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LOVE_LIANE Posts: 819
1/18/11 1:46 P

I have a digital scale and a dial scale. There's a fairly consistent 4lb discrepancy between them, but I checked against the medical-style scales, and my dial scale is more accurate. You may want to do the same by checking your weight at a gym or doctor's office.

NESSAROZE SparkPoints: (3,132)
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1/18/11 1:31 P

I prefer the digital. My eyesight is far from perfect and I don't have glasses, and the lines on the non-digital are too narrow for me to be able to properly distinguish.

1/18/11 1:08 P

Digital for me - when I lean down to try and see the number on the dial scale, the weight changes. Boo for being near-sighted!

1/18/11 12:51 P

Me personally, my digital rocks. I had a dial scale before. One, if i would barely move, i would gain 10 pounds. And it ever was accurate, even with making sure the dial was on zero. My digital is amazing. I can step on it three times, and it is always that same, unless I am not portioning my weight on it correctly.

AUBREYGR Posts: 466
1/18/11 12:41 P

Your digital scale might not be that much more accurate. They are just better at tricking you into thinking that they are. Digital ones tend to have a readout to 0.2 or 0.1 pounds regardless of whether that digit is truly signigicant.

I have seen a scale that read to 0.2 pounds that actually only went up by 1.2 pound increments. So you would weigh 200, 201.2 202.4, 203.6, etc.

I als have seen several scales that lie and maintain the last weight to make you think they do not fluctuate. Get on your scale then pick up something that weighs half a pound and try again and see if it goes up half a pound. Try it again with a 1 pound weight and a two pound weight to get a real idea of whether your scale is accurate to 0.2 pounds.

In my opinion, the problem is mostly the consumer who is so focused on a number and does not understand the limit of measuremet or how our weights fluctuate daily. Consider your food scale. If you weighed out 2 ounces of meat would you expect it to measure 2.004 ounces? Or 20 ounces to be accurate to 20.06 ounces? Would you realize that the 0.06 part is not important to the big picture? Because if you worry about a weight of 200.0 vs. 200.6 pounds on your scale, it is a similar thing!

MINIERMISSME SparkPoints: (0)
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1/18/11 12:12 P

With a digital scale, make sure it's on a hard, flat surface. Misreadings on mine I know are due to there being something under it, so it doesn't register my weight correctly (so I have to make sure no socks ended up under it accidentally).

KZIEGNER SparkPoints: (11,699)
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1/18/11 12:08 P

I have had 2 digitsal scales in the past and both we not right. After spending $30+ on them for them to read a different # within minutes I threw themn out and went back to the good old dial style (yes they still make them) and it has been more consistent. No scale is 100% accurate but you should not see a 10# difference on them in minutes.

MISMIS19 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/18/11 11:59 A

Ok thank you :) I was curious because I could step on like twice in a row, and automatically gain like 10 pounds. I also have been weighting myself on the wii fit but it's not carpet so I don't really trust it either.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,106)
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1/18/11 11:55 A

Do they still even make a dial scale ? Digital scales are more accurate unless you're using one of the scales they use at doctor's offices. Here's the thing with a digital scale. No matter how many times you get off or on, the weight won't change. It will with a dial model.

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1/18/11 11:48 A

I am just curious to which one is more accurate digital or dial scales? Which one has worked better for you?

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