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8/19/12 5:47 A

You have to realize that muscle milk is valuable while consumed when being on a weight loss diet and a intense work out routine. It is really not a fat loss supplement like lots of people think. Having said that, here are a few adverse reactions that you can be at risk of after taking muscle milk too much:

Frequent adverse reactions which are believed to influence patients are nausea or vomiting, intestinal pains and also diarrhoea. This can be resulting from vitamin poisoning within the body, caused as a result of too much vitamins D and A. Because they are fat-soluble vitamins, they can't get out of the system without difficulty, and might consequently result in the mentioned negative effects. What amount is excessive vitamin will likely be calculated depending on the body type, sexual category, fat burning capacity, along with your existing amounts of vitamins A and D..

Extra weight is an additional side-effect that's encountered in the event that muscle milk is taken excessively. People think that by taking muscle milk they will lose fat. It should be comprehended that muscle milk gives the body system with added fats and proteins which are supposed to be used up whilst performing exercises.


LOTUS737 Posts: 3,950
8/18/12 12:11 P

I would say after a month of regular strength training I started to see better definition and tone on my arms even though my weight loss hasn't been substantial!

AMBERROSE41 Posts: 4
8/18/12 11:45 A

I have been doing the Jillian Micheals workouts and I am feeling my thighs tighten and my arms are becoming more muscular.

8/18/12 10:41 A

I'm noticing it now. I've been working out regularly (at least three times a week) for about 8 weeks, and for the past 3 weeks I've done at least something (even if it's just taking a walk) every day. I've lost 4 pounds, but beyond that, my whole body already looks like it's leaned out, and I can see my old running muscles coming back to my legs. My husband has made unsolicited comments on this too, so I know it's not just my imagination.

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8/18/12 10:36 A

This had been different for me as well. I am fat and stated swimming 4 weeks ago, 4 days a week. Completely out of shape 15 minutes killed me, now I am doing laps for 35 minutes...along with that there is just over a mile walk to and from the pool.

And my body is shifting, big time. Legs are firming up muscles in the arms showing up...the bummer zero weight loss since I have started swimming...I hope this is muscle gain and that at the same time I am losing cloths are fitting better.

I have changed my dates and all today and my calorie range is lower again, so that might help as well.

SCARJOWANNABE SparkPoints: (13,955)
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8/17/12 10:23 P

about a month of treadmill/elliptical and I felt my thighs firm up

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
8/17/12 9:51 P

It depends on what you're doing. I didn't really see any difference in tone in my calves until I started running more distance and changed my running form. Arms - again, it took some strength work (in my case, kettlebells) to start seeing that tone. It is really a combination of building muscle and losing fat. The smaller your muscles are, the thinner the fat layer needs to be for the muscle definition to show through. Think of putting a tennis ball and a basketball on your bed, and covering them with a sheet (i.e. muscle over thin fat) - you can clearly see both of them. Now put a down comforter over - you can still see the basketball, but can't see the tennis ball any more. Same concept with muscles under skin/fat layer.

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8/17/12 7:22 P

Oh, it was about two month ago when I asked this question.

You know, for me... hmm... still not really ^_^;

I've been doing ST 4 month now, and lost few pounds since then, I don't feel I added muscle or toned much. I can feel somewhat my muscles get firmed, but it made saggy arms somewhat obvious.

The reason might be I was using isometric seated machines, then went barbell but I'm still under transition period, and not pushing weight heavy enough maybe. emoticon

But I do feel I get stronger and my posture is greatly improved. I'm very happy with it =D

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
8/17/12 5:07 P

Once I started doing some serious strength training. I know my muscles aren't getting much bigger, but my body fat is going down and I am seeing a huge difference.

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8/17/12 2:46 P

Well that's good news to me, this motivates me. I think that's one of my major trouble spots on my body and places I want to improve. Tonight I'm doing some exercise where you raise your butt off of the floor for my 5 minute challenge and I'll do arms as well.

Thanks for the 411! Dishing is good!

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6/26/12 6:43 P

Interesting question and I'm sure it will be a bit different for many. I used to body build when I was young, but pretty much stopped once I got married and had other priorities. Now I wish I would have at least tried to maintain a bit and knew then what I do now about nutrition.

So, I was about 40 lbs over weight at the end of this last January. I would say that I started seeing more definition after the first 15 lbs of loss and have lost 10 lbs since. My strength has increased quite a bit and my muscles are much more solid. The interesting thing though is that even my sister made the comment that my arms look smaller than last she saw me. LOL Well, yeh, it was fat disguised as muscle. ;-) I've lost most the excess fat on my arms and legs and now just need to get rid of the belly fat. I expect that in a few more months though of good weight training and my arms will begin to get back to a larger muscle size again.

INTREPIDMAMA SparkPoints: (13,653)
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6/26/12 6:28 P

I have lost about 8 pounds and am starting to see some very subtle, yet positive, changes in the muscle tone of my upper arms and glutes. I have been doing a 4 day per week cardio (2 hour walk) and 3 day per week weights (floor exercises, curls, planks, etc.) mixed program.

I look forward to future changes, though those triceps are a big trouble spot for me, always so hard to tone. ;-)

JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
6/26/12 6:19 P

It's not about time but about fat, as the previous poster has said. I worked out for probably two-three years without seeing much change (I had a bad diet too) and now it's pretty fun to see the muscle tone.

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6/26/12 5:24 P

About 15 lbs. :)

Seeing muscle tone is less about the exercise you're doing, than the amount of fat you have over the muscle. When you'll see it depends on when and where you lose the weight. There's no specific amount that will make it happen - it just kinda depends on your genetics!

In order to help the process along, make sure you include a good strength training program in your exercise routine. It will help you preserve the muscle you have, and build strength so that when the fat comes off... you've got something to show off! If you only do cardio, you will burn muscle, as well as fat.

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6/26/12 5:01 P

About 90 days for me.

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6/26/12 4:43 P

I see many well fit, beautiful muscle tone females in my aerobic dance class.

I wonder how long it would take to be that way. When did you start seeing tone change? Did you see it while losing weight or did it take while after you reached your goal? Or did you just get fit when it's done?

I read other topic regarding loose skins, and start wondering about it.

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