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8/2/14 11:34 P

I had a 'cramp' in my calf once but it turned out to be a little tear in the muscle. It put me on the sidelines for 6 months. The scar tissue now makes it vulnerable for more tearing. FYI just to keep in mind in case your cramp keeps recurring or acts suspicious in any way.

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7/22/14 9:17 A

Thanks for all of the suggestions!

Given that I run on MWF, I'd say the WF cramps are 50% residual from the previous workout and the M cramp is 10% residual from the F workout. It feels like there's a knot in there that just isn't going away. It might be time to suck it up and use the gift certificate for deep tissue massage that I have, its just so far away though...

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7/22/14 5:15 A

How much of it is residual soreness from the previous cramp? When I got my multiple cramps immediately post marathon, all the medical staff immediately went to the ice packs, followed by gentle massage.

edited to add: you can reduce the intensity/duration of a calf cramp by immediately pinching the dent on your upper lip as hard as you can at the onset of a cramp.

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7/21/14 11:36 P

I would get on a recumbent bicycle for an hour daily, nothing strenuous but keep pumping and stretching out the leg. And definitely take some magnesium citrate. Don't over dose on it as too much can cause loose stools but drink lots of water and take powdered form of magnesium citrate. Really eases muscle cramps. I play a lot of tennis and can get dehydrated quickly and the muscle cramps can be horrible. These are my tricks to preventing cramps in my calves and thighs.

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7/21/14 8:49 P

Other than getting new shoes, which you are already aware of, I would eat lots of potassium-rich foods and make sure you are drinking enough water.

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7/21/14 6:54 P

I've had a recurring cramp in my calf for the last week and was looking to pick your brains as to what do do about it. It only happens when I run - starting in the first 1.5 miles and not letting up, though occasional stretching helps. When it's bad, it feels like one of the muscles is like a really tight rubber band. It's fine during ST, its fine during the rest of the time. I've put in some serious foam roller time every night. So I'm at a loss.

I'm going to not run for a couple of weeks and switch to other cardio to see if that helps. My shoes are a little on the old side, but that can't be remedied just yet (on the list to buy before labor day). What are your thoughts?

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