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Here's a dailySpark review of the TRX system that you might find helpful:

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6/14/12 3:05 P

I'm looking for some advice on what my next addition to my very small home gym should be. Right now I currently only have a gym boss timer, 5 and 8lb weights, 10lb medicine ball, and light/medium/heavy resistance bands.

I have $200 to spend on a new piece of equipment and one of the items I'm look at are the Power Blocks sport blocks dumbells. They are adjustable up to 24 lbs. and would save more space than getting a large variety of dumbell weights.

The other one I'm looking at is the TRX suspension trainer. Its essentially a strap that makes bodyweight exercies harder. It is even more of a space saver, being a strap, and would e easy for me to pack when I travel.

Has anyone used either? Pros/cons, other recommendations? Right now I mostly do Tone It Up workouts, HIIT workouts (from Zuzana Light and Bex Life), and my Chalene Extreme lifting dvds.

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