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D_K455 Posts: 4,002
4/9/09 5:45 P

I am waiting to buy my dress until I get closer to my goal weight. I don't want major alterations to get into it or have to buy another one because they can't alter it without ruining it.

Also we have not set a date yet so I can afford to wait to buy the dress.

KATIESP Posts: 1,157
4/9/09 12:48 P

If you aren't getting married until Summer 2010 I'd wait a few more months before you buy your dress

ASOPA21 Posts: 932
4/8/09 4:08 P

I was always told 8 months before your wedding was the time to order it. The go getter I am though I am going within a month or 2. I am not getting married until june or 2010! I am going to talk with the dress shop though and get an idea of how much of the material can be brought in.

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DLEPPA Posts: 301
4/6/09 9:22 P

I probably bought my dress too early. The wedding is in September and the dress just came in - I tried it on this weekend and it's already two sizes too big. The seamstress assured me that we can bring it down a few more sizes but it might cost me a bit more. Oh well, tough problem to have:)

TURRRRA Posts: 1,572
4/6/09 9:13 P

I'd talk to the dress shop to see how long it takes for the dress to come in (especially if it needs to be ordered) and about how long for alterations. I bought mine right away when I found it! I am happy with my weight and mostly just want to tone up and get into my best shape I can. My dress does need to be taken in though. I'll be taking in my dress as close to the date as I can to ensure a perfect fit. With the material it is, it can't be let out again once it's taken in.

DANO21 Posts: 8
3/20/09 9:24 A

I am getting married August 22nd 2009; i ordered my dress in jan 2009 and it was in with in a week (at davids bridal). I ordered my dress smaller than what i normally wear cuz it fit like a glove, i am hoping tho to lose at least 50lbs before the wedding and well its not happening to well, i have five months before the big day and really have only lost four lbs since jan. however i have giving up pop now and counting my calories so i am hoping this will help as well as working out as much as possible, i try to get into the gym and work out for at least 2hours a day.

well good luck to everyone with planning, losing weight and there up coming wedding.

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
3/19/09 8:33 A

It's said that you can easily alter 2 sizes down. Most shops will work with you to get the dress you want in a smaller size if it needs more than 2 sizes down--I know David's does.

TIKUSR75 Posts: 24
3/18/09 2:42 P

My wedding is in September of this year. I ordered my dress at the end of January and they told me not to expect it in until sometime in June. I have heard of other poeple waiting up to 6 months for their dress to come in.
I also have a goal of 30 pounds to lose and I just worked with the bridal shop to figure that out. Most places should have a pretty good understanding on the body dimensions and approximate weight that works with each dress and size. Congrats!

DLEPPA Posts: 301
3/18/09 11:13 A

Sweetboredom5 - Positive attitude! It would be totally awesome and you can do it! Hang in there!!

3/17/09 5:09 P

hey, i was in the same situation. I wanted to ideally lose 50 lbs before the wedding but obviously that didn't happen. I bought my dress november, it still hasn't come in but it should be here within the next couple weeks. The wedding is in may. My dress laces up the back so i can lose up to 2 dress sizes without needing to get the dress altered, simply by lacing it up tighter, and then if i were to miraculously loose that much weight, they can take it in in the sides up to 2 more dress sizes. So i could really go down up to 4 dress sizes with the one dress without it looking funny. As awesome as that would be, its not going to happen.

DLEPPA Posts: 301
3/17/09 5:00 P

I purchased my dress in November because I got a great deal - my wedding isn't until September. My fear now is that they won't be able to alter it enough to make it fit. How many sizes down can they go with a simple A-line dress?

HKSNB1 Posts: 23
3/17/09 10:38 A

the general rule of thumb is to order your dress and all brides maid dresses about 3 and 1/2 months before the wedding

3/16/09 11:04 P

Like I said, I ordered my wedding dress in February and my wedding isnt until december. But I got a phone call today saying my dress was already at the store ready to be picked up. I have to lose about 100 pounds before my wedding (yeah i know!) and I am determined to do I am going to pick up my dress in about a week, but I am not going to have any alterations done until about a month before the wedding. I have heard horror stories about friends who ordered their dresses a few months in advance and barely had it in in time for the wedding, so order it at least 5 months in advance just to be safe. But if you have to lose ALOT of weight before your wedding like I do, just have the dress ordered, but dont get the alterations done until until about a month before the wedding. :)

Until next time...

BABSWORLD SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,103)
Posts: 119
3/16/09 6:31 P

I was wondering this too because I plan to lose at least 20 lbs. before the wedding, but I am not going with a traditional dress. I have about 6 months. I am going to start looking in about a month.

3/15/09 7:21 P

I ordered my dress in early February and my wedding isnt until December 5th!

C11ELF16 Posts: 482
3/13/09 10:19 A

I think the TIME to order your dress depends on WHERE you are getting it and WHO is doing the alterations. My local bridal shop said it would take 10-12 weeks to get my dress in. Needless to say I had to order the dress LARGER than I wanted and needed. However, the alterations fees are SO low. They are only chargin $10 for each side to be taken in. I am busty so it would have had to be taken in anyways. Talk to the shop where you are getting your dress. It will make a HUGE difference ! Good luck !

JMYHNY Posts: 19
3/6/09 9:25 A

I am glad there is a post like this because I have always wondered too when to buy the wedding dress for myself.

MRSHOLLIS08 Posts: 92
2/19/09 6:32 P

I bought my dress 6 months before my wedding

JWALLD Posts: 514
2/19/09 10:39 A

I bought my dress exactly one year before my wedding day. I was lucky, it was in within the month. But that gives you a good amount of lead time in case it has to be special ordered or if there are complications with the order, they can get cleared up with plenty of time to spare.

