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2/26/13 2:26 P

Don't worry about "building muscle" at a calorie deficit; if you're doing those videos, you definitely won't "build bulk" or anything, but you won't be getting a terribly effective strength workout.

Check out this article for the difference between "bulk" and "toning up".

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2/26/13 1:33 P

You do want to do the type of heavy lifting maximal reps kind of workout that Unident alludes to at some point. The "strength training" found in most DVDs is not enough to genuinely challenge your muscles.

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2/26/13 1:27 P

Thanks I don't think I will ever be going for Aerobics instructor, or muscle builder, so for just an everyday Jane wanting to drop some weight and tone up it sounds like it really does not matter that much.

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2/26/13 1:17 P

Not with DVD's, no.

Good quality maximum rep strength training can't be achieved that way, and does suffer if you do cardio first (although a quick warmup is recommended).

But these? Doesn't matter. Do whatever order you like.

2/26/13 1:04 P

It is recommended that you do resistance/weights first and then cardio if you have any gas left in the tank. Now I am an oddball. I always do cardio first. Its just my thing. I have been told by my trainers that I should do my weights first, but old habits die hard. So really what it comes down to is what YOU prefer doing. If you do not enjoy what you are doing you wont do it at all.
You can always do cardio one day and resistance the next which I do a lot.

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2/26/13 1:01 P

Yes, it matters. :)

There's a discussion in progress on this subject here:

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2/26/13 12:52 P

I am new, as in just started today. Or maybe I am returning as I was doing this 3 years ago and someplace went astray. So I got out my copy of Fit, Firm and Fired up, and my copy of Cardio Blast. I did the Fit, Firm first and then the 10 minutes of Cardio, but I really don't know, does it matter if you do strength then Cardio, or Cradio then strength?

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