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BERTA6978 SparkPoints: (43,739)
Fitness Minutes: (58,319)
Posts: 821
1/20/13 9:07 A

Chips and Dip.......I love it. It's one of my binge foods.

NEWBERRYBEAR71 SparkPoints: (24,575)
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Posts: 174
1/20/13 8:36 A

coffee and peanut butter, I have switched to pb powder for less fat and calories

MOMMYOF2RN Posts: 579
1/20/13 3:47 A

I refuse to give up any of my faves,no need in depriving myself. if I have a true desire to eat something I will eat in moderation.

KHEINZ905 Posts: 2,529
1/20/13 12:44 A

I have had trouble giving anything up, which has led me to this weightless dilemma! I need to find a way yo make it all work!

TOPCAT93 SparkPoints: (9,020)
Fitness Minutes: (2,735)
Posts: 319
1/19/13 4:36 P

diet soda

1/19/13 3:46 P

diet soda

1/19/13 3:31 P


KIRDAY Posts: 540
1/19/13 2:55 P

Glass of red wine with ONE chocolate and sea-salt caramel. It's 220 calories of pure yum.

MEMEME75 Posts: 658
1/19/13 2:02 P


1/19/13 11:14 A

I will never give up chocolate.I have made some of my own with coconut oil. But I eat it in moderation and I track it.

Dark chocolate is healthy in moderation. High percentage cocoa and low sugar bars are great. not Hershey.

My journey is just starting again but I know that I could never give up chocolate.

NHEATHERL SparkPoints: (773)
Fitness Minutes: (10)
Posts: 12
1/18/13 4:41 P

Are the chocolates you're eating low in fat and calories. I have given up all my chocolate, until I can find something low in fat and calories. Low in fat - As I don't want my pancreatitis back, ever again. Low in calories - I have to lose the weight, without exercise. I LOVE MY CHOCOLATE, though.

ILAH17 Posts: 12
1/18/13 2:30 P


JOYFUL452003 SparkPoints: (64,779)
Fitness Minutes: (58,881)
Posts: 920
1/18/13 1:59 P

diet coke

1/18/13 1:51 P

The creamer in the coffee :) Everything else can go. I still "treat" myself to a diet coke once in a while.

DOVE1202 SparkPoints: (21,889)
Fitness Minutes: (31,612)
Posts: 202
1/18/13 1:44 P


RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
1/18/13 1:33 P


DIAMONDGIRL2 SparkPoints: (13,236)
Fitness Minutes: (5,677)
Posts: 39
1/18/13 8:14 A

I'm trying not to give up anything just watch my portions...............wish me luck emoticon

H20-LADY SparkPoints: (20,474)
Fitness Minutes: (52,056)
Posts: 76
1/17/13 10:57 P

I'm with RIET69 I have not given anything up. I needed to learn portion control. By doing this I can eat what I want as long as I count it. Weigh, measure, and enter the item I'm eating.
Entering in a sweet, or ice-cream makes me think about it before I eat it.
I'm gluten-free and it's made a world of difference in cravings as I no longer crave cakes, or cookies.

-VIXEN- SparkPoints: (25,058)
Fitness Minutes: (3,305)
Posts: 837
1/17/13 10:33 P

skinny vanilla decaf lattes

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
1/17/13 2:09 P

I am not giving up anything. It just does not work for me because I begin to feel deprived. Tracking has helped me to practice portion control. Tracking also helps me to make healthier choices eg. baked instead of fried.

MALA77 SparkPoints: (8,357)
Fitness Minutes: (5,132)
Posts: 285
1/17/13 12:34 P

CHOCOLATE!!! I LOVE it so I will not give it up. But I opt for the healthy dark version, natural, not the Dove or Hershey's brands. Trader Joe's and some other brands have really good all natural dark chocolates. MMMmm!!!


MBEEMOM Posts: 175
1/17/13 12:32 P

I remembered some more, like chocolate (ahem...for medicinal purposes), and these cuban crackers that my parents buy. I used to eat a whole section but I have since cut that in half.

