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BRIDETOBE52811 Posts: 8
6/13/10 4:13 P

oh yeah and that I will not get any sleep the night before the wedding and have puffy eyes cause if i take a sleep pill i may not get up on time and a fear that we won't be able to get married in the catholic church. My fiance has been working on an annulment from a previous marriage since november now. We should get the decision sometime in July. Its freaking me out that tons of places are booked from photography professionals to cake decorators this early in the game and I'll be getting married in may of next year...

BRIDETOBE52811 Posts: 8
6/13/10 4:04 P

I have a quite a few...1) divorce 2) that I will not have reached a healthy weight by my wedding day 3) that I will have to charge some of my wedding expenses to a credit card 4) that I won't be able to afford a honeymoon 5) that I will look too white against my white dress I am very fair skinned 5) that I will have cold feet really bad

6/13/10 2:04 P

rain on our wedding day!!

6/12/10 8:34 P

My biggest fear is that I won't be happy with my body by the time the day comes around. I was supposed to lose the weight for the vacation I just came back from, and that didn't happen, so I hope I can buckle down and get it done for the wedding!

Also, I have this fear of nobody showing up. That would make me so sad! :(

NIKKIG3 Posts: 1,663
6/12/10 3:53 P

My biggest fear is unwanted guest showing up (uninvited).

oh yea and not losing all my weight before the big day.

NURSEPICKLES SparkPoints: (0)
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6/12/10 4:30 A

I've started to have the nightmares of forgetting something or my bridesmaids ditching at the last minute. The latest nightmare though is realizing it's the day before the wedding and I haven't even gotten fitted for my dress yet let alone picked it up!! Gotta love these dreams emoticon

6/11/10 8:32 P

I am afraid that I won't be able to lose the weight I need to lose and I'll be stuck in a dress I don't like because of it. I'm afraid that my friends and family will see me for the first time in 5 years and think "wow, she got fat."

I am TERRIFIED of my fiance's mom meeting my mom and family. His mom is completely psycho, and not in a "oh, everyone doesn't like their in-laws" way. In a she-belongs-in-a-mental-hospital way. Even my fiance and the rest of his family doesn't like her, but we can't just not invite her. She's been known to make stuff up about everyone (including me), and I am afraid that she will tell false stories to my mom and other family that I haven't seen in years.

6/10/10 2:51 P

being a fat bride is my worst fear. growing up i never fantasized about my wedding day, but i did know i would be smoking hot when the day came! Me and my fiance have decided not to have a traditional wedding - we are going to the courthouse and saving the money for a fabulous honeymoon. even though we aren't going the traditional route i still plan to be in the best shape of my life in my 50's style short cocktail dress :)

6/10/10 8:21 A

bad weather... getting married in Mexico during hurricane season :-/

JETTSTAR999 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/1/10 8:15 A

ugly pictures

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
5/31/10 6:02 P

I had two:

1) We had decided to quit our jobs and move to France but I hadn't told my employer because I had a $25,000 performance bonus that I'd lose if I wasn't "employed" on the date it was paid - about 4 weeks after the wedding. There was a small group of family members who knew about our plans and a group of my work colleagues (including my boss and my boss's boss) at the wedding. I was afraid our story would leak out.

2) I was afraid my father-in-law would do something tasteless, like bring two dates to the wedding. My husband's mother, my FIL's second wife and his girlfriend were all invited to the wedding - and I really was worried that he'd show up with another one. (He'd gone on a hiking trip earlier that year where he brought girlfriend 1 on week 1 and girlfriend 2 on week 2 - and had his kids around for both weeks.)

5/29/10 11:03 P

I completely agree with 9Rachel6 emoticon

9RACHEL6 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/29/10 9:18 P

As vain as this sounds, I worry about looking fat and dumpy in wedding photos.

I also worry about my groom - I hope he has as much fun as I hope to have. This wedding planning is not his cup of tea, and I hope that at the wedding, all of our hard work pays off and we have a blast.

4/20/10 2:46 P

My biggest fear is the future. I mean I worry about all the other stuff too (planning, money, getting everyone together, etc.) I am hoping that it stays as awesome as it is now with him even if I go crazy trying to plan.

