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10/9/13 3:18 P

"What have you done?" I had all the chances in the world when I was younger to do what I am doing now. But then, I had young everything to do it with. Now it's a struggle to tighten and lose. And "Why did you wait for a serious diagnosis to do something about it?" My message is don't wait, fix it now. It gets harder as you get older, and then you look back at all the wasted years, which you cannot get back.

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I have chance once a month for 30 minutes to influence the health and fitness of kids! I want to teach them about health and nutrition as well as fitness and exercise. Do you have suggestions of things you wish you knew as a kid that would set you up for a long life of health?

We aren't going to talk about losing weight but just teaching them to be healthy and active. All of us on Sparkpeople are in different stages of our healthy living journeys and we all started in different places. I would love your input!

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