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GFGIRL Posts: 46
4/3/10 10:53 A

I think it would be worth the trip to go to a specialty running store. A good store will spend enough time with you to make sure you get the right shoes for you. Also some stores will let you exchange shoes if you realize the shoes aren't working out for you.

I've never had to pay for the service but if I find a pair of shoes I like, then I'll go ahead and buy them from the store b/c I think it's good to support running stores. You could always buy later pairs online.

MMAVAB Posts: 168
4/2/10 10:52 P

our local running store can film you running on a treadmill to help you understand your gait. it's not a medical gait analysis, but very helpful. my daughter loves the shoes we got after that analysis. and i think that it's worth spending money on the good shoes. you can try to save money by buying online after you find a pair that works for you. but i think it's a good job to support your local store. and our local store is really good about showing us the sale shoes & last years models

you know, one of the running catalogs offers to do a long-distance analysis - i think it's roadrunnersports.

KLEEXAZN Posts: 88
4/2/10 10:52 P

I go to footlocker and I like it. They have lots of brands to try on and choose from as well as someone who can fit you and point you in the right direction

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4/2/10 10:44 P

I went to a specialty shoe store. They sold higher end shoes but only had two brands (New Balance and Brooks) of running shoes I was looking for. I just walked in and explained that I was new to running and needed to find the best shoe for my wide feet... they did the rest! It was easy to pick out the one that felt the best on my foot and I'm so glad that I invested in real running shoes. Good luck with your search :)

4/2/10 10:35 P

Just what I was afraid of... 2 hours away. Is this something I would set up an appointment for or just walk in? Or should a call and ask? Is it a "gait analysis" I am asking for? Or "specialized fitting"? What terminology should I use? (Sorry, I am so new to this!!!) And is this something that would be free? Thanks for answering my questions!!!

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4/2/10 10:27 P

Definitely a specialty store, I recently had one done, got the best fit ever for new running shoes, while I don't run yet, its in the near future.

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4/2/10 10:14 P

Find a specialty running store, which is a store that caters to runners, selling only running/walking gear.,7978,s

4/2/10 9:37 P

I keep hearing about people getting their gait analyzed and feet measured for running shoes. WHere can I get this done? I am beginning a running program and I have had feet issues in the past and currently wear custom orthotics... I have really wide feet. I want to be sure I buy the proper shoe.

Where can I get this done at? And is it free??? I live in a med. sized town... We have Academy, Footlocker, Foot Action, etc.... Will one of those places do it?

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