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GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
3/27/11 3:08 A

Not much fat and cholesterol in chicken breast. I stock boneless skinless ones from the warehouse store in the freezer all the time. I stock them cooked but I'm also developing more quicker-cooking recipes so I can just whip one out at will.

Also, don't think that all fat is bad; any fat that's in salmon is great for you. I stock salmon burgers and smoked salmon. On the seafood note, frozen scallops rock. Frozen shrimp are also easy to procure and very low fat.

I get a big hit of protein in my breakfast with low fat, especially if I'm going for it. I generally have an egg+egg substitute (to keep down the fat and cholesterol, available in large cheap quantity at costco), and uncured canadian bacon. Om nom nom.

TVP is great to mix into ground beef for a taco filling or sloppy joe mix. In fact, T-bell does this to texturize and encheapen their taco filling. Their stuff still doesn't come out low fat... but yours can.

Jerky has to be made from leaner beef in order for the process to work. So most jerky is quite low in fat and cholesterol while high in protein. I just wish it were less expensive, I'd chew it all day.

Walmart carries some relatively low-fat chicken sausages in their refrigerator section. I still have a bit of butt-hurt from them discontinuing my favorite flavor.

Peanut flour is surprisingly high in protein, but it's difficult to find now that TJ discontinued it.


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BOB1216 Posts: 81
3/24/11 1:33 P

Some really great suggestions here, guys. I figured this manly crowd would know where the protein is. Appreciate the advice.


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3/24/11 12:03 P

That reminds me, you could also do the same with Cottage Cheese instead of yogurt.

3/24/11 12:02 P

Mix plain greek yogurt (oikos) with albacore white tuna and some spices or hot sauce. It makes a great snack and a great way to kick up that protein count w/o the sugar carbs and fat.

YERVANT Posts: 73
3/24/11 10:44 A

I like to add Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) to soups and stews. It is de-fatted soy protein granules that when cooked have the texture of ground meat bits and they absorb the flavors of whatever they are cooked in. High protein, low fat, and a great source of vegetable protein.

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3/24/11 9:32 A

OP said he didn't want to do shakes. I guess you could mix whey protein into yogurt or oatmeal. This is what I do ... love the chocolate.

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3/24/11 9:29 A

I agree, fish is a really great and clean protein. Plus you'll get some important fats too. Tilapia is good and I also eat a lot of Atlantic salmon. It's a cold water salmon so it's got a little more poly/mono unsaturated fats than your normal fish. We shop at Aldi's, is a cheap store and the salmon is only $6.99 for 6 4oz fillets and they are individually wrapped/frozen.

Also, I'm a big fan of whey protein isolate. Not concentrate, isolate. Whey isolate has most of the fat and lactose removed and you get more for your money because whey isolate is 95%+ protein by weight. Whey concentrate on the other hand can only get to 89%-90% at the highest and ranges are very wide ranging from 40%-89% protein by weight. Concentrate usually has some soy mixed in it and since I take whey almost daily I'm not looking to boost my estrogen levels (soy does that).

Fish and Whey are both great ways though. Fish is about 100-120 cals & 15-20g protein and the NOW Whey Protein Isolate I use is 220 cals with 50g protein.

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3/24/11 9:20 A

Egg whites and turkey are two other decent options.

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3/23/11 3:54 P

I agree with TLCOVERT1-fish are a great way of getting good protein. Lean fish such as cod, turbot, flounder, grouper,sea bass,trout and tilapia are low in saturated fat and cholesterol.On occasion you may want to add some fresh tuna for variety and a little more fat. Shellfish does contain higher levels of cholesterol and should be limited.I hate too say it but what about chicken? Skinless chicken breasts are a great source of quality protein. While you are at it why not start the day with a tasty egg substitute such as Egg Beaters-they are great for protein and low in fat and are cholesterol free.

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3/23/11 12:20 P

I've found the frozen tilapia filets at Sam's club are very convenient. They are individually wrapped, and quick and easy to prepare. Size varies a little, but they average about 3.5 oz. each. 100 calories, 20 grams of protein.

BOB1216 Posts: 81
3/23/11 11:09 A

Guys - a nutrition question for you.

I am usually able to keep my calories at the right level, but the balance often is heavy on carbs. It seems like my only choices for adding protein are eggs/meat that also add a lot of saturated fat or cholesterol. I can get protein from things like soy products or beans, but to get enough, it also adds a lot of calories or carbs.

So do you have any suggestions how I can maintain a proper protein balance in my diet without adding too much fat and cholesterol?

By the way - I don't think want to do protein shakes either. I've used these when I was more into lifting weights, but I would prefer not to rely on them as a matter of routine in my lifestyle.

thanks for your help

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