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MOVINMAMA2013 SparkPoints: (2,778)
Fitness Minutes: (2,845)
Posts: 407
3/12/13 6:17 P

When I weighed myself after months without weighing and realized I was closer to 300lbs than 200lbs..

JUSTKLH Posts: 1,489
3/12/13 3:26 P

When I couldn't fit my larger clothes and I saw 189 on the scale (my highest weight ever). I was also extremely uncomfortable taking pictures. I could see how far away from what I wanted to look like I actually was.

SASSYBRUN Posts: 192
3/11/13 10:03 A

I've had progressive fat jeans lol. But this last time, when the fat jeans didn't fit (along with other clothing) I thought it was ridiculous, and I was willing to do anything to get my weight down. Now I have a ways to go, but I fit in my fat jeans!

AKATHLEEN54 Posts: 601
3/11/13 9:39 A

When even my "fat" pants were too tight!! I would look at my closet full of pretty clothes that I couldn't wear and it just made me sad.

GLAM-CAT Posts: 229
3/11/13 8:19 A

Shame of what I look like. And getting scared I'll never get to anything in my life.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
3/10/13 10:36 P

When a size 24 jeans didn't even pull past my hips and I had to get a size 26-and even that was too tight.
I weighed 320 after I had my son in 2006. (see my page) I got back up to 310-and...that was enough. I couldn't live like that anymore. This is going to be a lifelong battle, but one I believe I am willing to fight.

MISHKIN Posts: 63
3/10/13 9:24 P

getting weighed at the doctor and seeing 190. Through 4 pregnancies I never weighed that much. Now what was my excuse? I refused to buy any more clothes that were 3 sizes bigger than what I should be, and woke the hell up.

LBUNKER1965 SparkPoints: (5,451)
Fitness Minutes: (4,713)
Posts: 65
3/10/13 4:22 P

The scale

MOM2ACAT SparkPoints: (190,535)
Fitness Minutes: (41,579)
Posts: 30,457
3/10/13 4:05 P

Mine was back in 2006, before I joined Spark. I was wearing size 14 jeans, and they were getting tight; I refused to go up another size! It was around that time I discovered Spark. It took a lot of hard work, but in less than a year, I reached my goal weight, and ever since then, I have worn a junior size 9 in jeans.

3/10/13 3:21 P

For me, it was a gout attack. The pain was incredibly intense and it felt like a nail was being driven into my right toe. My doctor, who is also a friend, told me that losing weight would help... and my wife and daughters were trying Sparkpeople so I started up Jan 1, 2013 and have lost almost 20 pounds, have been working out like a maniac and haven't had another gout attack.

SASSYBRUN Posts: 192
3/10/13 2:45 P

I hear you on the clothes thing Puglady. I've been overweight for a bit now, and I find I try to buy the cheapest stuff I can for my fat body (I'd buy nice things for my slim self). I keep thinking of I buy nice things I'd be rewarding myself, and this should not be rewarded. Not easy.

PUGLADY10 SparkPoints: (512)
Fitness Minutes: (97)
Posts: 3
3/10/13 2:36 P

This "moment" has been hovering around for months-then the other day I really Looked at my closet-Full of clothes that no longer fit me. Very nice clothes that I remember loving to wear. but now I just have 3 pair of jeans(which are very stetchy) that I can wear. I've gone from a size 4/6 up to at least a 14. I no longer like what I see in the mirror, so Enough is Enough!!

223DAISY Posts: 1,835
3/10/13 2:10 P

Not ultimately weight related but does affect my weight due to stress:

When I saw that I was working harder for others than they were doing for theirselves. I finally told myself to STOP! Take Care of You (ME)

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
Fitness Minutes: (2,155)
Posts: 1,379
3/10/13 1:54 P

I had lousy health almost all of 2012, twice needed biopsies (both negative), started having trouble with my vision ... I felt so horrible all the time. I wasn't even obese (though getting close), but just so very unhealthy.

One day the vision problem, which I had almost convinced myself was just due to chronic dehydration and not blood sugar problems (since I'd had blood tests within the previous six months that were OK), got dramatically worse after a bowl full of a sweet cereal, and I just flipped. I panicked. And after crying on my husband's shoulder for a few hours, he helped me convince myself that I could change the way I was living and eating. So I did. That's about it.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
3/10/13 1:27 P

The first time (2006) it was when my doctor said "if you were 5 lbs heavier, this wouldn't work" when treating me -- scared me so badly I dropped 45 lbs in 90 days and kept on losing to total just over 100 lbs.

But then I got sick, lazy, and regained a LOT of that weight. I had to have a NEW reality check moment!!!! The second one was when I was lying on the beach in my bikini and my husband's good friend (they'd been friends since they were kids) walked up with his gorgeous thin wife and started chatting -- and I couldn't help but think "wow, my poor husband, I bet when he and his friend were talking about girls in 10th grade, I wasn't what they had in mind." I felt so embarrassed on my husband's behalf because he didn't have a beautiful wife like his friend AND that he didn't have the best version of me (since I knew I could be much better), that the next week I was back in the gym after 3.5 years away. I guess that one falls into the category of "shame/embarrassment."

BESCATS SparkPoints: (238,436)
Fitness Minutes: (72,152)
Posts: 27,037
3/10/13 12:08 P

I had gone up from a 10 to a 12 to a 14, and absolutely refused to go to a a few months before I retired, I started my diet of eating healthy & started my gym routine after I retired. I was fortunate that I only had 40 lbs. to lose, but maintaining is just as hard. emoticon

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
Fitness Minutes: (57,011)
Posts: 4,787
3/10/13 10:59 A

For me, it was 2 things that happened around the same time.

1. I crossed the 200 pound mark. For someone on 5"2" tall, that's fat.
2. My blood glucoses increased and I got the diagnosis of Type II diabetes. (I already high blood pressure and a history of diabetes and heart disease in my family.)

I could no longer deny the fact that I was obese and probably going to die young if I didn't change my ways. So I got my blood glucose under control with a low carb diet and started exercising regularly. That was in October of 2007, six and a half years ago.

BBYGIRLBELLA SparkPoints: (10,113)
Fitness Minutes: (1,100)
Posts: 68
3/10/13 7:37 A

I have also hated my pictures for years but it was when I weighed myself to find I was the heaviest I had ever been after my best guy friend (we grew up together) came to one of my birthday celebrations and said "I don't mean to be mean or rude but have you put on weight?" What was sad is I had just seen his a couple months before that. I even knew my clothes were slowly starting to increase in size but that was the tipping point. My best friend and the scale to prove it.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/9/13 9:26 P

I was so sad, fat, miserable and unhappy. I just couldn't go on that way any more. So I asked God for help......He did and I feel so much better. I like myself so much more.

SASSYBRUN Posts: 192
3/9/13 7:57 P

When reading success weight loss stories there's always a "reality check" mentioned that turns things around.

I've been frustrated with weight loss for ages, and I'm afraid that I don't have a true reality check. I mean, I've hated my pictures for years.

What has really motivated you on this path?

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