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I did weight watchers but found DDV in denmark much better. I will not beat Simons, Fonda, firm or any exercise program up as exercise is only 20% of the maths.. Slimfast South Beach and Atkins are fad diets- no one can hold them for life or keep a social life with them..
DDV showed me plate mechanics and walked me thought what has to be on my plate to each meal- and no arguements unlike even sparkspeople I don't get a choice for my own healths good.. I have to have items each meal or it is not balanced period.. I also have use these items to make my sweets and desserts there is no such thing as cheat meals as my fun food has to be healthy too..
They also showed me other formats to log food- I don't even need online..
almost a decade later my tools from the obesity organisation I use are still good stuff. I can pop this in my bag and take it out with me..

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I have done it all...numerous times. WW, Jenny, Nutrisystem, Richard Simons..Jane Fonda videos, The Firm dvd's...Lean Cuisine, Slim Fast..South Beach, Atkins, Fit for Life...and on and on. I bought the product just knowing that having it in my possession would bring me that much closer to my goal weight. Um, it just does not happen that way though! lol .
I vowed I was not going to give any more money away. Because that it pretty much what I did. Oh, to get back even half of the money I put out for the promises...I did not truly have things happen until i stopped dieting and decided it had to be a lifestyle/health issue for me. I read up on nutrition, and began to move more. I lost almost 30 pounds on my own. From an 18/20 pant to a 10/12. And now, after being at my current weight for several years, I want to finish what I started. Thank you to all those who share their struggles and successes. And thank you to the founders of this awesome site who have provided us with tools, and support. You done good! emoticon

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