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6/21/13 2:06 A

I have two scales for the kitchen

1 is a digi scale I bought at a kitchen gadget store for $10. It requires a watch battery and needs replaced about once a year.

The second is a weight watchers scale my mother bought the first time she did weight watchers in 1970.

Both work very well

For bathroom, I just have one I bought from Walmart - At my parents house there is an old Doctor's scale from the 70's which is great! I love that scale!

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6/20/13 10:12 P

AND always have spare batteries on hand!!

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6/20/13 10:35 A

I agree with others that it doesn't matter so much where you get them as what type you get. One thing I like to remind people about is to consider the battery type. A very inexpensive scale can get expensive fast if it uses a special battery, especially if you don't live in a city where you can find them. If the scale doesn't AA or 9-volt, etc, before you buy it, look around to see where you can get the battery and how much it'll cost.

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6/20/13 9:34 A

Digital for both me and my food at Canadian Tire, I believe

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6/20/13 9:03 A

I recently purchased the Aria scale from Best Buy. It syncs with my fitbit and I love it. It is personalized and measures weight and body fat and records to my SP account. It was my birthday present to me.

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6/20/13 6:11 A

I can't give suggestions about WHERE to get your scales, but digital food ones that can measure in single gram measures as well as lb/oz is best. That way when a measure in a recipe is given, regardless of whether imperial or metric, you will know how much it is. Also, get one that measures larger quantities - some only measure up to only 3-4lb - mine go up to 5kg which is just over 11lb. MUCH better than the first scales I had.

As far as calibrating them is concerned, I sometimes check mine with the supermarket's scales when I buy meat. They are very precise and have to go through regular checks.

I have a set of good digital bathroom scales, but found that there are loads of variables to weighing, so hardly ever use them. Instead I just weigh when I go to my Medical Centre - always before lunch, after going to the bathroom, and with the same clothes on.


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6/20/13 3:27 A

I got my bathroom scale at walmart and love it. It's a healthometer or something like that. When I did weight watchers it was always within .6 lbs from their scales.

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6/19/13 6:51 P

Do you mean scales for weighing yourself, or for food? My "weighing myself" scale I got at Target, it wasn't very expensive and as far as I know, it's accurate.

I have this scale for weighing food and I like it

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6/19/13 1:41 P

I just bought a general mid-range digital bathroom scale from a drugstore, and a general mid-range digital kitchen scale from a department store. I don't know the brands of either, but I have tested them against other scales of different makes and models, and they have always been pretty accurate.

If you have access to the sorts of exact weights and measures used to calibrate a scale (I have no idea where one would obtain them, but I've seen them before), you can always check before you buy, unless you order online (or check in-store and then order online). Amazon is a good place to look. People often leave reviews regarding a scale's accuracy. I've even seen video reviews.

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6/19/13 1:25 P

Hey! I have a scale, but it seems so inaccurate emoticon

What kind of scale do you use, and do you like it? And where could I get one for the best price!? I really want to have accurate measurements. emoticon

Thanks, and good luck with your goals!

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