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12/15/13 7:47 P

And, to add, I once worked for a boss who for all indications had the summertime version of S.A. D. very, very bad ... he'd given me loads of hell ...

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
12/15/13 7:45 P

Come late March, the problem will be manageable ... that's why I didn't stockpile many bulbs.

People in my family who know my condition, know it well; and would be a LOT quicker to talk about (possible) meds, have never agreed that a light box was indicated. So, NO THANKS.

But, in my advanced age, had I been genuinely indicated of having a light box, I would have gotten much practices with THESE KINDS OF LIGHT BULBS!

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12/15/13 7:28 P

You could ask your doctor about using a white light box. There are a variety of styles and prices. White light has long been a therapy for SAD and insomnia.

Also check out Mayo SAD. They have a lot of info on SAD and it's treatment.

A light box could be greener, more effective and less expensive in the long run since it's inly one bulb.

ZZYYGGY3 Posts: 2,449
12/15/13 6:56 P

If it's not a law in your state yet I don't think you have to worry too much about it. On a side note do you have anyone else who could help you with this since your building management won't? Sometimes Friends and family will. Good luck with everything though

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
12/15/13 6:42 P

My seasonal affective disorder is mild, unmedicated; and, actually, totally untreated ... but in my diabetic condition (S.A.D. had taken a back burner during the January onward, winter of 2013 for the first & only time EVER in my adult life, due to its sudden diagnosis, then) I cannot gracefully transition (living by my self with unresponsive building management do not help) to a CFL existence ... and I have lamps up the wazoo in a tiny apartment, so many that the Building Superintendent took notice (the candles, too, btw...)

Having a mild S.A.D. condition means I've never handled these dangerous light bulbs of any kind ...

So, I'm not much of a conservation-minded American [and, for that matter, I've even been practicing yoga frequently (the entire spectrum of, which includes honoring the Eart ... not just the exercise part) for years] ... but I've stockpiled very, very few of the safer, traditional light bulbs ..

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