RAYLIENET SparkPoints: (7,036)
Fitness Minutes: (2,684)
Posts: 140
1/17/13 11:18 A

I will never, ever give up eating chocolate. I will cut back on how much I eat, but never will I give it up completely.

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (41,452)
Fitness Minutes: (53,939)
Posts: 1,434
1/17/13 11:16 A

Coffee - I'll never give it up!

VELRENO SparkPoints: (51,851)
Fitness Minutes: (10,387)
Posts: 4,832
1/17/13 9:49 A


35BYMAY SparkPoints: (1,477)
Fitness Minutes: (555)
Posts: 281
1/17/13 9:49 A

COFFEE with real sugar and cream. I will always work around this in my daily allotments.

YANKEEGIRL6 Posts: 1,183
1/17/13 9:46 A

Diet coke and real cream in my coffee

Also, we have season tickets to the Reds. I don't see me ever giving up a hot dog and a beer on Sundays at the ballpark.

ROSEDOLL Posts: 2,315
1/17/13 9:38 A

TEA! I love my orange pekoe tea with milk and a bit of sweetner.

1/17/13 9:34 A

Coffee and Diet Pop. - I've given up red meat, pork, and pasta, so I think it's a fair trade.
emoticon emoticon

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
1/17/13 9:28 A

A glass of wine or two on the weekends.

I've found it easier to give things up by finding a healthier replacement. I don't mind giving things up that are not healthy- that choice has become much easier.

1/17/13 7:40 A

an occasional homemade vegan chocolate peanut butter cup

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
Fitness Minutes: (200,346)
Posts: 15,176
1/16/13 11:39 P

In general I'll only give up items that I am forced to give up do to my health - which means items that I am either out right allergic to but if only sensitive I'll push it till I get a reaction from the item which forces me to give it up for a week or so before I'll go back to being good and start pushing it again (yes not a good idea, but I like my milk and soy and gluten are blasted hard to avoid at times).

KHEINZ905 Posts: 2,529
1/16/13 11:31 P

I am trying not to give up anything so I don't feel deprived but I am trying to keep 80% of my eating healthy and clean.

SOCCERTAZ SparkPoints: (32,361)
Fitness Minutes: (22,515)
Posts: 181
1/15/13 4:21 P

I still enjoy my macaroni and cheese, pizza, and ice cream. But I eat the correct portion sizes.

AERWIN77 SparkPoints: (7,527)
Fitness Minutes: (15,899)
Posts: 145
1/15/13 4:13 P

I haven't given up anything. I just try to "be good" and if I need something that is bad for me, then I eat it in moderation and I eat something else good with another meal that day to help make up for it.

If I start giving things up that I want, then I tend to lose interest and motivation.

RACHEL2WRITER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,594)
Posts: 102
1/15/13 3:51 P

Coffee. It can fit well in my lifestyle with real stevia and a little skim milk, and it's just about all I drink regularly other than my water.

That said, I do have a cheat meal once a week where we have doughy white bread, real dessert, or whatever junk we've been craving during the week.

SHRINKINGMEG27 SparkPoints: (1,268)
Fitness Minutes: (155)
Posts: 20
1/15/13 2:50 P

I dont like to give up anything, just eat things in moderation. If I deprive myself of something I will just binge eat on it in a few weeks. I'm teaching myself how to reduce the bad foods and/or incorporate them with more fulfilling healthy foods.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,787
1/15/13 2:45 P

I also haven't given up anything. I just eat/drink those foods on rare occasion or less often.

MUZIKGAL21 SparkPoints: (4,972)
Fitness Minutes: (3,561)
Posts: 154
1/15/13 2:40 P

Diet Coke. I know there aren't any calories in my drink of choice, but there is a little bit of a controversy about whether or not drinking diet sodas contributes to weight gain in the belly. I have heard that it can slow down weightloss, too.... but however many times I've promised that I was going to quit drinking the stuff I can't seem to do it. My father won't touch anything with artificial sweeteners in it because his doctor told him his cancer would come back if he did, so obviously there has to be some health risks there. I wish I could shake it anyhow.