JETTSTAR999 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/13/10 8:15 A

rain on the wedding day

FUHRMAJL Posts: 49
4/12/10 7:29 P

I just got engaged on Thursday and I'm already worried that I am going to go insane during all this wedding planning! Just trying to figure out the date has been overwhelming already (and I'm not even close to figuring that out yet!). If I don't have a complete meltdown by the end of this I will be shocked!

At least I'm excited to actually be married, it's all the stuff leading up to that that makes me a little nauseous!

4/12/10 4:02 P

Not finding an officiant or a place for the ceremony. FI and I aren't very religous. We believe we just don't attend church. I've asked a high school friend of mine to officiate, which he states he has to figure out if he'll be able to do it since he's not officially ordained.

We want an outside wedding but there aren't many places around our area that I'm loving. Maybe I'm just too picky.

MAGPIE17 Posts: 3,284
4/10/10 5:14 P

We're having a very intimate destination wedding (we're still planning, nothing's official yet), and it's invitation-only - the people invited are people we really really really want to be there. My biggest fear is that someone on our list won't be able to make it - we're hoping to subsidize people's trips (give them a couple hundred $$ each), but we can't pay anyone's whole way....

NIKKIG3 Posts: 1,663
4/10/10 3:27 P

My biggest fear is the wedding going waaaayyy over budget... that would suck because we are planning a great honeymoon (which I want more than the wedding).

If the wedding gets out of control I will elope. I dont have the temperment for dealing with others and what they "think" our wedding should be like.

My fiance and I are pretty laid back.

JEMSTAR Posts: 682
4/10/10 11:56 A

Being on my TOM. I feel like I'm easygoing enough about everything else, but I just don't want to have to deal with cramps or fear of leakage or anything.

IDSWEETHEART79 SparkPoints: (24,346)
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1/28/10 11:57 A

That is not a bad idea. She isn't in my line, but I am pretty sure I can find something for her to do so that she isn't feeling unnoticed. Thank you for the advice! I am a little less worried now that you have given me that great idea!

TESSARIAN SparkPoints: (0)
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1/28/10 11:45 A


a word of advice for you hun , I'm dealing with someone like that too ... and instead of trying to keep them out of the spotlight i'm throwing them right in it so that there's no problems but the attention hogging is controlled! She is one of my bridesmaids, and is in charge of making sure everyone who can dances as well as initiating conversations and going round and socializing with neone not already chatting ... she's also gonna announce the end of the reception when we leave ... she's very happy to have all these social responsibilities.

enough responsibility for tasks that they can handle keeps neone in line!

IDSWEETHEART79 SparkPoints: (24,346)
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Posts: 336
1/28/10 11:34 A

My biggest fear is his sister trying to be the center of attention. She is a drama queen and does anything she can to be in the spotlight. I just don't want her ruining my day because she isn't getting enough attention.

MA1200 Posts: 79
1/26/10 6:59 P

I'm going to have to agree with the losing someone.

1/25/10 5:11 P

Losing someone the day before or day of

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SHEENANASH1 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/25/10 4:54 P

that no one will have fun at the wedding and that my parents will act like jerks and not let themselves be in a good mood and i also fear getting in a fight the day before the wedding so that i walk down to my groom pissed off!

TESSARIAN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 435
1/25/10 5:58 A

omg biggest fear i dunno but they're allll related

1.) coughing at the altar or other important moments i'm a bad smoker and trying to cut down follow by quit but my coughs are deep racking coughs that soemtimes make me vomit cause of how hard i coughso I MUST QUIT SMOKING! i fear i wont ....

2.) not having the stamina to keep up with my big day!

3.) Having a years worth of diet and fitness go to waste ..

4.) oh yeah and I'm terrified of the inlaws since i think they hate me and i KNOW they do not approve .... and my pervie socially in apt older brother and his gf who hates him, they argue over everything anywhere anytime even at x mas dinner ..... sigh ...

