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12/23/11 8:01 A

If your goal is to blindly reach your carb range, then I would suggest that the food with the most carbs per calories (or at least per serving) is table sugar. Go for it!

But, if you are asking what carbs can you add to your diet and still be eating healthy, the answer is very different. I, personally, avoid most potatoes, grains and sugars because they are not healthy things for me. Other people would probably disagree and say that whole grains and skin-on potatoes are good. That is up to you to decide.

You might also want to consider looking at carby foods that are healthy. This includes cheeses, yogurts, beans and fruits.

12/22/11 4:52 P

adding to the carb listing:
milk, yogurt, fruit, corn, lima beans, sweet peas, etc.

Look at your other food intake and see which food group you maybe missing---this will help determine which carb foods to add to your diet.

Dietitian Becky

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12/22/11 3:05 P

all carbs are 4 calories per gram, but the most calorie dense carbohydrate foods are grains, beans / legumes and potatoes

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12/22/11 2:17 P

I'm not getting enough carbs. I want to get more carbs with breaking the calorie bank. Bananas and brown rice are about 1 carb per 4 calories...


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