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1/17/14 10:38 A

The sugar listing on a food label is very deceptive. It includes not only the "added sugar" to a food (sugar, syrup, HFCS, honey, etc), but also the sugar that is naturally found in things like fruit, milk, yogurt.
So when you are eating strawberry yogurt, it is really difficult to determine how much of the sugar listed on the label comes naturally from the milk that was used, naturally from the strawberries, or is added with sugar and syrups to make the product sweet.

This USDA listing is great. It breaks it down by foods, so you know exactly the amount of added sugar to the food. It may help with your manual tracking.

I hope in the future that the food label sugar listing just includes "added sugar"---this would make it much more meaningful and helpful to the consumer

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1/17/14 9:57 A

Why can't we track sugar content on the food tracker. I went to the add nutrient to track but did not see sugar listed. I'm trying to watch the amount of sugar I take in. When we add a food we input the grams of sugar for a portion and I can write it on a piece of paper & add it up at the end of the day but that paper sometimes get misplaced by the end of the week.

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1/16/14 11:12 P

You can always enter it into your Nutrition Tracker and then save it in the Groups. Just label it whatever you want to call it. That way if you want to make it again you have the recipe, calories etc. to go with it. If you want to tweak it, it is easy enough to do from there.

That is what I do for everything I make - even cakes, which are worked out to the square inch - LOL!


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1/16/14 9:35 P

I do not see any option to choose "Smoothie". Can you walk me through it?

It is not in Main Category (I chose Vegetarian)
It is not in Course (Had to choose Drink, but it really isn't a drink. It's a meal.)

Am I approaching it from the wrong angle? I'm new, so need a little hand holding.

Would be nice if there was an "Anytime" under occasion as it is good anytime!

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1/16/14 9:26 P

Thanks. I didn't see that it was an option. I'll check into that and try to edit my recipe.

1/16/14 7:35 P

Drink is the category where your smoothie recipe would go.
Then smoothie would be a sub-category (one type of drink).

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1/16/14 12:40 P

Where would I send a request/suggestion about

I make a lot of smoothies and I LOVE using My Recipes to find out just how much nutrition is in the smoothies I make regularly.

However, when trying to categorize it, I end up calling it a "Drink" for lack of better option.

With the increase in popularity of healthy, home made smoothies as meal replacements, I would like to see it as a category. I like them at all times of the day.

If this is not an appropriate place to put this, please redirect me as I am quite new. Thanks!

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