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12/29/12 10:35 A

thankyou ladies for all your help.
I think I'm gonna settle for FT7 :)


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12/28/12 9:49 A

I just received one as a Christmas present so haven't a chance to play with it yet, but my SIL has the same model and loves it. It's the Polar FT7 and the batteries for both the watch are chest strap are replaceable at home. Excellent reviews online.

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12/27/12 12:56 P


When you arrive at your hotel in Miami, ask the concierge or customer service desk, where the nearest reputable sports store is. The local mall is your best bet for finding a couple of different sports chain stores.

This is a listing of HRMs that are available from amazon. Look through the list and determine which model best suits your needs. Then write down which models you like and when you get to the sports store in Miami, you can ask for those models. And do write down 3-4 different models since you don't know what the store will carry. Most reputable sports stores will carry a small selection. So, you really must do your homework before you go. Check out the different models and decide which one you'd like before you get to the store. Be an informed consumer.

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12/27/12 12:22 P

If you go to and search "heart rate monitor," you'll get a list of HRM's. You can filter the results according to price, ratings, etc. You'll have to do some research yourself and find ones that meet your needs, in this case, displaying calories burned. My Polar FT4 displays estimated calories burned and I feel it's pretty accurate (I compare it to online calculators according to average heart rate as well. But again, you have to send the chest strap to Polar to get the battery replaced when necessary). You'll want to get one with a chest strap, and not just the wristwatch because I think the ones with the chest strap measure your heart rate more accurately. If your only option is to buy the HRM in-store once you get to Miami, search around online for sporting good stores in the area (google "sporting good stores near miami, fl") and if some stores have a website, look at the prices of some brands and models to get an idea of what they would charge in-store.

12/27/12 8:51 A

thank-you ladies! :)
I need a HRM to read the calories burnt primarily.
It is NOT available i India--the shopkeepers do not even know about it.

I have an older model of polar but, I have to see the calories burnt on-line.
(Got it from Germany)
My question is--How long do the batteries last?(In the chest strap?)

If I go for timex HRM, then I can change the battery myself and that is a bonus.

Can you please guide me on which model to buy. and it could estimate calories burnt!


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12/26/12 8:47 P

I bought my Polar FT4 on for around $60. I love it. Definitely research different brands and models, read reviews from customers, and like the PP said...know what your needs are when searching for your HRM.

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12/26/12 1:26 P

You can buy a Polar, Timex or Garmin HRM at any good sports store. However, if you want to save money and can wait a few days, you might want to buy your HRM online at a place like amazon. If you go to a sports store, you'll pay full price.

Here's the thing about HRMs, they won't give you an exact calorie burn either. It's a decent "estimate", but it's just that, an estimate.

What to buy ? Do your homework first. don't buy on impulse. Decide what it is you want from an HRM. then look at the different models to see which one best suits your needs. Keep in mind that if you buy a Polar brand, you'll have to send the chest strap in to have the battery replaced when it dies. If you buy a Timex, you can do it yourself. That's why I bought a Timex because I wanted to be able to change the battery.

Polar is an excellent brand HRM, so is Garmin. But once again, what are your needs ? What you want out of an HRM will determine what model you buy.

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12/26/12 8:46 A

I will be in Miami next weekend, and as my HRM does not show the calories burnt--I want to buy a proper one, where I know its real.
I have saved about 200$ for this.

So, where in Miami can I buy this?
Also I need to buy WATP some thing which offers a different workout for all five days a week.


Happy New Year!

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