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4/13/11 12:35 A

It doesn't really make a big difference. The general recommendation is to do first whichever you want to concentrate more on.

And if you want to concentrate on both, perhaps alternate the order on different days.


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4/12/11 3:13 P

You won't "maximise the fat burn" either way.

Doing your exercise takes x calories. It doesn't take x+1 because you did something else first.

You should, as indicated below, always warm up first with a little cardio, but then what order you do the work parts is up to you.

I recommend ST first, because it's the most likely to injure you if you are tired already from previous work and do something wrong.

Generally speaking though, I recommend doing one on one day, one the other, so there's no issue. There's no need to do both cardio and strength in the same session.

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4/12/11 2:52 P

I am following New Rules of Lifting for Women and the author recommends doing a short cardio warm-up before lifting, then do your strength training, then finish with 15-20 minutes of HIIT (interval training).

4/12/11 2:14 P

It really doesn't matter. They can be flip-flopped however you would like to do them.

I prefer to do strength first, because strength does more to transform your body. Cardio is good exercise and helps with fat loss, but it's supplemental to a good weight training program.

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4/12/11 1:26 P

I am wondering whether it is better to do cardio before strength training or the opposite to maximize calories and fat burn one is losing.

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