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7/18/13 10:58 A

I have always known this but it's amazing how I ignore that. I journal but ignore somethings. I expect it to all be easy. That I can eat anything I want but because I want to lose weight I should be losing weight.

I'm trying to get in the habit of being honest with myself and really tracking, everything.

LOUIE-LILY Posts: 5,844
7/18/13 10:35 A

WHAT??? Do you mean if I lie on SP and say I ate less than I really did . . . the scale doesn't reflect THAT??
Oh, pooh! Maybe that's why I'm gaining ;)

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7/18/13 10:32 A

@Blue - AMEN! When I was younger, I could drop the extra 5 lbs easily - just do a meal replacement for 1 meal/day and in 2 weeks - GONE, no matter what the other meals were.

now every 1/2 lb loss is a struggle, and the least backslide on nutrition means I gain a couple of lbs.

ELISAJANE57 Posts: 763
7/18/13 10:19 A

You really can eat just about anything and lose weight as long as your calories in/out equation is balanced. I know I struggle to give up certain foods, but I think it's totally fine to have my chocolate every day as long as it is in moderation. You really don't have to give up anything. That being said, I have given up some things, but it was because I decided in the long run that they weren't worth it to me. If I'm going to indulged it has to be something really worth it, not some tasteless empty calories. I do a lot of running and I know what my body needs is healthier fuels so I can run better so I still try to eat the best I can.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
7/18/13 9:56 A

I can LOSE weight eating anything and everything but I can't MAINTAIN a sane weight eating too many things that are detrimental to my health and nutrition status or make me feel not well.

Wellness and maintenance for me go together. Losing weight is a function of calories in/out for me and to be honest, it doesn't matter what the calories consist of.

But eating junk food is not sustainable long term and results in weight gain for me.

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7/18/13 9:47 A


Sorry to say but welcome to middle age! I am right there with ya is all about the maintenance!

7/17/13 10:53 P

100% True

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,210
7/16/13 9:47 P

This simple concept is hard to swallow for a long period of time or forever........that's why the diet and fitness business is a billion dollar business, and has been for a long time, marketing whizzes take advantage of all of us, and it's easy pickin's. Nothing new though.......there were books out in the 1940's and 1950's already about this fact. And the fact's of life haven't changed yet, in fact, the constant nagging seems to encourage us to overeat even more.

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7/16/13 8:12 P

Sounds way too easy, yet "bad" foods tend to be tastier than "good" ones.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
7/16/13 7:34 P

I am pretty sure a 12-pound serving of apple pie contains a lot of sodium, therefore it is water weight.

(just so y'all know, I am personally fully prepared with Sodium Excuses if the scale reading goes wrong this weekend!!!)

7/16/13 7:16 P


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7/16/13 3:04 P

but, but,'s not my fault! The TV commercial said so!

SONICB Posts: 4,381
7/16/13 2:37 P

Back in March, I started running more regularly and upped my calories to fuel my runs. The weather has gotten hotter and I injured my knee a while back, so I have been exercising less... but my eating habits remained the same! So I have also seen an increase on the scale. :(

I am also feeling the urge to complain and blame it on something else (friends always wanting to socialize by eating out/drinking, traveling, etc.). But obviously there are things in my control I could do to counter it... increase my exercise... eat smaller portions... not drink empty calories... sigh.

7/16/13 10:29 A

when I eat bad I gain weight.

This concept is simple but HARD AS HELL TO FOLLOW AT TIMES!!!!!

Last week I did very good and counted my calories & macro-nutrients, etc... and I lost a few pounds that I was looking to lose BUT! I ate badly this weekend and I gained weight.

My exercising didn't change.

I WANT to complain and be frustrated and try to blame it on something/someone else but I can't........

Can you?

Btw, this is a "primer" thread, not a thread about me personally.

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