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4/18/08 1:56 P

Sets of thirty for squats and deadlifts? Where did you get that program?

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4/18/08 11:39 A

Walking up hill or stairs (I do the bleachers at the high school track) and walking lunges. ALSO LEG LIFTS LYING ON MY BACK ARE GOOD.

4/18/08 11:32 A

my thighs (mostly the back and inner) are my trouble spot.
Yesterday i did sqauts on the smith machine 3 sets of 30 reps, walking lunges, 2 sets of 30, and deadlifts, 2 sets of 30.
i am hurting today like i cant beleive. BUT IT'S A GOOD HURT!

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4/18/08 10:11 A

I liked this exercise that was on one of the spark videos. You lie on your back with your feet on a ball. Then you roll the ball away from you and bridge up. Yeah, check the video she can show you better than I can explain it. I think it's the butt blaster one.

4/18/08 9:54 A

If you have access to a gym, the stairmaster and going backwards on the elliptical are great butt/thigh workouts.

JESBAD Posts: 66
4/18/08 9:03 A

My husband and I did a polymetric track work out the other day and my hamstrings (back of the legs) are SCREAMING! We did a combination of 1-4 sets of the following exercises that you could do in your own back yard!
~Walking Lunges
~Super Skipping (skipping but jumping as high as you can on the skip)
~Walking High Kicks (every step kick one leg up as high as you can to meet your hand - arms out straight in front)
~Jumps(just stand w/ your feet together squat and jump as far as you can~ kinda like a frog!)
~Running backwards
~Mountain climbers.
I thought it was really fun, because we were constantly changing to a new move. I didn't get bored and BOY! What a work out. You can see the whole work out by checking out my sparkpage fitness log on 4/16.
Good Luck!

4/18/08 8:50 A

I have the same problem! It seems the weight it dropping everywhere but there!

MOMMA42 Posts: 106
4/17/08 4:25 P

lay on your stomach on bed or floor and put the soles of your feet together then bend knees bringing heels to butt and tighten! I do 20-40 (2 sets) and the next morning....IT'S SORE! But soreness means it's working right!!! Just from that one move I can now say I actually have butt definition...the cheek doesn't mesh with the thigh as if it is one!

4/17/08 4:23 P

Dealifts, deep squats, and lunges will help a ton with strength in those areas, and muscle tone will help a lot once you've lost fat. To lose fat in the area, though, you have to lose it everywhere.

KIMK75 Posts: 1,756
4/17/08 1:03 P

Doing deadlifts will help tighten up your hamstrings. You can do them with dumbbells at home. Here is a link (although not a very good one) on how to do them:

It doesn't look like much, but they do work!

BUSYBEE1000 Posts: 863
4/17/08 12:49 P

The one exercise that I've found to really make me notice that I've worked that area is to lie in front of a chair, put your feet in the chair and lift your butt. It's like a reverse plank. Hold for 5-10 secs and relax. Repeat.

BLACKJACK678 Posts: 622
4/16/08 10:56 A

I just hate my thighs in GENERAL and I've been trying diff. thigh workouts but I'm not sure if I'm gaining muscle/losing fat - I'm so confused on how to tell what's really working down there.

MYLOULOU Posts: 302
4/16/08 10:54 A

the back of my legs are not too pretty, anyone know how to tighten the back up, the front is not too bad.
i should say the top back of my thigh.

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