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BRIDE08052011 Posts: 125
1/25/10 2:02 A

I am worried that i won't meet my goal and that i will have flabby extra skin for the honeymoon

HMMSARCASM SparkPoints: (0)
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1/24/10 9:30 P

oh boy-i'm half worried about the rain (since it's an outdoor ceremony), but mainly worried I'm going to look horrible on the day and that some estranged family members will show up and cause a scene!

1/24/10 7:22 P

Relatives behaving badly! emoticon

1/19/10 3:59 P

My biggest fears for my wedding are not losing enough weight in time and also looking horrid in the photos because of the weight i have lost.

SHAYDENISE1 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/6/10 11:21 A

rain.... definitely rain =/

JMATACZ Posts: 612
1/6/10 6:18 A

I guess if anything that it rains, since we have opted to not hire a marquee for our outdoor reception. But its supposed to be good luck right? :)

We decided that what will be will be and the day will never be perfect if we nit-pick on the details or build it up to be the wedding of the century. It should be about 'us' and sharing the day with friends & family...which we will do regardless of rain or other details not going to plan. And if it rains, we will deal with it accordingly.

It will be memorable regardless and we are just going to enjoy it as it comes, rather than getting stressed over little things or having huge expectations.

11/29/09 4:28 A

That since his family hates me they will ruin it somehow. At least his ex-wife is now allowing his son to be there. That is a relief.

11/24/09 10:57 P

That I will faint while i'm being married or that I wont be able to stop crying and mess up my make up

MKERN500 SparkPoints: (23,883)
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11/24/09 8:39 A

That I will regret not hiring a videographer.

KATERSUE Posts: 291
11/18/09 6:43 P

that we won't get everything done. the food in particular. we are doing it ourselves. yikes!

11/9/09 4:07 P

that my maid of honor won't come through if and when I really need her to

11/8/09 8:29 P

My biggest fear is that the pictures taken on that day might get lost or damaged or it will rain on my day.

11/8/09 1:14 P

The weather is my biggest wedding fear! We have a great location and are crossing our fingers that the weather behaves and we can get married on the beach like we're planning for instead of in the ballrom that overlooks the beach.

MAGDAMORALES SparkPoints: (23,380)
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11/8/09 1:14 A


SEVENKITTY Posts: 3,040
11/7/09 5:48 P

I had a evening candle lit wedding and we had candles EVERYWHERE so I was so scared that we were going to burn the place down that I had someone designated as "the candle spotter" to keep an eye on

11/6/09 2:05 P

not having enough time to get everything done

9/21/09 3:22 P

Only one thing is my biggest fear and that is my paternal grandmother. She nit picks about everything. I should wear my hair up not down. I can't wear a white dress as I've had children out of wedlock and not with my husband-to-be. I have too many bridesmaids. My cousins should be in my wedding (I have 29 cousins!!! How am I supposed to find a job for everyone?). "Halloween? Really you're going to have a Halloween themed wedding?!?!" AGH!!! I've decided my grandmother is NOT invited LOL.

TIGERTAIL0 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/17/09 2:30 P

1. Affording everything by next month.
2. My dress coming back all jacked up from getting altered.
3. My luck, something going wrong during the ceremony.

PAMDAQTPI Posts: 605
9/17/09 8:47 A

my location has this beautiful staircase....think Beauty and the has a middle staircase that divides into 2 separate ones. We want the ceremony on the landing (where the separate) so my biggest fear is tripping and falling down the stairs....geez that would just suck!

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9/9/09 5:42 P

I am having an outdoor wedding, I would say one of my fears is that I will spend all day getting ready and look really gorgeous and then get mud all over my white dress or get rained on. haha

Or trip. That would be pretty bad too.


AARONSGIRL1990 Posts: 42
9/9/09 5:13 P


SEVENKITTY Posts: 3,040
9/9/09 2:58 P

My fear was that the planner wouldn't get everything done...she didn't but I just decided that it wasn't going to bother me...and no one else really knew how it was supposed to be anyway!

ANGELA514 Posts: 28
9/9/09 1:58 P

My biggest fear for my wedding day is that I will forget to do something important like setting up something or forget something at my house!!!

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