FANCYQTR Posts: 13,465
1/15/13 2:32 P

Oh I had forgotten about the mayonnaise. I do use the one with canola oil, which is the only one without soybean oil other than the Safflower Oil one that is a couple more dollars a jar. I need to cut down on soy and it is in just about everything. I have also started using more mustard than all mayonnaise on sandwiches (besides, since chemo I have preferred more spice).

I also like a few types of cheese and that is another thing I forgot about that I can't give up. I try to get the 2% kind. I have tried the fat free, but other than the cream cheese of that it has been really greasy and I could not stand it.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
1/15/13 2:16 P

LIMERCIER reminded me that I love pasta and cheese too. I just reduced my portions... I used to be able to eat a half pound of pasta in one sitting. Now I stick to the proper serving size or a bit above (2-3oz prior to cooking).

LIMERCIER SparkPoints: (661)
Fitness Minutes: (90)
Posts: 28
1/15/13 2:07 P

I don't refuse to give up anything! Just keep things in moderation :)

But if I had to tell you what is completely non-negotiable for me, i'd say:

MAYONNAISE! I did switch to light mayo or chipotle mayo (also made with light mayo), but I cannot NOT have it on my sandwiches. I know people suggest substituting it with avacado or yogurt....but no thank you. Not the same!

CHEESE! I eat less of it now, and buy "skim" or light versions when I can, but I still love my cheese!

PASTA!! This one is tricky for me because if I ever binge on anything, it is pasta. I still eat it now, but try to limit it to once a week and buy whole grain .....sometimes....still trying to get used to the taste of whole grain pasta. Its a work in progress.

EATING OUT AT RESTAURANTS: This one is also tricky. I'm just so tired of people telling me I HAVE to "just order a salad with no dressing" when going out to eat. Are you kidding me??? I am not going to go to my fave restaraunt on date night just to order a lame 15 dollar salad. Puuuhhhhlease. I WILL order smarter and I WILL take half home and I WILL drink water with my meal. But I am not eating a stupid salad with nothing on it. :)

KESTRUNK Posts: 196
1/15/13 1:28 P

Vodka and Cheese (not usually together)

KESTRUNK Posts: 196
1/15/13 1:27 P

Vodka and Cheese (not usually together)

MIATIA1 Posts: 971
1/15/13 1:23 P

coffee is my comfort go to...... emoticon

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
Fitness Minutes: (15,905)
Posts: 9,717
1/15/13 1:11 P

Everything. :) I refuse to give up any of the things I love. I eat the crappy stuff less often, and mostly don't do the calorie-laden full-flavor sodas, but I am not averse to the occasional treat. Having an ice-cold bottled Coke at a tiny little alleyway burger joint is a rare treat... I don't do diets. :)

FANCYQTR Posts: 13,465
1/15/13 1:11 P

I can't give up ice cream or chocolate. I have found that if I don't have something for a long time then when I do have it I can't seem to stop eating it. So I will go ahead and get some when it is on sale. Totally stopping something I like just ends up backfiring.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
1/15/13 12:41 P

I still have my one daily Diet Coke, in the morning. I don't like coffee or tea. I cut down from 3-4 a day (or if you count 5-6 years ago, I was drinking 6-8 a day!). The other day I didn't have my diet coke in the morning (ran out) and I felt like CRAP all day long, even after going out and getting one at lunch! So, I'm going to stick with it. I pretty much only drink water or the occasional diet cherry 7up or Zero calorie vitamin water throughout the rest of my day.

Also in the summer I didn't want to give up my beer. I don't drink a ton of it anyway, maybe 2 tops, so like you, I just worked my plan around it to fit it in when we would go to the bar or if we were at a bbq or something. I also really like wine but since I can't drink a whole bottle by myself, I limit it to when I eat out, we have friends over for dinner, or if I make a recipe that requires opening a bottle.

1/15/13 12:18 P

Nothing. I don't give up anything, I just make healthier choices 90% of the time so I can still eat at least one less-than-healthy choice everyday.

MBEEMOM Posts: 175
1/15/13 12:05 P

I'm wondering which foods or drinks you felt were not negotiable to give up during your weight loss journey?

Mine is my morning coffee, evening wine, and a donut on Sunday morning. I adjust my eating plan around these. How about you?

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