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9/12/13 11:08 P

I would like to thank everyone for their views. The question was in SP quiz on healthy heart.

Now I never found any problem staying below 2300mg but I would two stay below 1500mg as near everything contain some sodium.

Thanks again for you input

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
9/12/13 11:06 A

My understanding is that the current "standard" recommendations are 2300mg per day for healthy people, and 1500mg per day under a doctor's care for folks with existing heart issues.

Sodium is absolutely required for your body to function, and it is highly inadvisable to drop below the recommendations without a doctor's suggestions and supervision. Going too low on sodium can cause some very serious medical issues.

Left to my own tastes and cooking preferences, I generally would end up with around 1100-1200mg per day. I am one of those who had these low levels cause problems. My doctor now has me on minimum 4000-6000mg per day of sodium.

The "standard" recommendations are what is generally safe for the majority of the healthy population, but please consult your doctor and have an electrolyte panel done before changing sodium intake dramatically either higher or lower.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,299
9/12/13 8:59 A

1,500 is the recommend....but if you really want to lose weight try for 1,000 per day.

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9/12/13 8:58 A

I think the USDA recommendations are for less than 2300 mg daily, which is where SP gets their range and recommendation values. As others have mentioned, maybe the reason the website you were checking is lower is that they're targeting people who already have heart health issues.

For myself, I use a higher range; we're low carb, and something about the way your metabolism functions in those conditions actually requires more salt. I get headachey and even more fatigued than my medical conditions would normally create if I let my salt intake drop. LC websites (and research) indicates a range up to twice the USDA-RDA is probably appropriate. I generally keep to those guidelines, and my lab results are always perfect. So long as the chemistry supports the practice, I'm satisfied.

This should not be applied to anyone on a "normal" (?) diet or with heart issues!

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9/12/13 8:31 A

The American Heart Association recommends 1,500 milligrams or less.
I personally try to stay below the 2,300 recommended in my nutrition tracker.
Keep a healthy emoticon

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9/12/13 7:56 A

Thank you for that as it was a bit confusing to say the least. I don't have HP and the quiz is about healthy smart heart, (I think that is the right way round)

It did say that my answer was wrong which did confuse me so much so that I have stopped tracking it.

Thanks for giving me a different point of view.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
9/11/13 10:52 P

2400 is the recommended maximum for people with no health problems. 1500 is considered ideal and is the recommended max for people with high blood pressure. My guess is that the question said more than "good for you," or else the quiz was aimed at people with heart issues.

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9/11/13 10:01 P

I have just done the health smart heart quiz. One question was how much sodium a day is good for you. The answer was 1500mg or less. On tracking sodium it sets my level to 2300 or less, so my answer was wrong.

Now I wonder which is right

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