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1/2/14 12:11 P

Welcome! If you go to the nutrition tracker, at the bottom of the place were you enter all your food, there is a small button that says "tracker options." If you click on this, you can see spark meal plans option. That will place meal suggestions in your tracker. Also, under the menu, there is a option for spark diet. That has great info too!

There is a great getting started video for Spark. This site has so much to offer. When I first started, I used my spark points menu to check out all options and earn points too!

Good luck and let me know if I can help you any more.

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1/2/14 7:33 A

I think that is what is so unique and different and GREAT about this site. People will use different programs for their diet -- ranging from Weight Watchers to no sugar/no flour to raw etc on this site. I am using a plan that includes eating 5 small mini-meals throughout the day with each having a little bit of protein. I just track what I eat and then see how it measures up to the recommended levels and then tweak from there. I still struggle a little with getting enough protein but am working on it!

Welcome aboard!

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12/31/13 4:16 P

The site can really be overwhelming, can't it!!

Try going to the Nutrition Tracker and let it build you an eating plan - or just start tracking your intake there for a few days to get a look at where you are now.

12/18/13 7:45 P

Just joined and was sure it said there were calorie counted diets??? Sure don't see any.
Do you just make up you own? Sorry, I am confused... it took forever to get signed in,
Can't seem to find a real peson to help me...

Thansk for any help,

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