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4/11/13 8:55 A

One day at a time and keep your eye on the prize!

PHOENIX2B Posts: 294
4/11/13 8:44 A

Since January, I have been on a new attempt at Sparkpeople, and I've been consistent since January. The first time I tried Sparkpeople I was pretty good with it for a few months out of the excitement about the new program and because I was tickled by the positive feedback and "sparkpoints". But, I fell off and didn't get back for quite some time.

I am analysing what am doing differently this time than last time. Last time I was too perfectionistic and all or nothing in my thinking. If I ate one thing wrong, I would say I might as well binge and start over tomorrow. Also, last time I wouldn't enter my weight if I had gained a pound or two, only when I lost.

Now I am being more realistic and honest with myself. I courageously put down when I gain a pound or two (this happens... our bodies retain water when they want to, etc.) or when I lose. I allow myself treats and just add them to my tracking... even when I go over in calories. And, when I get bored with something, I acknowledge the boredom and try to think of ways to switch things up.

Hopefully this second way of approaching things will be more fruitful than the first.

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4/10/13 4:00 P

Great job on jumping back on the bandwagon!!

I find reading success stories helps to fuel my fire. I read them almost everyday. Also, I read a lot of the articles on here as they have really great tools and tips. Two articles I think applies in this situation for you is the following:

"25 Ways to Get Back on Track Today"

"3 Simple Ways to Build Consistency"

"Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you."


4/10/13 2:31 P

You're never behind. Just jump back in where ever you are.

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4/10/13 2:27 P

Wow I have not actively used spark people in a long time! Maybe 2 weeks-1 month. This is probably because I was too ashamed to record what I have actually been eating :( Well I have to admit I was EXTREMELY close to returning to my old lifestyle but I CANT let that happen. With that being said.. I worked out today for the first time in 2 weeks, my old workout routine KICKED MY BUTT. What a difference two weeks makes, I took so many breaks. I'm just looking for some tips/advice for when this happens. I do feel motivated now but knowing how I am, it will be short lived. I was going about my healthy ways for a few months and then this happened after a cluster of birthday parties and Easter get-togethers. How do you motivate yourself when your switching on and off from your old/new lifestyle. I'm ready to go back in full force.

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