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CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,970
1/30/14 9:20 A

Greek salad with chicken or gyro meat

1/29/14 11:08 P

Applebee's salmon dinner 550 cal

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,332)
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Posts: 3,810
1/28/14 8:39 A

Grilled shrimp salad with chopped veggies, salsa, and olive oil dressing.

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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Posts: 1,243
1/27/14 11:57 P

I too love going to local places, but there it comes down to making the wisest choices possible and asking for substitutions if you can (double side of veggies, no extra butter/oil etc).

But sometimes I'll just go for it because eating out isn't the "norm" for me, so a little extra meal here and there isn't going to make me stress.

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
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Posts: 15,176
1/27/14 11:17 P

My go to use to be Chicken Chop Suy over rice - but no longer, less I make it at home.

All my fav places to eat are no more, since they are not safe to eat at - and the one place that is I don't like eating at because I can't justify the price for the amount you get. Did find a place that we went to with my coworkers that had excellent service but the options on hand as to what I could have very limited and not something I'd like as a treat because I can do it already at home for way less.

If i have to choose a place to eat out that is within price range then the Urban Hurbavore wins because they are primarily Gluten Free and 100% Vegan - their Seasonal Stews with Quinoa are excellent meant for one person but feed two with ease. Their gluten free and vegan cupcakes are so good that less you know that they are thus you'd never guess.

Though I am still looking for a Vietnamese restaurant like we found in Colorado Springs, Co that is 100% Gluten Free and Dairy Free - but so far nothing comes close, which is most disappointing to say the least.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
1/27/14 11:08 P

When I go out, I prefer to go to small independent local restaurants, rather than chain restaurants. Pros include unique food, supporting the local economy and small business. The con is, you won't find calorie-counts listed online for those types of places. Ah well, I estimate...

I'm darned picky as to what I am willing to spend "restaurant prices" on. If it's something I can and do cook at home, I don't like spending the premium to have someone else prepare it. So I go for things that I either don't know how to cook, or that are a pain to prepare in small portions at home.

My favorite spot is a greek restaurant. Oh, the roast lamb!!! Not exactly a low-cal choice, but they give it to me with extra-veg-no-rice-or-potatoes without any hassle.

Then there's the pseudo tex-mex west-coast-fusion hole in the wall that makes a funky delicious "grilled salad" (basically a veggie stir fry over top of a cold salad, garnished with raisins, feta and sunflower seeds). Had this just last weekend, actually.

There is ONE good mexican restaurant within 100 kilometres of my home. There, I choose pozole. Comfort food, and delicious.

And there's a little Thai place that I visit now and then. Oh, I do love Thai food...

Geez. Now I'm feeling hungry lol...

THEATERMAMA SparkPoints: (32,601)
Fitness Minutes: (28,813)
Posts: 87
1/27/14 10:48 P

Today's lesson was on choosing smart when you eat out. I thought if we each shared meals and their nutritional content from our favorite restaurants we could all benefit.

My favorite is HuHot - you can go on their webpage and create your meal and it will list all nutrition information. I love this place because you can have a huge plate of stir fry and if you choose your sauces well - it is quite low in calories. I use the pad thai noodles (rice) as I am gluten intolerant and I love to add the fish and all the rest veggies and then several of my favorite sauces - some are calorie free or very low calorie.

I also really like 1/2 portion of Wendy's apple pecan chicken salad or some of the chili.

Pretty much those are my 2 eat out places - mostly we eat at home.

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