DAISYGURL4 Posts: 352
2/11/09 8:51 A

I would recommend dress shopping at least 9 months prior, depending on where you want to buy, becuase some places it can take up to 6 months for the dress to come in and you want to still make sure you have time for alterations.

I bought my dress from David's Bridal last February, 2008, for my April 2009 wedding. Between buying it and last July I exchanged it twice because I had lost 25 lbs. They were really helpful and there was no problem with the exchanges (I exchanged for the same dress, smaller size). Also, depending on the dress, alterations can sometimes take in - or let out - a dress up to two sizes.

ANGY65 SparkPoints: (10,627)
Fitness Minutes: (3,494)
Posts: 158
2/10/09 4:55 A

Im an older bride to be (first timer though) and Im not going for the traditional bridal gown , so lm getting mine made by a dress maker. Wedding in July and she says I have plenty of time, and if it needs adjusting due to weight loss I already have the person on hand to do it.

NUALA17 Posts: 18
2/9/09 8:19 P

I'm geting married this October, and plane to lose 30 to 40 lbs by wedding date (i hope anyway). I ordered my dress in December a bit early but it take 6 to 8 months to come in. A friend of mine ordered her dress last march for her may 2009 wedding at it still hasn't come in yet, so i'm glade I ordered it early.

Also consider a corset back, (that is what i got) not only does it make you look thiner but it can be tightened up to 2 sizes (according to the lady at the shop) so if you lose the weight you wont have to have it taken in (or at least not too much)

and do forget 6 to 8 month for it to come in Plus a few month incase of alterations

LYNNIE122484 Posts: 628
2/7/09 10:20 P

well I've already lost 32 pounds... whew, But i still would like to lose 20 more pounds.. Im going to be getting married on 10/09/09.. I still have 8 more months to go.. I bought my dress this past thursday...and they said about 3 months before im getting married they have you come in for a fitting.. You try the dress on again.. they take measurements..etc and any changes they need to make... will be made thats why you go 3 months in advance so they have time to resize and make what ever changes need to be time for the wedding.

KALYMI1 Posts: 153
2/7/09 5:44 P

I am getting married in October and have narrowed down the type of dress I want but will probably wait until May to purchase.

ANGEL_EYES541 Posts: 66
2/6/09 12:44 A

I haven't purchased mine yet. I will be buying at the end of this month and I am getting married this September. I didn't know they took so long to come in.

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MRSRMH Posts: 115
2/5/09 8:48 P

My wedding is Winter of 2010 and I just bought my dress last weekend. It's going to take at least 6 months to be made and arrive at the store, so I'm glad I was looking early. I've set two goal weights for myself and I waited until I was close to my first one to try on dresses. I'm going to try to get closer to my second goal for my dress fittings!

KERANTHOMPSON SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45,292)
Posts: 2,417
2/5/09 8:40 P

I bought my dress lat month for our wedding in May be careful when we went into the bridal salons they were stressing me out because they said I had waited too long. They really irritated me

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
2/5/09 4:53 P

I got mine in November--wedding in August. wasn't planning on doing it that early, but found a discountinued dress that I loved, so I went for it.

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
2/5/09 4:44 P

It depends on the store and whether or not the dress might be back ordered. My bridal store said it can take 4-6 months to get it in, could get it rushed ordered (costs more), plus it can take an additional month or so to do the alterations, one month before and one week before. Thats what I was told.

Though mine came in 4 months, they did think might have taken longer for mine, apperently it was a popular style. Ask each store to be on the safe side and give an extra month, just in case.

2/5/09 10:58 A

i just ordered mine on monday... and i wont have it until the 2nd week in may.

my wedding will be may 27th.
you just have to be careful with shipdates and such.

plus, they can always alter it!

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
2/5/09 9:34 A

hey! congratz on your upcoming wedding! i started actually looking eh i think around feb/march maybe? i cant remember and also again in june. (i am getting married in apri 25 of this year). but finally made my decision in august. so it realy depends. if you are tryin to lose weight by the end of the year then prob. id say go maybe in january. since your wedding is in the summer. do you know what type fo dresses you want your moh/bms to wear? or havent you figured out your bridal party yet? if you did then id say prob. start atleast looking maybe also in january. have you figured out your "theme" , colors or where you want your honeymoon to be? best of luck to you!

QWERTYZ13 Posts: 247
2/5/09 1:23 A

Thanks! I think I have to agree with you on the six months thing. The stress is getting to me even now!

I already know what kind of dress I'm after, I just have to find one that's not too expensive. Six months in advance I'll probably buy it. Thanks for the input!

I hope you and your hubby-to-be have a great wedding!

BRIDE_TO_BE2010 Posts: 137
2/4/09 6:22 P

I'm also getting married in 2010, and I am in the same boat. I am planning on bying my dress around August of this year. I know I won't be done losing all the weight, but I will be close. If you are not comfortable buying it that far in advance, you could wait. I would buy it at least 6 months before the wedding. This way you have plenty of time for alterations and things like that. I would say 6 months because I personally would be incredibly stressed if I waited any longer.

QWERTYZ13 Posts: 247
2/4/09 5:22 P

I'm getting married summer 2010. I want to lose 30 pounds for the wedding, but then...When do I buy my dress? Obviously, right now I'm not the size I want to be. I'm trying to lose the weight by the end of this year, but I'm just wondering when did you buy your dress? Especially if you were losing weight beforehand?

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