5) You never have to re-up your membership.... it just keeps going. Its not a diet, remember, it's a lifestyle.

Wishing you lots of luck and continued success in your pursuit of health!

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2/18/13 1:05 P

I lov weight watchers when I was on it. Counting Points was not too bad. The first time I joined it was before points and that was not good. I loved the accountability of weekly meetings. My problem though was I hit goal weight and did not "have" to go to meetings every week. No accountability led me to weight gain, which led me to embarrassment about going back.

I have learned a lot since then and absolutely: emoticon

GUTZMOM Posts: 611
2/18/13 12:39 P

I lost almost 50lbs on WW. Unfortunately, they only taught me how to count points. The nutrition tracker on SP is so much better. It allows me to know so much more than just calories.

ELISELOVE1 Posts: 6,342
2/18/13 10:45 A


BLOCKHEAD23 SparkPoints: (10,627)
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2/18/13 10:34 A

I've tried weight watchers a few times... Probably lost 20 lbs total with their plan. However, I was with them right when they changed their points system and it screwed with me, leading me to be unmotivated and I didn't want to pay their fee anymore.

I joined spark people for a few days a couple years ago, but never really gave it a chance... But I'm here and I'm ready to work, lose weight, and make some new friends :)


BILL60 Posts: 976,011
2/18/13 7:54 A

Welcome to SP and the best to you on your journey.

EFFIEANNIE Posts: 4,107
2/17/13 8:34 A

emoticon Welcome to Spark. I did WW for years. I got really frustrated when they redid the point system. I much prefer tracking calories. They never change! I keep tracking everyday on my food and also exercise. I love the interaction here on the web site much better than going to the meetings. I especially love the cost!0! For me I prefer Spark. Good luck to you on your journey.

BILL60 Posts: 976,011
2/17/13 7:16 A

Welcome to SP and the best to you on your journey.

MPLSKEN SparkPoints: (336,414)
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2/17/13 12:04 A

There are so many great resources here! I've never used WW, but I know a lot of people here have and from the sounds of it, many of them prefer this site over the WW plan/features. Others have said there are a lot similarities, but SP is free. I recommend starting with the nutrition/food tracker because that is the key element in weight loss for most people. Then, once you're comfortable with tracking your food on a daily basis, start exploring more areas of this site. I still find something new here almost every day. By tracking everything since May 2011 and using the other features here to keep myself focused, I lost 90 pounds and have maintained that loss for almost a year now. It takes a little bit of time, but it is sooooo worth it!

KAYLA088 SparkPoints: (688)
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2/16/13 7:23 P

Hello! I did weight watchers for about 4 months, and really had a hard time to keep motivated. Even though I liked doing the points, I think its more important to watch all the numbers and to stay within range rather than just go off of some numbers. I think this site has a better support and motivational system than WW and its got more of a variety of things to do and explore. Good luck!:)

MARILYNS70 Posts: 20,005
2/16/13 5:21 P

Welcome to sparks - glad you found us

I can't compare WW to sparks as I have not used WW but I have found sparks very helpful - and with it being free is a great thing

Please remember to take time to participate on all the groups you have joined - lots of encouragement there

If I can be of help please just ask

MSLINDAJ13 SparkPoints: (1,142)
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2/16/13 3:15 P

Hello all! I was given a gift membership to Weight Watchers. It's about to expire & I was wondering how SparkPeople is the same as/similar to Weight Watchers (for easy transition purposes) and how you may have found SparkPeople "better than" (for lack of a better term) than WW. Thanks for your input!

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